The process of audio and video editing is typically viewed as difficult. Without the proper software, it will be difficult to convert clips, apply effects, or compress them.

Wondershare UniConverter is useful for this purpose. It’s an all-in-one audio/video editor that streamlines the process of doing things like converting files, altering them, merging them, or compressing them. In addition, UniConverter 14’s most recent upgrade offers a number of cutting-edge AI tools to assist you in all of your audio/video editing endeavors, such as a noise remover, vocals remover, smart trim, and many others.

Therefore, the Wondershare UniConverter can be handy if your job requires you to edit a large number of audio/video clips, and you are seeking for a program to simplify chores like eliminating vocals from audio files. Join us as we investigate UniConverter and demonstrate how to silence tunes.

Wondershare UniConverter: What Is It?

Wondershare UniConverter is a comprehensive suite of audio and video editing tools. A variety of tools, such as a converter, editor, compressor, merger, screen recorder, etc., are included. The UI is rather straightforward, making it easy to use for basic audio and video editing tasks.

UniConverter isn’t the only Wondershare program you’ll get in the bundle. A few examples are an image converter, a CD/DVD burner, and a GIF creator. The Wondershare UniConverter AI utilities, such as the noise remover, vocals remover, subtitle editor, and auto crop, are what set it apart from other audio/video manipulation tools on the market. These utilities do the bulk of the work so you don’t have to.

Using Wondershare UniConverter to Strip Vocals from an Audio File

In most cases, a song’s appeal and enjoyment stem from its vocal quality. On the other hand, there are instances when you might wish to play the song’s instrumental accompaniment alone (perhaps for a karaoke night) or use the track in a video.

There is a built-in utility in Wondershare UniConverter that can assist you with this. Vocal Remover is a tool that helps you easily remove vocals from a record.

Get Wondershare UniConverter from the provided link and install it on your Mac or Windows computer.

For Mac and PC, get Wondershare UniConverter.

Once you have UniConverter installed, you can follow these steps to silence a song:

Start up Wondershare UniConverter, then go to the AI Lab menu and pick Vocal Remover.
To play an audio or video file, choose it and then click the Add button. Select the file from which you wish to eliminate the vocals, then click Load.
UnivConverter’s built-in Vocal Remover performs an instantaneous analysis of the loaded file. After the analysis is complete, you will receive two tracks: one with just the vocals and one without.
To download simply the vocal track, click the Export icon next to it.
UniConverter will automatically choose a location in your file system called “Vocal Remover” to store the converted audio file. Click the folder icon next to File Location and then select the desired location before clicking Export in step 4.

Is there anything else that Wondershare UniConverter does?

Wondershare UniConverter includes a number of other useful tools, so in addition to eliminating voices from music, it may assist you with a number of other tasks. Some of UniConverter’s additional helpful capabilities include the following:

Videos may be easily converted with only a few clicks using Wondershare UniConverter’s in-built video conversion tool. Videos taken in 4K, 8K, and HDR are just some of the formats that are supported by this video converter. The update of UniConverter 14 also adds support for GPU acceleration, which can speed up conversion times by as much as 50% compared to the previous version.

The Wondershare video converter has certain helpful advantages over competing video converters, such as batch conversion of various media files and device-specific video conversion.

Video Compression

There may come a time when you need to compress an audio or video clip, whether it’s for emailing, posting on social media, or simply storing on a device with limited space.

The video compressor in Wondershare UniConverter makes this a breeze. It streamlines the process of video compression and provides customizable choices for compression quality and output file size.

Three Methods for Minimizing Video Size on a Mac

Video Playback

Wondershare UniConverter does more than just let you convert and edit your music and video files; it also lets you play them. To that end, it provides a built-in video player that is compatible with up to 8K resolution and more than a thousand different file types, allowing you to play videos without any additional software

If the original video file contains multiple audio tracks, the player will allow you to switch between them. You may also change the speed of playback and snap screenshots to save key moments from a video.

Planning with Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is a commercial service. It has a variety of packages to meet the needs of its customers. There are separate pricing structures for Mac and Windows versions of each of the three plan tiers (Individuals, Teams & Businesses, and Educational Institutions).

The Individuals plan, which most people would choose, is described below.

Mac monthly plan is $19.99. (Windows) $29.99/month
The Mac Quarterly Plan is $39.99 per month. Windows: $39.99/month
(Mac) $59.99 per month for the annual plan. (Windows) Monthly: $59.99
In addition to a paid subscription service, Wondershare provides a no-cost demo version of their software. Of course, you’ll need to upgrade to make full use of this, as the trial version just gives you limited access to a subset of the features.

Streamlining Methods for Audio and Video Editing

Wondershare is a well-known software developer that provides a wide variety of services, from audio and video editing to device management and data recovery. Among its many useful features is the UniConverter, which eliminates the need for you to convert audio or video files manually.

UniConverter 14 is the most recent update from Wondershare, and it includes a number of AI-powered additions that vastly increase the program’s usefulness. You may use UniConverter to quickly and easily remove vocals from songs, remove backdrop, modify subtitles, and remove noise from audio/video clips in addition to converting, compressing, and editing them.

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