If you work with a lot of files, you’ve probably run into one that won’t open or let you view it no matter what you do. Even though corrupted files happen a lot on external storage devices, cameras, and older hardware, they can also happen on current computers and smartphones.

The PC version of Wondershare RepairIt

There are, however, ways to fix these files and get them back. Repairit from Wondershare is one of these kinds of solutions. Repairit for Desktop is simple desktop software that lets you fix and restore corrupted media (audio, video, and image files) and other types of files on your Mac or Windows PC in a few easy steps.

So, if you have faulty files that won’t open or are damaged, here’s how to fix them with Wondershare Repairit for Desktop.

What’s Wondershare Repairit for Desktop?

With Wondershare Repairit for Desktop, you can fix broken, corrupted, or otherwise broken files on your computer. It can be used on both Macs and PCs. Also, Repairit from Wondershare has a web version that lets you fix damaged files using a web browser. We’ve talked about this before.

However, Wondershare Repairit for Desktop has more advanced features than the web version. It can fix and recover a lot more types and formats of files than Repairit Online, and it doesn’t limit the size of files.

With Wondershare Repairit, you can fix what kinds of files?

You can fix photos, videos, and other file types in many different forms with Repairit. Some of these types are MP4, AVI, JPG, MOV, MKV, MTS, PDF, DOCX, XLS, PPTX, MP3, etc.

What kinds of things can you do with Wondershare Repairit?

Wondershare Repairit can help you fix many different types of files and media. Here are a few examples of the different kinds of broken files that Repairit can help you fix:

Videos with mistakes
Photos with mistakes
messed up music files
Images with pixels
Frozen videos
Videos that are hard to see
Videos that won’t play PDF files that can’t be opened
Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files that are broken
What are some of Wondershare Repairit for Desktop’s best features?
Wondershare Repairit is a tool for fixing damaged files. It has a number of features to help you fix your files. It also gets new features every now and then that make it even more useful.

Here are some of Wondershare Repairit for Desktop’s best features:

User-friendly design
Batch fixing
Repairs in progress
High chance of success
Support for all file types (15+ video, 13+ picture, 5+ audio, and 4 document types)
No limit on file size
Money-back promise for 7 days
24-7 technical help

How to Fix Broken Files with Wondershare Repairit for Desktop

Wondershare Repairit is easy to use, and all you have to do to fix damaged files is follow a few simple steps. So, no matter what kind of file you want to fix with Repairit, the steps are pretty much always the same.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to use Wondershare Repairit to fix damaged video files. As we said above, you can also use it to fix other types of files.

First, put Wondershare Repairit on your machine by downloading it. Click on the link below that matches the operating system on your computer to download the software.

Once you’ve downloaded the software, run the installer and follow the steps on the screen to put it on your machine.

Here’s how you can fix damaged video files once it’s installed:

Start Wondershare Repairit on your Windows or Mac computer.
Click the button in the middle of the screen that says “Add.”
loading a corrupted video file into Wondershare RepairIt.
When this opens the Preview/File Explorer, go to the folder with the corrupted video file(s) you want to fix, pick the file(s), and hit Open to import them.
To fix a movie, click the Repair button.

Starting movie repair in Wondershare repairit IMAGE:

Click the Preview button to see a preview of the movie once the repair is done.
repairit for desktop lets you see a preview of a fixed movie IMAGE: Wondershare
If you’re happy with the fix, you can save it to your computer by clicking Save or Save All.

Saving a fixed movie on your desktop in Wondershare Repairit IMAGE:

When you try to fix a file in Repairit, the Quick Repair method is used by default. Most of the time, this should work out well. But sometimes Repairit won’t be able to fix certain kinds of mistakes. When this happens, it will suggest that you try Advanced Repair instead.

Message telling you to use advanced repair to fix a corrupted movie

Advanced Repair is part of the paid plan and is useful when you need to fix files that are badly damaged. It works by asking for a sample file that was made on the same device as the original file you tried to fix with Quick Repair. Then, it looks at the sample file to figure out what kind of technology it is and tries to fix it again.

How Much Does Wondershare Repairit for Desktop Cost?

There are two ways to use Wondershare Repairit: for free or for money. You can fix media files with the free plan, but you can’t inspect or save them. The same is true for the types of files and file formats you can fix with this plan.

Here’s how much the paid plans cost on both Mac and Windows, depending on whether you use Mac or Windows:


1 month: $79.99
1 year: $99.99
Perpetual: $119.99


1 month: $69.99
1 year: $79.99
Perpetual: $99.99

You can easily fix and restore all kinds of damaged and corrupted files.

How to Fix WondershareIt’s been around for a long time. At first, it could only fix video files, but a new update adds support for image and audio files, among other file types and formats. This makes it even more useful.

Repairit for Desktop is also easy to use, and the tool can fix a wide range of problems that could be causing your media files to become corrupted and useless.

So, the next time you have corrupted files that you can’t open, you can use Wondershare Repairit for Desktop to fix and recover them in a few easy steps on your Mac or Windows PC.

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