Video use has never been higher, and so has the desire for good software to edit videos. As for the second part, there are already a lot of video makers, but most of them are hard to learn and don’t give you a lot for your money. So, if you’re a beginner who’s just starting out with video editing, it might take you a while to get good at using such software.

One exception is Wondershare Filmora X, a popular movie editor for Macs. Not only is it a good value for the money, but it is also easy to use, which makes it a great video maker for people who are just starting out. But that doesn’t mean that the platform isn’t great for expert users. It has a number of advanced features and functions that make it a good video editor for professionals.

So, what is Filmora X, and what makes it different from other video editors? Let’s find out by diving in.

How does Wondershare Filmora X work?

The wondershare Filmora X is a famous piece of software for editing videos. It supports all modern video formats and lets you edit high-resolution videos (up to 4K) among other things. You can edit almost any kind of video with it, from long-form apps like YouTube to Instagram and other short-form video-sharing sites.

Filmora X is better than other popular video editors because its layout is simple and easy to use. This makes it great for beginners and lowers the entry barrier so that anyone can start editing videos right away. Also, if you get stuck, Wondershare has you covered with detailed written and video tips on how to use Filmora.

What is different about Wondershare Filmora X from other video editors?
Filmora has changed a lot since its first version. For example, it now has more features, the user interface and editing experience are better, and it uses resources more efficiently.

It goes without saying that the company’s constant work to fix problems that users might run into while editing videos on the app also helps make it one of the best video editing programs available.

Here is a list of everything that makes Filmora X a popular choice for editing videos on a Mac.

Interface to Users

Like we said before, Filmora X has one of the most straightforward and easy-to-use interfaces of all the tools for editing videos. So much so that this is often seen as its main selling point, with many user reviews praising the interface for being clean and simple while still putting all the important features right in front of you.

To give you a quick idea of how the layout works, the main working window in Filmora X is split into three parts. First, there’s the library, which makes it easy to add media and other files to your project. From here, you can also access all kinds of add-ons, like music, transitions, effects, and so on.

The next part is the timeline, which is pretty smooth and easy to use. It lets you make simple changes to your video file. Last, you can use the preview box to see how your video is changing as you edit it.

Making changes

It’s easy to use Wondershare Filmora X to edit videos. When you choose a movie to edit, it uploads right away and is ready to be worked on right away. As soon as you load your video, most of the editing tools you need are right there on the screen, so you can make all kinds of changes to it and see how they look in real time with the preview.

Options for editing include trimming, rotating, splitting, speed control, color adjustment, and matching colors. Most of these things can be done on your timeline by double-clicking on the part you want to change and making the changes in the editing window. Filmora X also has a few other helpful features that you can use to improve your videos, such as color enhancement, color matching, preset selection, blending mode, and green screen.

Also, you can import audio and add transitions or effects with just a click of the mouse, and the software gives you a pretty big library of transitions and effects to look at and choose from for your movie. Filmora has more than 300 special effects, objects, transitions, overlays, and audio effects that you can use to change the look of your movies.

When you add Filmstock, you also get access to Wondershare’s library of video effects and After Effects models, which can help you improve the look of your video even more.

Motion Tracking is one of the most important features of Filmora X. It lets you track the movement of items in your video and add text, captions, and effects to them as they move across the screen.

Also, Filmora X has an interesting feature called Split Screen that lets you split your screen into multiple sections so that you can use the space on the screen to show more material. For example, if your video is a tutorial or an interview, this tool can help you edit it to make it look more appealing and professional.

For tutorial-style movies, Filmora also has a built-in Screen Recording feature that lets you record your screen right from the software, so you don’t have to use a separate screen recording program. You can even choose the level of the recording and the number of frames per second. Once a screen recording is made, it is quickly added to the library. This makes it easy to add it to your timeline and work with it.

Wondershare Filmora X gives you a few different ways to encode your video, and you can also choose the bit rate, size, encoding format, and audio format to fit your needs.

Lastly, when it comes to how Filmora X works on Macs, the software is compatible with Apple’s new M1 silicon. This means that you can now use it on your M1 Macs for a better editing experience. If you have a MacBook with a Touch Bar, you can use it to quickly scroll through your video timeline and watch a preview of your video as you change it. Filmora X also lets you upload media directly from the Photos library and has an Auto Reframe feature that finds the video’s focal point and helps you crop videos for different aspect ratios.

Shipping out

Filmora X lets you choose from a lot of different exporting choices, and you can set the resolution, bit rate, encoding format, and audio format to your liking. The whole process of exporting the video is also quick and easy, and the extra GPU acceleration feature makes it even faster.

You also have the choice of directly uploading your video to YouTube or Vimeo. During this process, the software lets you do things like set your video’s title, description, tags, and quality.

Price of Wondershare Filmora X

You can get and use Wondershare Filmora X for free. To get rid of the watermark on the movies you export, you will need to buy a license. As a result, there are three ways to sign up for Filmora: the Monthly Plan, the Annual Plan, and the Perpetual Plan.

All three tiers have the same set of features, but the way you pay for the subscription is different. The monthly and annual plans cost $9.99 per month and $44.99 per year, respectively, while the perpetual plan costs $69.99 once and gives you access for life.

Also, Team & Business and Students & Teachers have their own Filmora X subscription rates and plans, which you can look at on Wondershare’s website.

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