Video conversion applications allow you to change a video’s format so that it can be played on various devices and uploaded to multiple websites.

However, not every video converter is as effective as advertised. Several fall short both in the video formats they offer and in the quality of the converted video.

One notable exception is WinX Video Converter. It supports a broad variety of video sources and formats, even 4K/UHD footage. The program also serves as a video editor, allowing you to cut out unwanted segments of video, and a video downloader, simplifying the process of grabbing clips from sites like YouTube.

Here’s a deeper dive into the WinX Video Converter and all the ways you may put it to use for your video-related tasks.

Why Should You Use WinX Video Converter?

You may convert videos to many formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, MP3, and more with the help of WinX Video Converter, a free program provided by WinXDVD. It works with high-resolution RAW footage shot by camcorders as well as 120/240 fps films shot by GoPro and DJI drones.

Plus, you may resize, crop, merge, and conduct other elementary editing tasks without resorting to a different application.

The ability to download videos is one of the features that sets WinX Video Converter apart from competing applications. Download videos in the format and quality of your choice from hundreds of online video services and play them on your computer without first converting them.

Can WinX Video Converter Do Anything Special?

WinX is a video converter that operates similarly to other video converting programs; nevertheless, it has some characteristics that make it the best option for users.

The following are examples of these benefits:

Different gadgets are supported.

WinX’s ability to work on many different operating systems and mobile devices sets it apart as a powerful video converter. Video from other sources, such as GoPros, DJI drones, and even camcorders, can be converted and recorded with the help of this software.

All major file types are supported.

In addition to letting you convert videos between many different formats, WinX also supports a wide range of file types. To help you pick the proper (read compatible) file format for your device, the software presents a list of output profiles (file formats and device types) when you select a video file for conversion.

HEVC, H.264, MPEG-4, MP4, MKV, M2TS, WMV, and MOV are just some of the video formats that work.

A minimum of editing support

You may also conduct common video editing tasks like trimming, combining, and cropping without downloading a separate program thanks to the integrated video editor in WinX.

Subtitles can be added to your videos to provide a detailed explanation of the plot to viewers, and the frame rate can be adjusted for optimal viewing and uploading.

Encouragement of compression

The large file sizes of some high-resolution 4K videos can limit their use or even prevent them from playing on some devices. If you’re having trouble watching 4K/UHD videos without stuttering or uploading them quickly, WinX can assist. It allows you to reduce (compress) the file size of these videos while keeping the quality intact (up to 90%) without any visual quality loss.

Allows for the downloading of videos

As we’ve already established, WinX can also function as a video downloader, allowing you to easily locate and save videos from thousands of sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and many more to your local machine.

Further, it lets you customize the video’s quality and size during download by letting you pick its resolution and the format in which you’d like to save it.

Tutorial on Using WinX Video Converter

WinX Video Converter is simple to operate despite its extensive feature set. So, if you want to know how to complete a specific task, look it up in the list below.

First, get WinX Video Converter for Windows and install it on your Windows computer.

Get the WinX Video Converter here.

Start by Using WinX Video Converter to Transform Your Videos

The process of converting a video with WinX Video Converter is simple. You just need to follow a few basic instructions.

To begin converting a video, select the Add Video option and then locate the file on your computer using the file manager. The other option is to just place the video file onto WinX’s interface.

Once the video has been loaded, a window will appear where you may select an output format.

To select a different location to store the finalized video in, click the Browse option.

To begin the video transformation, select RUN in the lower right corner.
You can choose from several formats when creating an output. So, pick a format from the following list based on your needs:

Formats range from “General” for a generic output to “Music” for ripping audio from video.
Using your device’s “Profile,” you can locate a playable format.
For uploading videos to sites like YouTube, use a format called Web Video Profile.
Video format conversion using the Common Video Profile

You can also toggle the following extra settings:

To hasten the process of transcoding videos, hardware acceleration is available.
To maintain higher image quality after conversion, use the High Quality Engine.

Deinterlacing, or video repair using WinX Video Converter for interlaced footage

WinX has many in-app editors for your convenience. To learn how to make good use of them, just follow the instructions below.

Put the video you wish to modify into the program.

When you load a video and tap the Edit button, you’ll get a menu with several editing tools.
Select the appropriate tab for your needs and proceed with the steps provided.

To enable subtitles, for instance, select Subtitle and then click the box labeled Enable Subtitle. Next, decide whether you want to make use of the video’s original subtitles (Inner) or create new (Extra) subtitles.

WinX Video Converter is what I use to get videos from the internet.

WinX makes it simple to download videos from the many online video-sharing services available today. Instructions for doing so follow.

To start downloading a video, open it in your browser and copy the link.
Select the YouTube URL button in WinX.

Simply paste the copied url into the Video URL box and click Analyze for WinX to evaluate the link.

After that, choose a video’s output settings (such as its resolution and format), and then click OK.
Just hit “RUN” to get the download going.
Check the Auto convert option in the bottom left and choose a format from the pop-up box to convert a video from a site like YouTube to MP3 or another audio format.

Using WinX Video Converter, you can easily make slideshows.

With only a few clicks, you can turn your old images into miniature movies set to music with the help of the slideshow function in WinX Video Converter. The following instructions will guide you through using WinX to make slide displays.

Select the Camera icon in the menu bar.
To begin making a slideshow, navigate to the directory containing the images you wish to use and click on the Select Folder button.
Select a profile to use and click OK on the Output Profile window.
Once the video has loaded, select the pencil icon to make changes to the presentation.
Select an interval for the slideshow by tapping the arrow next to Interval. You can manually enter a time interval if you like, or use the convenient Auto Calculate button.
To add music to your slideshow, select Add Music at the bottom of the screen.
Select RUN to start making the slideshow.

As soon as you’re finished, you can check out the final product by playing back the slideshow using the in-built media player.

WinX Video Converter is a versatile tool for video conversion and more.

As you can see, WinX Video Converter is capable of much more than just converting videos. Video editing, presentation creation from digital stills, and internet video downloads are just some of the many tasks that can be accomplished with this handy application.

Therefore, WinX Video Converter is the best software available if you need to convert videos or download videos.

WinXDVD also provides a commercial version of WinX called WinX HD Video Converter, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac and has some more capabilities. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee and you can grab it for $29.95 right now.

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