Microsoft has a well-deserved reputation for considering customer comments. Even Microsoft’s most recent desktop OS, Windows 11, does not include a built-in network speed monitor, despite the obvious need for such a tool.

Windows-Based Network Monitoring Software

If you want to know if your Internet service provider is meeting the speeds they’ve promised, a network speed monitor might help.

Did you know, though, that Windows 11 includes a built-in network speed monitor? Do you find that stirring? Let’s dive deep into a few of the Windows Network Monitor configuration options.

Net Speed Meter: Windows 11 Network Traffic Monitoring
Using Net Speed Meter is the most effective method to enable network monitoring on Windows.

The software is firstly readily available for download and installation from the Microsoft Store, and secondly functions faultlessly on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

So, why do you linger? Let’s have a look at how to utilize Net Speed Monitor to track network speeds on Windows.

To get Net Speed Monitor, head to the Microsoft Store on your laptop or PC.
You can sign in using your Microsoft account after clicking “Install.”

When it’s finished, Net Speed Monitor will begin installing on your computer.
After the installation is complete, you can start using the program right away.
If you want, you may now pin it to the taskbar so it doesn’t bother you while you’re using your computer.
The Network Speed widget can be kept in the taskbar by right-clicking it and selecting the option to do so.

In addition, the network speed widget’s appearance can be altered to suit your preferences. Everything, down to the typeface and color scheme, is customizable.
A Windows Network Speed Monitor and More with 8GadgetPack
8GadgetPack is a great substitute for Network Speed Monitor if you find yourself disliking the former. It performs a thorough job of depicting your current network, and it also has some neat tricks up its sleeve that we should investigate.

Get 8GadgetPack Here!

Launch the 8GadgetPack setup file on your computer after you have downloaded it.
To get 8gadgetPack up and running, just follow the on-screen instructions.
A new toolbar will appear on your screen after the software has been installed.

To insert a gadget, simply right-click the sidebar and select the appropriate menu item.

Many widgets will appear; select Network Speed Monitor on the third page.

Instantly, a speed gauge for your network will appear on a desktop widget.

Keep in mind that I mentioned it knows a couple tricks under its sleeve. In any case, the network speed widget is a comprehensive widget that includes not just the speed

details (IP address, connection status, download/upload speeds, etc.).In Windows 11, you can also customize your sidebar by adding any number of useful widgets.

Native Windows 11 Connection Status Verification

Did you know that Windows has built-in support for checking the health of your network connection? And the best part is… well, you already know. It’s compatible with Windows 7, 8, and likely others.

Be wary, though; Windows’ native approach tells you little more than if your Internet connection is live or not and at what maximum speed your WiFi connection will operate.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s have a look at the built-in network speed monitoring in Windows.

To access the Settings menu, click the Start button.

Select Network and Internet from the Settings menu.

Click the Network and Sharing tab, then click the View Network Status button.
Select your network’s SSID (Internet name) from the list that appears.

The data associated with your network connection will now be seen.

4Using a web browser to test connection speed

The browser is the ideal tool to use if you want to check your internet speed at a specific time.

To quickly and easily determine your current Internet speed, simply activate your browser and go to one of these sites.

Simple Operation using Windows’ Network Speed Monitor
Even though Windows 11 lacks a built-in network speed monitor, you should be able to easily use the capability described above to check your Internet connection speed.

Please share your experience with enabling Windows network monitoring in the comments if you find this information helpful.

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