The renowned Japanese developer of digital entertainment Square Enix has released a new mobile game in India called Ludo Zenith. The company is primarily known for their popular Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series. Square Enix India and JetSynthesys, a technology startup based in Pune, collaborated to create Ludo Zenith, a novel take on the classic board game.

You’ll have a good grasp of what Ludo Zenith is about if you’re already familiar with Ludo and its many mobile gaming adaptations, such as Ludo King. You see, this new spin on Ludo has the same goal as the original game, but with a surprising twist. A mode that replaces standard gameplay components with unique characters and skills that give you a new and fascinating way to enjoy the game.

Here’s what casual gamers can expect from the Android and iOS version of the new board game Ludo Zenith.

How to Begin

The Android and iOS versions of Ludo Zenith are available for free. It can be found in both the Play Store and the App Store, and it weighs in at a hefty 70 MB. You’ll find the download link at the end of the piece.

After a simple installation process, you’ll be asked to choose your preferred city. After that, you have the option of signing up with Facebook or proceeding as a guest. Now, Ludo Zenith, like other games, will give you a quick rundown of its features to help you become familiar with its menu and gameplay.


The visuals in Ludo Zenith are bright and engaging. The game’s 3D arenas, in particular, add a unique spin on classic Ludo by letting you see the action unfold from multiple perspectives.

The arena isn’t the only part of the game that’s been personalized; the pegs, or tokens, have been swapped out for characters as well. You start out with three pegs—a rabbit, a turtle, and a rhino—and when their energy bars are full, they each perform a different action. The rabbit can move twice as far, the turtle can block all attacks, and the rhino can catch all foes in its path. The results of your dice rolls at each turn determine how much power your character receives.

Speaking of, before each game, you get to pick up a unique pair of dice. The current version of Ludo Zenith has four unique dice that may be obtained through in-app purchases or by watching advertisements. The inclusion of numbers (yes, it can roll higher than 6) and the ability to roll them three times per game set these dice apart from their standard counterparts.


When it comes to actually playing the game, you have two options: Play Online or Play with Friend. Neither of these modes supports four people competing at once, like the classic version of Ludo does.

When you wish to play Ludo Zenith with a buddy, you can choose the Play with buddy option, while the Play Online mode lets you compete against other (unknown) players online. If the latter is the case, you’ll need to organize a game using the code-swapping mechanism as the host. If you want your friends to join your match, you’ll need to provide them a code, just like in Mini Militia.

Coins are the game’s in-app cash, and they’re used to buy unique dice and access more challenging game modes. There are a number of ways to get these coins for free in the game, including signing in every day, watching advertisements, and, of course, winning matches. The game gives you more than just coins, though; it also gives you lives. Every day, you start with three lives, and if you watch advertising, you can earn more. If you lose a Play Online match, a life will be taken away from you.

In Ludo Zenith, you can get one of six possible rankings (T, D, C, B, A, or S). T symbolizes the training phase and the lowest possible starting position on the leaderboard; S is the greatest possible position. Except for T, there are three distinct phases within each rank that can be traversed in order as one overcomes more difficult tests of skill.

Beyond the Summit and Beyond

By introducing original protagonists, distinctive dice, player tags (rewards), and 3D arenas, Square Enix has successfully transformed the classic board game Ludo into something fresh and exciting. One that encourages you to try out new strategies in order to beat your opponent and claim the title of Ludo champion.

The freemium business model is utilized by Ludo Zenith. The free edition includes advertisements that play before each game and in a few additional locations. You can remove the commercials entirely by making an in-app payment if you don’t want to deal with them. To my knowledge, this is the best Indian online multiplayer game.

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