The important version 5.0 update of the Vivaldi browser, including new features and user interface refreshes, has been published for Desktop and Mobile platforms. The current upgrade improves personalization choices by facilitating theme sharing, translating web pages, revamping the mobile appearance, and more. The web browser is still available for no cost on all supported platforms. All the changes made to the Vivaldi browser in version 5.0 are listed here.

How can I use the Vivaldi browser?

Vivaldi is an open-source web browser that works on multiple platforms at no cost, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. It has an optional Ad-blocker and an in-built mechanism that prevents tracking, so your privacy is protected. Since the Vivaldi browser is built on Chromium, users need not worry about how their preferred websites will function when accessed using it.

Chrome extensions are fully compatible with Vivaldi, so you can use any extension designed for Google Chrome. In addition, the browser has improved personalization options for a more tailored browsing experience.

Released for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows, Vivaldi 5.0

With a redesigned theme engine, Vivaldi aims to allow users customize every aspect of the browser’s appearance. With version 5.0, Vivaldi now supports live translation, theme sharing, and additional UI features.

Theme Engine That Packs More Punch

Vivaldi now allows users to make their own custom themes using any image they like as a backdrop. The accent colors you choose from the color palette will change based on your device’s settings. Additionally, themes can now be scheduled based on time, allowing for a ‘Work by day, play by night’ style split between two distinct themes.

Users can also make their themes available to one another by exporting them to file. Your personal theme settings are saved in a zip file that may be transferred to any computer with the Vivaldi browser installed. Themes can also be shared with the Vivaldi community through the new Themes Gallery, where users can browse, preview, and download skins designed by other Vivaldi users. This hub serves as a community for sharing customized themes.

Improved Machine Translations

The new Translate Panel in Vivaldi 5.0 allows you to rapidly translate selected text from a website. Users may easily translate any text on any website by copying and pasting it into the Translate Panel, which opens with a single click. Vivaldi’s Translate Panel is powered by Lingvanex.

The history of the user’s translations is likewise stored in the Translate Panel. If you’re trying to pick up a new tongue, this should help you out. Vivaldi, however, claims that it stores this information only in Icelandic servers and does not utilize it for anything else.

Upgrade to Download Status Monitor

A new Download Monitor is included in the most recent version of Vivaldi. This feature displays a graph of your current download rates, a progress indicator, and an anticipated time remaining to complete the download. Users have the option of activating or disabling this menu that appears as a floating bar over websites.

According to the firm, the addition of a Download Monitor was something that many current Vivaldi users had asked for. As a result, a new interface for accessing downloaded content has been made available.

The latest version of Vivaldi, 5.0, is downloadable for PCs running Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Latest version of Vivaldi for Android phones and tablets
The Vivaldi 5.0 update for Android phones and tablets is now available. Unfortunately, iOS users cannot use the browser just yet. One of the most popular Vivaldi desktop features, “Two-Level Tab Stacks” (also known as “Double Decker Tabs”), has been included in this release.

Android Browser with Two Side Tabs

Two-Level Tab Stacks are now supported in Vivaldi 5.0 for Android, allowing for an extra row of open tabs to be displayed above the standard tab row. Due to its popularity, this enhancement, originally only available on the desktop version of Vivaldi, has now been ported to Android.

There are other ways to see tabs besides this one. The standard Tab Switcher used in mobile browsers is also included in Vivaldi. When many tabs are open, only the favicons will be displayed on the screen, as per Vivaldi’s claim on their Two Level Stacks feature. To make room for more tabs, you can choose to have the close tab (X) icon disappear.

Mood Dimming Toggle

There is now a convenient Dark Mode Toggle in the Vivaldi browser that instantly alters the color scheme of any website to black and white. Toggle dark mode on/off without digging through settings every time. Instead, you can switch between a light and dark theme on this page by tapping the toggle.

Tablet Displays

With the introduction of Panels in the Vivaldi 5.0 release, the gap in functionality between desktop and tablet devices is reduced. These appear on the browser’s left side and can be used to do things like access bookmarks, run plugins, open the new Translate Panel, and take notes. In addition, the panel menu can be hidden with a single mouse click and does not remain visible at all times. This will prevent any disruptions to your normal online browsing experience.

The updated version of the Vivaldi browser, version 5.0, is now freely downloadable from the Google Play Store. The browser is unfortunately not compatible with iOS devices at this time.

As an Alternative Browser, Why Choose Vivaldi?

The Vivaldi browser is available for no cost and offers numerous safeguards to protect the user’s privacy while online. The browser also includes enhanced features like Double Decker Tabs, which provide a more comprehensive overview of all currently open tabs. Because it is built on Chromium, Vivaldi provides a web browsing experience very comparable to that of Google Chrome, complete with support for all Chrome Extensions, plus the added benefit of UI modifications.

Vivaldi is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android, making it a versatile and welcome alternative to your current browser.

Is it safe to use Vivaldi?

Vivaldi employs Google’s Safe Browsing API to shield its users from potentially dangerous web content. Moreover, the built-in blocking of trackers stops websites from acquiring excessive user data. Because it is built on Chromium, Vivaldi Browser is a secure option for your main browser.

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