Slowing down is a normal part of computer use. When the performance of a system decreases, the efficiency of the system also decreases.

Macs are widely acknowledged to be superior to Windows PCs in terms of performance and reliability, yet even they have their limitations. One or more of the following causes the majority of these problems: an excessive number of unused files and programs, garbage files, duplicate files, and a lack of a regular system optimization procedure.

You can keep your Mac running smoothly with the help of applications like Cleaner One Pro, which give a comprehensive range of capabilities to help you deal with such difficulties and ease the process of Mac optimization.

In this tutorial, we’ll go over some of Cleaner One Pro’s more advanced features and how they may help you get the most out of your Mac.

Pro Cleaner One

Cleaner One Pro is Trend Micro’s all-inclusive disk cleaning manager. It provides a visual representation of your Mac’s disk utilization, allowing you to quickly identify and eliminate unused material (files, images, etc.) to make more room.

In addition, Cleaner One Pro lets you control which programs launch at startup and eliminates unused software and the data it generates, which helps alleviate some of Mac’s Other storage issues.

Best Mac Performance Enhancing Tools: Cleaner One Pro

If you’re looking for disk cleaning software to keep your Mac running smoothly, go no further than Cleaner One Pro. You may learn more about these capabilities in one of our previous articles.

For the sake of brevity, we’ll focus on the most useful aspects of Cleaner One Pro for speeding up your Mac.

Smart Scan 1.

As its name implies, Smart Scan is an improved method of scanning disks. It consolidates the functions of cleaning, optimizing, and diagnosing your Mac’s system into a single application, making it easier to maintain clean and optimized storage.

When you run Smart Scan on your Mac, you’ll see a comprehensive report covering everything from storage to diagnostics to software. If you want a more in-depth analysis of the report’s findings, you can click the View Details option next to each section. or enter each feature individually.

Large Documents

Cleaner One Pro stands out from the crowd of disk optimization tools thanks to its ability to handle large files. It operates by searching your Mac’s storage for all the large files consuming a lot of space, allowing you to quickly and easily identify and remove them without having to navigate through multiple directories.

Three: Replicated Data

Using Duplicate Files, it is much simpler to locate duplicates on your Mac. This function might save you a lot of time and effort if you frequently have to transfer data to and from other drives and folders. To locate all the duplicate files in a directory, you just run a scan, and then select the ones you wish to delete to make more room.

  1. Comparable Images

Like Duplicate Files, Similar Photos helps you find photos that are very similar to others, so you may delete them to prevent confusion and make more room on your hard drive. This feature can be very useful if you have a large number of photos that seem very similar and are taking up a lot of space on your Mac’s hard drive.

  1. Unneeded Data

The Mac’s Junk Files function is just one more helpful tool for cleaning up your hard drive. It allows you to remove temporary data from your computer, such as browser caches, system caches, application logs, and remains from removed programs.

Sixth, Instant Optimiser

You may swiftly optimize your Mac to increase its speed with the help of Quick Optimizer, a menu bar tool of Cleaner One Pro. It’s common for a Mac’s performance to suffer when numerous apps that are heavy on system resources are open at once. This is especially true if you’re running a basic configuration Mac.

However, using Quick Optimizer, you can easily undo this waste of system resources and get your Mac back to its peak performance.

How to Make the Most of Cleaner One Pro for Your Mac

Now that you know the fundamentals of Cleaner One Pro, you can begin enhancing your Mac’s efficiency. Download the software and install it on your Mac before continuing (download link is at the end of the post).

After installing Cleaner One Pro, follow these instructions to utilize it to enhance your Mac’s functionality.

First, perform a smart scan.

The first step in fixing any performance issues on your Mac is to check its storage and see if there are any issues.

To do a smart scan, do the following:

Launch Cleaner One Pro, then select System Optimizer from the app’s menu.
Tap the Scan button once Smart Scan has been chosen from the left-hand menu.

Second, evaluate the scanned data.

When the scan is complete, you will be able to view a list of all the scanned items organized by Storage, Diagnostics, and Applications.

Click the View Details button next to a category to see a more in-depth analysis of the scanned results for that category’s items.

For instance, you can get a list of all the garbage files, large files, duplicate files, and similar photos by clicking the button next to them.

Third, delete unnecessary files.

There is a good chance that your Mac’s hard drive has become cluttered with unnecessary data if you haven’t run Cleaner One Pro or another disk cleaning application on it recently. Eliminating unnecessary files is the greatest solution for this mess.

To accomplish this, just do as I say below:

After running Smart Scan, choose the Junk Files checkbox and click View Details.
To see what goes into an item and how much space it takes up, click on it in the left window. On the bottom tab, you can see how much space has been used up by the garbage files.
To delete things, select them by checking the box next to them and then clicking the Remove button.

Purge Large Documents

Large files are another culprit in Mac’s disk space problems, alongside garbage files. The results of the scan will display the size of the large files and the amount of space they occupy on your hard drive. If you need to free up space on your hard drive and no longer have any use for these files, you can delete them.

Here are some actions you can do to clear up large files:

Click the View Details button that appears next to Big Files in the Smart Scan results window.
To proceed, click Next after selecting the desired file from the left pane of the subsequent screen.
To permanently delete the selected files, touch Remove in the confirmation window.

Fifth, get rid of duplicate images.

In addition to large and unnecessary files, duplicate photos can also cause your Mac to run out of disk space. So, getting rid of them is a good idea to make room and maintain order in your system.

The following procedures will assist you in accomplishing this with Cleaner One Pro:

When you’re done with the intelligent scan, go to the Similar Photos section and click the View Details option.
On the following screen, Cleaner One Pro will display all of the comparable images that exist on your Mac. You can delete items by selecting them and then clicking the Remove button.

Sixth, uninstall any unused programs entirely.

Disk space on your Mac can quickly be depleted by unused applications. In order to keep the Other storage from becoming cluttered, it is necessary to delete them, along with any files they may have generated.

To uninstall a program from your Mac completely, please follow these steps:

Access the Scan tab in the right pane after selecting App Manager from the left sidebar.
Select the desired programs and their associated files to delete by checking the box on the next screen.
To permanently remove the program and all of its data, use the Remove button.

Step 7: Take Charge of Pre-Launch Tasks

Managing startup items (apps and launch agents) is the penultimate stage in Mac optimization. By customizing the startup processes of your Mac, you may avoid any slowdowns that may occur during the boot process.

In addition, you may delete an app or launch agent from the list by selecting it from the checkbox next to it and then clicking the delete button.

Cleaner One Pro: The Key to a Smoother-Running Mac

If you’ve been following along so far, you should be able to utilize Cleaner One Pro to fine-tune the storage and performance of your Mac and get it up to peak efficiency.

Both the free and paid versions of Cleaner One Pro are compatible with Mac and Windows. Memory optimizer, junk file cleaner, large file cleaner, and startup manager are all available in the free version, while a paid upgrade grants access to a slew of additional features such as a duplicate finder, app manager, and file shredder.

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