Google Docs is a free, feature-rich, cloud-based online word processor and editor that is part of Google’s alternative to Microsoft Office. With Google Docs, users can quickly and easily draft, revise, and format their own Word documents. Several different file formats are available for you to use when saving your documents.

The online tool’s ease of use may not be sufficient, though, if you are a seasoned user of Google’s standard capabilities. You can get what you need done with Google Docs by installing one of the many extensions available in the Chrome Web Store. In order to use Google Docs, you must have access to the internet.

We’ve selected seven must-have add-ons that can enhance your Google Docs editing experience right away.

Here Are the Top 8 Google Docs Plugins That You Need Now

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms may all be enhanced with the help of add-ons. Especially for Google Docs, the purpose of extensions is to maximize efficiency and save wasted time. Using these tools, you may avoid unnecessary steps and save time and energy. Using the extensions, you can supplement Google Docs with functionality it lacked originally. The extensions expand Google Docs’ functionality, making the program easier to work with.

For instance, you can make changes to a document online and insert text blocks from the toolbar, all without downloading the original. A third-party extension is available for those who want to make a formal written document or a light-hearted blog. Here are seven of the most useful Google Docs extensions for accomplishing just that and more.

We’ve written a comprehensive tutorial on where to look for Google Docs add-ons in the Google Workspace Marketplace and how to make the most of them. Be sure to look into it before moving further.

Doc Builder

If you work in finance or law and find yourself constantly revising documents, Doc Builder is the extension for you. These linguistic or telegraphic segments are frequently recycled from several unrelated sources. That means you can use it to enter the kinds of text fragments you use most often.

If you frequently need to draft or revise legal documents, but would rather not, you can use Doc Builder to create new versions quickly and easily. The language is adaptable for use in business correspondence. These texts can also be categorized based on their functions.

Highlight Tool

Many people desire to highlight text often for various reasons, and they work in a wide range of fields. Documents with key passages highlighted can aid in comprehension for a variety of readers. Without the ability to highlight key passages, reading any old text would be an arduous task at best. The Highlighter plugin, however, makes that process painless.

You can customize the highlighter colors and save them for later use on specific projects. Working together is crucial once again. Users can select their preferred set with a single click using the Highlighter Tool add-on. You can choose to copy the highlighted text in a specific sequence, or by color, to a new document. As a result, you really need this Google Docs add-on to properly organize your documents.

Writing Habit

Another free addition to Google Docs, Writing Habit is designed to help users become better writers by developing a consistent, goal-oriented practice of writing. Based on the premise that only regular writing can help a writer get better, this add-on helps one get into a routine of producing more and better paper over time.

Improve the overall quality of your writing and track your progress toward your writing goals with Writing Habit. The app Writing Habit counts the number of words you write every day, week, or month to help you track your productivity and set achievable targets. Writing Habit is helpful for anyone who wants to improve their writing, especially those who aren’t native English speakers. All writers can benefit from its detailed revision history, reports, and progress indicators.

Search and Navigate

A lengthy text or one filled with astronomical terms can be difficult to navigate. Search & Navigate (formerly known as Doc Explorer) is a helpful plug-in that may make this process less cumbersome for you. Using the document’s text, headings, bookmarks, images, and tables, you may quickly find and navigate to any area.

When you enter the sidebar menu, you have the option of viewing the list of headers, bookmarks, images, tables, and search results. This useful tool gives you a bird’s-eye view as well as a detailed analysis of every section of your paper. All things considered, this is an essential Google Docs add-on that will increase your efficiency and save you time.


Not all mathematical symbols and notations are available in Google Docs, which can be a problem if you need to type out equations or display them. Fortunately, Google Docs integrates with MathType, a powerful equation editor, so you can regulate how equations look.

Custom mathematical equations can be created in a Google document using typing or handwriting. You can insert equations in chemical notations into Google Docs and have them automatically converted to readable MathML or LaTeX. Use this add-on to convert a handwritten equation into a sleek, digital version that you can incorporate into documents, slideshows, and presentations with ease.

Code Blocks

There are several ways in which Google Docs can help us. Coding may also be used on your sheets, which is kind of cool. In Code Blocks, you can enter code blocks of any size and scope. You have the option of inserting minimal snippets of code into the current document. While not perfect for programming, it does come in handy when delegating tasks to those in technical professions.

Code Blocks also highlights the code in any document according to your preferences and can determine the programming language used. Those familiar with programming will find this tool useful. Syntax highlighting can also be performed with a single click with this tool.

Grammar and Spell Checker

Last but not least, there is the dd-on Google Docs Grammar and Spell checking that works in a wide variety of languages. It checks your content for faults in grammar and syntax and provides correction ideas immediately. The highlighted text will be the one to undergo editing or be rejected.

Also, if you’re an editor, the plugin will help you make sure that everyone in your team uses the same grammar rules. It also facilitates the translation process by relieving translators of the burden of ensuring that their translated material is error-free in terms of spelling and grammar. This spelling and grammar checker works with all varieties of English. Even the two most frequent varieties of English, British and American, can be distinguished by it.

LucidChart Diagrams

According to the old adage, a picture truly is worth a thousand words. A complicated idea can be explained more easily through a graphic representation. If you’re looking for a program to assist you in this endeavor, go no further than Lucidchart Diagrams.

You can gain insight into your process with the correct flowchart, rich technical diagram, or anything in between. Perhaps you need to demonstrate a straightforward organizational structure to your students, or walk a client through a business procedure. Simply drag and drop shapes onto the canvas to create a diagram.

Which Google Docs Add-On is Best for Me?

These seven extensions are useful for anyone who regularly makes substantial use of Google Docs. Not all of them are necessary for your tasks. But installing the product that best suits your needs and that you anticipate using regularly is part of the process of selecting a specific add-on application that you can use. When thinking about an accessory, you may also want to consider:

How simple is it to install and use that plug-in?
Is the accessory useful in accomplishing your aims?
Does this plugin provide any further settings options?
Do people recommend it?
Can we create numerous accounts or utilize it for work purposes, and what additional features are there?

The added incentive to check in on Google Docs every day increases the likelihood that you’ll stumble into some hidden gems. While Google Docs has you covered for the basics, these extensions are what really make the package shine.

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