If you frequently work with PDF files, you absolutely need to have access to a PDF editor. However, not all PDF utilities are the same, just like with any other software. When it comes to manipulating PDFs, most free programs only provide the bare minimum, while more advanced tools typically require a paid subscription or purchase of a license.

This is not the case with UPDF though. It’s a robust PDF editor that works on all the major platforms and grants you access to many of the most sought-after PDF manipulation features that are locked behind a paywall in other PDF editors.

You can get UPDF for one low price and utilize it on four different operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS) with their current special offer.

Let’s dive in and see what makes UPDF one of the greatest PDF editors out there.

What Is UPDF?

UPDF is a comprehensive program for managing PDF files. You can quickly access any of its many features by pressing one of the prominently displayed buttons. It’s user-friendly, too, with a little learning curve and a wide range of possible manipulations.

In terms of features, UPDF supports a wide variety of PDF-related tasks. UPDF can do a lot more than just read and annotate PDFs; it can also be used to edit them and protect them with passwords. You can use the tool to merge or split PDFs for easier storage or sharing, as well as compare files to find out where they differ.

UPDF is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, the four most popular computer and mobile operating systems. That means you can get started on a PDF file on one device and continue working on it later on another. The ability to digitally sign PDFs on the go is another advantage of mobile access.

UPDF Features

The following PDF capabilities are available to you with UPDF. Some of these capabilities apply to all versions of the software, while others are platform-specific.

Open and view PDF files
Edit PDF files
Convert a PDF file
Basic PDF manipulation (rename, move, duplicate, etc.)
Encryption a PDF using password
Set a permission password to limit modification
Flatten PDFs
Optimize and reduce PDF file size
Compress and print PDFs
Merge and split PDF files
Scan documents to turn them into searchable and editable PDFs
Fill out PDF forms
Export PDFs in different formats
Save a PDF as a PDF/A file

How Versatile Is UPDF?

As a comprehensive PDF solution, UPDF grants you extensive control over your PDF documents. If you frequently deal with PDF documents, you may find the following breakdown of useful operations helpful.

Read a PDF File

UPDF’s built-in PDF reader makes it a breeze to open and view PDFs. The PDF can be viewed in a number of different predefined layouts, including single-page, double-page, scrolling, and double-page scrolling. Your PDF files can also be viewed as a slideshow.

Bookmarks and text searches are two more features available in the UPDF viewer. With these controls, you may quickly and simply locate and store relevant sections of any PDF.

Annotate PDFs

There will be occasions when you wish to highlight or make a note of anything in a PDF file you’re reading. UPDF is aware of this, which is why it has an annotation tool that lets you do things like underline and highlight key phrases, cross out inappropriate language and make a comment, and even add stamps and stickers to your PDF documents.

Signatures can be added to PDFs using this annotator as well. Therefore, you can either physically generate a signature or use an electronic counterpart, depending on your inclination and need.

Edit a PDF File

The PDF editor included with UPDF is its main selling point. It’s user-friendly and supports several PDF operations, so you can easily make changes to your existing PDF files.

The UPDF PDF editor allows you to do fundamental tasks on PDF files, such as modifying text, graphics, and hyperlinks. PDF backgrounds and text attributes (size, color, and style) can be customized using UPDF, too, albeit this functionality depends on the membership plan and the device you’re using it on.

Similarly, you can use the editor’s watermarking features to stop people from sharing or utilizing your PDF files. Select a watermark style that suits your needs and tastes, then tweak its visual presentation on the document as much as you like.

Organize PDFs

UPDF’s built-in page organizer can be helpful and time-saving when making a PDF or reorganizing an existing one.

Adding, deleting, rotating, and reordering pages, as well as other PDF organization duties, are all made easier with this tool. The UPDF organizer also allows you to split a PDF into numerous PDFs or merge multiple PDFs into one.

Convert a PDF File

Sometimes you need to convert a PDF file to another format so you can send it to someone else, upload it to a website that doesn’t accept PDF files, or open it in a program that doesn’t support the PDF format.

UPDF has an in-built converter specifically for this purpose. PDF files can be easily converted to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and a wide variety of image formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF, and many more.

PDF/A is widely adopted for long-term document storage and archiving, and UPDF provides the ability to transform a PDF file into this format.


Finally, UPDF has built-in OCR functionality for more than 30 languages. In short, UPDF is your go-to tool for quickly and easily transforming any printable file into a PDF that can be scanned and edited.

UPDF also allows you to do the opposite, turning a PDF that can be searched into an image-only PDF. It’s a helpful tool if you want to safeguard your PDFs from being viewed or edited by unauthorized parties.

UPDF Plans and Pricing

As we discussed, UPDF is available for free for the most part and provides access to the vast majority of the standard PDF manipulation features with this plan, which should meet the vast majority of your needs.

For individuals with more extensive needs, however, UPDF provides two subscription plans (Annual and Perpetual) that grant access to all of its features. The annual plan costs $49.99 per year, while the perpetual plan costs $99.99 once and grants you access to UPDF for life.

However, as of this writing, UPDF is offering a discount on its premium plans, reducing the price of both the Annual and Perpetual subscriptions to $29.99 and $49.99, respectively. The promotional offer link is included in the “Try UPDF for free” section further up the post.

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