A high-quality keyboard may do wonders for your typing experience. This sounds a lot like upgrading to a mechanical keyboard for your computer, but we can accomplish the same thing with our smartphones. After extensive research in the Google Play Store, we found these to be the finest Android keyboard apps available.

Here is a collection of Android keyboard apps we curated for free use on your device. These programs provide you a wide range of aesthetic alternatives you couldn’t get from a standard keyboard, and they open up whole new worlds of functionality.

What Should You Look for in an Android Keyboard App?

Everything you do on your smartphone necessitates the keyboard in some way, making it a vital component of your device. This includes sensitive information such as bank and credit card numbers. Therefore, the origin and reputation of the software should be your top priorities when selecting a keyboard app for your phone. The keyboard should come from a trustworthy developer company and not have any questionable history. This will prevent your keyboard from capturing any of your private information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, or even casual dialogue.

A excellent keyboard, after you’ve checked its security, is one that allows you to input text in a variety of languages.
Emojis, stickers, and the like should be included as well, as they allow for more nuanced communication.

The Top Android Keyboard Apps

With this knowledge in hand, I’ve compiled a list of the top Android keyboard apps that you can grab for nothing from the Google Play Store.

Google Gboard search
Google Memechat Keyboard Simple Keyboard Memebuzz Keyboard Memechat Microsoft Swiftkey Grammarly Keyboard

The Best Android Keyboard App Is Google Gboard.

Gboard is a fantastic keyboard software that earns its high ranking in the Google Play Store. Before Google’s introduction of a tiny search bar, embedded translation through Google Translate, GIF search, and much more to the Android keyboard, customization of keyboards was limited to changing themes and fonts. When it first came out, Gboard established a new benchmark for keyboard apps; its rivals took some time to catch up.

Gboard currently supports a wide variety of languages from across the world and around the area, allowing for cross-language typing, rapid translation, GIF search, sticker pack support, and more.

Glide typing, a custom dictionary, a clipboard, and voice typing are just some of the extras you’ll find in this keyboard program. The visual style and haptic feedback level are both customizable. If your phone’s factory keyboard doesn’t provide haptic feedback, the latter will come in handy.

SwiftKey by Microsoft: The Best Android Keyboard for Huge Hands

Microsoft supports Swiftkey, another popular keyboard on the market. Swiftkey was created by some of the best programmers in the world and won’t let you down. Swiftkey includes all the functionality you’d expect from a keyboard software, plus some extras that no other app can match. If you use a Windows computer, Swiftkey makes it simple to synchronize the clipboard with your mobile device.

Your task lists can be synchronized with your Microsoft Search account so you may access them from the keyboard without ever leaving your seat. Swiftkey, on the other hand, is a promising keyboard software because of its bright looks, support for multiple languages, intelligent autocorrect, swipe functionality while typing, and much more. It also includes a built-in GIF search, custom emojis, and stickers, among other things.

Whether or if Swiftkey is superior to Gboard, it is nonetheless a part of the larger competition between the two largest IT competitors (search Microsoft and Google).

Grammarly Keyboard – The Most Effective Android Keyboard for Correct Spelling and Grammar

Literature professors have mixed feelings about the Grammarly Keyboard app. One benefit is that it facilitates error-free typing by ensuring proper grammar usage and spelling. On the other hand, it can save you time by allowing you to catch and fix errors without having to reread your work many times. Essentially, Grammarly Keyboard evaluates the content and tone of your typed words to provide feedback on how you may strengthen your writing.

It’s a helpful sidekick for fixing those embarrassing spelling gaffes on your back. You can get started with Grammarly Keyboard for free, but there are in-app purchases available to unlock premium features like smarter suggestions and more comprehensive grammar corrections. In our opinion, though, the free version is more than adequate for most people, and the paid one is just for true literature buffs.

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In a nutshell, Chrooma is the best Android keyboard for RGB themes.

If you enjoy fiddling with colors and making fine adjustments to how things seem, then Chrooma is the app for you. The color scheme of this keyboard software can be changed to match the current program. The RGB theme is one of our favorite Chrooma skins since it makes your keyboard look great in RGB mode. The nicest feature is that, much like on an RGB desktop keyboard, the colors are not fixed but instead cycle around the rainbow.

Chrooma also allows you to swiftly remove phrases, use a trail of recommended words, add notes, and pull terms from your typing habits thanks to its many motion controls. In addition, there is no restriction on the languages you can use to type on an Android phone. When Chrooma’s text correction becomes too aggressive, you can switch between three different settings to tone it down.

The Chrooma Keyboard software itself is free to download and use, but there are paid premium themes available for purchase within the app. The free themes, however, are sufficient to give your keyboard a distinct appearance.

The Best Keyboard for Football Fans, Real Madrid Keyboard

To all my fellow Madrid fans: Hala Madrid! This is not the most well-rounded keyboard app out there, but we think it deserves a mention because of its novelty. It was built officially by Real Madrid and gives you access to all there is to know about the sports team. With the swipe of a button, you can quickly and easily share official team articles, such as news, player announcements, and match results.

The keyboard software will also play videos from Real Madrid’s official channels, which you can then copy and paste into your messages. Stickers designed specifically for Real Madrid can be used in any and all popular instant messaging programs. In addition to these football-centric options, you can customize the app’s keyboard height, haptic feedback strength, and basic text editing tools. There is a small selection of input languages available. This keyboard program is a must-have for any soccer fan, regardless of their favorite team.

Bobble Indic Keyboard: The Ultimate Android Keyboard for Texting & Social Networking

The Bobble Keyboard app is packed with unique features that will make your chats the talk of the party. Bobble is the keyboard you should be using if you do a lot of IMing and want to utilize emojis and stickers. The program can instantaneously transform the text you input into a sticker, which can then be added to the conversation with a single swipe. By long-pressing an emoji, Bobble will inject a larger, animated version of that emoji into your conversation.

Bobble’s search function also allows you to rapidly access a desired program. Simply enter the program’s name into the keyboard’s search box and it will launch automatically. Bobble also has standard keyboard functions such as support for several languages, glide typing, voice input, and haptic feedback in addition to its unique ones.

Memechat Keyboard: the Ultimate Meme Keyboard

Memechat, as the name implies, is a fantastic keyboard software for fast exchanging memes in online conversations. Memes can be easily found by hitting the meme search icon and then being added to a conversation. The nicest part about this collection of memes is that they are not restricted to Memechat’s own memes. Memechat keyboard users can instead access a community where they can make and share memes for use in the app. In this method, you can easily find the most popular memes whenever you want.

The Memechat keyboard only includes those symbols, which is unfortunate. It has various drawbacks, such as not supporting text correction or swipe typing, but its primary shortcoming is that it only works with the English language. Memechat does not offer language options.

Memechat’s flaws prevent it from serving as your primary keyboard, but it’s great as a joke when you need to enter a meme. Keyboard rapid switch (input methods) are accessible on most Android smartphones, allowing you to quickly switch to Memechat, insert your meme, and return to your usual keyboard.

The Most Secure Android Keyboard Ever

We tried out a wide variety of keyboards, from high-tech, feature-packed ones to downright bizarre and humorous ones, all in search of the perfect traditional keyboard. The Simple Keyboard software is the epitome of a minimalist keyboard since it perfects the fundamentals. It’s a free and open-source keyboard program that has everything you need.

Many different regional languages can be used with the Simple Keyboard. The keyboard’s height may be changed, the status bar color can determine the theme, haptic feedback can be customized, and so on. Unfortunately, the program does not include a built-in tool for editing text. The keyboard doesn’t get in the way, which is a benefit because it helps keep things straightforward. However, for some customers, the absence of text correction is a deal breaker.

Aside from that, we adored Simple Keyboard since it delivers an unfussy service that lives up to its name. It’s very discreet, as it doesn’t require an online connection to function.

Is There a Great Keyboard App for Android?

In terms of functionality, dependability, and overall quality, Gboard is the best Android keyboard software in our books. Gboard has features like as stickers, GIF search, translation, and more, and it supports nearly all regional languages.

Swiftkey is a close second, but search has the upper hand in a few key areas, including accuracy and quality of contextual prediction. When compared to Swiftkey, Google’s Gboard is clearly superior. When it comes to Android keyboards, Gboard is still king.

Can I Trust Third-Party Keyboards?

As long as you know the keyboard app comes from a trustworthy developer, you can feel comfortable using a third-party keyboard. Both Gboard and Swiftkey are backed by major technology companies (Google and Microsoft, respectively), making them the most secure options on our list of the best Android keyboards.

That doesn’t mean your personal information is at risk if you use a different keyboard app. Some reputable software developers do worry about safety just as much as Microsoft and Google. However, if you’re nervous about your keyboard taking your data, the tried-and-true solutions, such as Gboard and Swiftkey, are your best bet. Otherwise, third-party keyboards are equally secure if you have sufficient faith in the developer.

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