The default application for accessing files on Windows systems is now File Explorer, formerly known as Windows Explorer.

Windows, however, hasn’t put as much effort into the program because it just has a few features, no new features have been added, and it’s too simple for file organization.

Additionally, there are a ton of File Explorer alternatives that include a ton of exciting features like language translation, batch renaming, and simple file management. It is preferable to use a third-party file manager for Windows because of these factors.

The top seven File Managers for Windows 11/10 will be listed in this article for your consideration. These file managers contain a ton of functions, are highly user-friendly, and are quite safe.

Which Windows file managers are the best?

Looking for the top Windows File Explorer substitutes? The seven possibilities are as follows:

Absolute Commander

Apart from the default File Explorer, Total Commander, originally known as Windows Commander, is one of the best and most popular file managers for Windows. Although the application has a traditional layout, it is quite adaptable. For simple access and file sharing, Total Commander opens up to two side-by-side file windows.

This alternative to file explorer offers multilingual support and a fast view window with thumbnails for both videos and images. It is ideal for expert file manager use because you can compare files and utilize plugins for additional functions.

This file manager will also handle batch renaming, identify duplicate files to free up disk space, include an integrated FTP client, and more. Additionally, this program is offered for 64-bit and 32-bit PCs. Nevertheless, depending on how many features you want to utilize, it is both free and paid.

Key characteristics:

utilization of many languages
assistance plugins
Quick view panel and batch renaming

the Total Commander download

Pro X Shrestha Files

This Windows File Explorer substitute is for you if you appreciate beautiful design. A extremely organized file organizer with several built-in and custom theme colors is Shrestha Files Pro X. Additionally, it offers a two-window layout that can be either vertical or horizontal, making accessing folders considerably simpler.

There are six alternative display formats available when opening files in this program’s tabbed tab structure, which is a fascinating feature. It is simple to compare files because of the quality. For disks, folders, and libraries, other icon packages are also available. This demonstrates how flexible Shrestha Files Pro X is, making it one among the top Windows file managers.

Drag and drop is supported, and Shrestha Files Pro X includes built-in zip and unzip features. It is also incredibly quick and stable to use. Similar to browsers, the software automatically saves and restores the open tab.

The file manager has all the other file explorer features in addition to the ones already stated. However, accessing some of its sophisticated features necessitates upgrading to a premium package.

Key characteristics:

Excellent design
It includes icon packs.
has a tab interface similar to a browser Download Shrestha File Pro X

Opus Directory

A paid app that totally replaces Windows File Explorer is this file manager. It is also one of the first File Explorer replacement apps. Directory Opus has a contemporary appearance and provides choices for single and double file displays.

It is a superior file manager because, like Total Commander, it incorporates a view pane for previews.

You may read and modify file metadata using Directory Opus. In addition, the program allows you to label files, personalize the status bar, and perform numerous other tasks. This program supports FTP and contains scripting features as well as a built-in duplicate file finder.

Similar to File Explorer, it can be accessed by pressing Windows + E and enables for simple keyboard shortcut modification. Additionally, you can use image converters and uploaders on your computer with Directory Opus. The application is compatible with Windows 11 and 10 and comes in both free and premium versions. It is better to utilize the free version because the premium bundle is quite pricey (starting at AUD 49 and going all the way up to AUD 249).

Key characteristics:

very adaptable
It comes with an image converter and offers both a single and dual pane layout.

Opus Directory Download


One of the greatest tabbed file managers for Windows computers is XYplorer. The program’s functions are highly extensive and in-depth. Its user interface is very customisable and the menu bar contains several options. The optional double window makes copying files considerably simpler. This software is also customized with strong file backup features, and it offers a directory panel for accessing file folders. As a very little piece of software, XYplorer won’t tax your computer’s memory.

To make this tool even easier to use, you may automate repetitive activities. Excellent and swift file searching is available in XYplorer. The tool also supports Zip, saves and automatically restores open folders, and allows tags and comments to be added to file names. This file organizer offers a one-click preview option for photos, videos, documents, and music, just like some of the others that were discussed earlier. Additionally, they are constantly working to introduce additional features.

Key characteristics:

auto-restore directories and save data
Comment and tag

Obtain XYplorer

Commander Free

Free Commander is an additional Windows file manager that you can use. To access, arrange, and explore files on your computer, utilize the simple freeware program known as Free Commander. The program’s user interface is straightforward and appealing. This program uses dual-panel technology and provides both vertical and horizontal options, like other file explorer alternatives. However, this application also allows you to use just one window.

The Free Commander software has several capabilities, such as the ability to filter files for viewing, compress files, use a built-in file viewer, and much more. Additionally, this tool contains a number of shortcuts that are absent from other file explorer options. The program can be used without installation because it is very portable. Make sure the file copy is present on your PC.

Key characteristics:

very user-friendly
App with dual-panel technology

the Free Commander download


When it comes to the greatest file manager for a Windows computer, Xplorer2 is unique. It is an excellent Windows application with a variety of features that help you work more effectively with the files on your computer. This freeware allows you to preview documents, photos, music, and other file kinds. It features two windows, a folder tab, and Miller columns for multitasking.

Its quick desktop search syncs all file properties and operations with folder contents. To clear up extra space on your computer, you can also use the duplicate file search function integrated into the system. Additionally, you can organize files on your computer using color codes. Stick selection, which enables selected files to stay in contact while you click on other portions of your screen, is another feature worth noticing. All of these features, however, have a cost.

Key characteristics:

File duplication search
To categorize folders, use color coding

Install Xplorer2 now.


Here is another file manager for Windows with all the capabilities you could possibly require. Drives, files, and computer storage can all be better controlled using this software. Since the program may display up to four windows at once in the file manager window, the Q in the name Q-Dir stands for quad. This greatly improves the convenience of file management.

The directory structure of Q-Dir also resembles a tree with visible branches. The majority of the functionality of the previously described Windows file manager are also present in the application. Depending on what suits you, you can use it as an installed or portable application. Furthermore, the program is small and hassle-free to operate on any Windows machine. In Q View, files can be moved by dragging and dropping them. The fact that the Q-Dir app is free is another benefit.

Key characteristics:

Use as many as four panes.
portable application

Obtain Q-Dir

Files App is a worthy mention.

Another excellent Windows file organizer that is appropriate for minimalists is Files App. With features like file preview, dual-pane layout, tabs, tags for tagging files, custom themes, and more, the application’s design is both straightforward and stylish. As an open-source tool, Files App is also cost-free.

You can still test the program out to check if it functions properly on your computer even though it appears to crash on some Windows machines.

App to Download Files

Final Reflections

This post has covered the top seven Windows file managers and included information on what to anticipate from each one. Simply select your preferred option to complement or replace Windows File Explorer. Furthermore, these programs are adaptive because the majority of the instructions they employ are nearly equivalent to those of File Explorer. There is a noticeable difference because of the added features.

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