When a user types in a website’s domain name, like TechPP.com, the browser will look up the corresponding IP address in a DNS before attempting to load the website.

DNS is used to convert domain names to their matching Internet Protocol addresses. DNS translates domain names into their associated IP addresses, making it possible to access websites without having to remember their numerical addresses.

However, a Domain Name System (DNS) server is utilized by the game client in order to establish a connection to the game server via the game server’s IP address.

You may want to test out multiple DNS servers to find the one that works best for you, as the responsiveness of your game is primarily affected by the DNS server based on your location. Therefore, we have listed the top 7 DNS gaming servers for your convenience.

How can you know which DNS is best for gaming?

First, let’s talk about what to look for when selecting a DNS service, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to the best DNS for gaming.

Choosing a DNS server for gaming purposes should be done with speed in mind. It controls the rate at which information is sent from one location on a network to another and can make or break a gaming session. Network congestion and the quality of the user’s Wi-Fi connection also play a role in slowing down queries sent to and from the DNS server. Latency, the time it takes for data to travel from a user to a server and back, can be minimized using a quick DNS server. If the latency is too high, you may suffer lag, which might ruin your gaming session.

A secure domain name server (DNS) is essential for online gaming since it prevents dangerous websites from reaching players’ devices, thereby shielding them from malware, phishing attempts, and other forms of online attack. Safe, uninterrupted, and with enhanced performance, online gaming is made possible by employing a secure DNS. Secure DNS also offers protection for endpoints outside the local area network, site filtering, and remote administration because to its reliance on encryption.

Ping time and connection reliability can be drastically different from one game server’s location to another, thus it’s crucial to think about where both the game server and the user are located when choosing a DNS for gaming. The ping time and stability of your connection will both improve if your DNS server is physically located near the game server. If you’re a gamer and you want the most reliable and effective connection, this is crucial.

Cost is a major consideration when picking a gaming DNS. On the one hand, there are premium DNS services available at no cost, such as Google Public DNS, which provides both high performance and security. On the other hand, the DNS service fees that some providers may impose on gamers should be taken into account. It’s crucial to consider the prices and benefits of each service before deciding which one to use, even though the premium ones may provide higher levels of performance and security.
Reliability: Selecting a dependable DNS server is crucial for online gaming. A stable DNS server will prevent lag and disconnections from ruining your gaming session. When it comes to online gaming, having a reliable and consistently available DNS server is essential for ensuring a seamless, uninterrupted experience. In addition, it uses its vast server network to block DNS spoofing attacks.

Which DNS Servers Provide the Best Connection for Online Play?

Seeking the top game-specific DNS service? The viable choices are as follows:

Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare, a free DNS provider that guarantees a quick and stable Internet connection, tops our list of the best DNS for gaming. Cloudflare’s DNS resolver has a reputation for being the quickest available, making it ideal for online gaming and general web browsing. Reasons for this include its ubiquitous presence in over 250 places and increased server capacity.

Cloudflare is an enterprise-grade domain name server (DNS) that not only speeds up browsing but also protects consumers’ privacy. Cloudflare prevents on-path attacks and DNS record hijacking with built-in DNSSEC security and does not log IP addresses.

With this DNS, you won’t have to worry about your personal information falling into the wrong hands, unlike with other DNS services. It’s also simple to implement, whether you want to do it locally on a single device or remotely across an entire network.

Cloudflare Public IP Cloudflare Public Address
IPv6 2606:4700:4700::1112

Google DNS

Besides the aforementioned OpenDNS, Google DNS is another widely-used and excellent public DNS service that will reliably resolve domain names to IP addresses that your device can understand.

The fact that this DNS has Google’s support makes it among the best available, but we all know that Google isn’t the most private option out there.

Even though Google’s public DNS resolver may be susceptible to denial-of-service and other types of Internet attacks, the company has taken precautions to protect its users, including timely server monitoring and DNSSEC support.

Google’s public DNS service is among the best available since it provides a variety of options for doing safe and quick DNS lookups online.

Google Public IP Google Public Address
IPv6 2001:4860:4860::8888


In addition to protecting its users’ systems, Quad9 is a free DNS resolver that can help gamers have a better experience.

If you’re concerned about your online gaming’s safety and speed, this may be a better option than other DNS providers like Google DNS.

As was previously mentioned, Quad9’s enhanced gaming performance is thanks in part to the company’s 150 DNS resolution clusters located in 90 different countries.

In general, it protects your computer from viruses and phishing attempts. Quad9 does not collect or utilize its users’ IP addresses, making it GDPR compliant.

Quad9 Public IP Quad9 Public Address
IPv6 2620:fe::fe


The no-logging policy and emphasis on user privacy make DNS.Watch a popular public DNS service. This DNS resolver does not collect or process user data in any way, so you can rest easy.

It supports DNSSEC and provides public DNS servers for IPv4 and IPv6. The DNS is excellent for gamers, but because it is hosted in Germany, it works best for those in Europe and may not perform as well for those on other continents.

DNS.WATCH guarantees the privacy and speed of your DNS requests with their unfiltered DNS service. This DNS server was built with speed in mind, so you can enjoy seamless online gaming without any hiccups.

DNS.Watch Public IP DNS.Watch Public Address
IPv6 2001:1608:10:25::1c04:b12f


If you’re in need of a trustworthy and quick DNS service for usage when gaming, OpenDNS is one alternative to consider. It’s a free DNS service that has been popular due to its reliability and compatibility for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

OpenDNS’s global network of servers and well-designed routing technology allow your DNS requests to be automatically routed to the nearest OpenDNS data center, ensuring that your Internet requests load quickly.

You’ll appreciate the increased DNS stability and security provided by this service. This DNS service’s ability to filter content based on your tastes is one of its most appealing features.

OpenDNS Public IP OpenDNS Public Address
IPv6 2620:119:35::35

Level 3

Free and optimized for gaming, Level 3 is an alternative DNS resolver. Level 3 is a public DNS service that delivers steady and dependable Internet connectivity, but lacking the large infrastructure of other DNS servers like Google and Cloudflare.

Level 3 DNS is tailored specifically for gaming on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so you can expect lightning-fast connections and zero lag. Tier-1 service providers operate their own networks and handle customer support internally.

It is quick and secure, as it does not keep any information about its users. Level 3’s DNS service intelligently reroutes queries to the geographically closest server, making for a lightning-fast connection that’s perfect for online gaming.

Level 3 Public IP Level 3 Public Address

Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure DNS is one of the best and most secure DNS resolvers with many features if you want to try another quick and dependable DNS for gaming.

It has similar capabilities to the other DNS resolvers discussed in this article. Users from all over the world can enjoy the fastest possible connection speeds and the least amount of downtime by switching to Comodo Secure DNS.

This DNS has built-in protection against viruses, malware, and phishing schemes, and uses 256-bit encryption for added safety for its users. It also stops ads from loading in browsers and apps.

As a result, if you’re a gamer seeking for the best DNS for gaming, you can use Comodo by substituting the values below into your DNS settings.

Comodo Public IP Comodo Public Address
IPv6 2620:119:35::35

What factors should you weigh when deciding on a suitable gaming DNS?

While all of the aforementioned DNS servers should work fine for gaming, some are better than others depending on your location. Because of this, you should make sure the DNS server is local to your location before settling on one to use for gaming.

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