The technology to synthesize speech from text has been around for quite some time. Text-to-speech was first developed as an accessibility function to assist people with reading and writing difficulties. Over time, speech synthesis has developed into a practical tool for everyday users, making it easier for people to prefer reading over listening to audio content. The widespread acceptance of audiobooks is a prime illustration of the success of this strategy.

In addition, text-to-speech tools facilitate the listening of any text. You can multitask better and go through more stuff faster if you do this. Here are the finest text-to-speech (TTS) apps that will read your ebooks, PDFs, or other files aloud to you on Android or iOS.

Top Android and iOS Apps for Converting Text to Speech


One of the most well-known translation apps for both iOS and Android is iTranslate. Originally intended only as a translation tool, the software now also provides text-to-speech conversions. Now you can type into it and have the computer read the material to you. You can customize the voice to your liking by choosing between a male and female option. The software is available in over a hundred different languages and dialects, ensuring that the widest possible audience can benefit from it. iTranslate’s primary function is to translate text across languages, but it also has a built-in dictionary for quick word lookup via voice. Also, there’s a “Pro” edition of the program that adds extra functionality including offline translations, a camera-based translation mode called “Lens,” and the ability to have dialogues in either language via voice or text.

Cost: 0 (in-app purchases only).
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Although it may come as a surprise, Pocket has supported text-to-speech for quite some time now. The primary function of the widely used bookmarking tool is to store web pages, articles, files, and books for later perusal. This will make it easier for you to consume and curate material. The option to have Pocket read out loud the text in a document is one of the app’s most helpful yet underestimated capabilities, although many users don’t seem to be aware of it. So, not only can you save articles from the web or other apps to read later, but you can also play them back like an audiobook while you’re doing other things, like commuting or working out.

Cost: 0 (in-app purchases only).
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Third, Google’s Speech Synthesis

One of the first online text-to-speech tools was developed by Google. The Android platform offers the Google Text-to-Speech software, which can read any text you enter. You have the option of a male or female voice being played back, and the pace of the reading can be changed to suit your needs. In addition to Google’s general goodness, the unlimited speech synthesis that Google’s service provides means that it can even read out books, making it the ideal option for Android users. The program also has an offline mode, so you may use it to translate text even if you’re not connected to the internet.

Downloading and updating Google Text to Speech on Android is free.

The Fourth: Talking Text!

A text-to-speech software could be called anything from “Text to Speech!” to “Speech!”. The same cannot be said about the variety of functions it offers. To begin, the standard text-to-speech features are included, including, depending on your location, a selection of 82 unique voices. In addition, 38 other languages and dialects are supported, greatly expanding the app’s potential user base. In addition to customizing the readout’s pitch and speed, highlighting passages of interest, adding them to a personal favorites list, organizing the lists, and exporting them as audio files are all functions it provides. Last but not least, you can use the app without an internet connection.

Cost: 0 (in-app purchases only).
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Fifth, Google Translate

Another Google feature that can help you convert text to speech is Google Translate. One of the greatest translation apps, it translates text into 103 different languages and has additional capabilities such as camera translation, photo translation, chat translation, and handwriting translation. Naturally, Google’s processing power, made possible by its massive data set, is unparalleled. The best aspect is that you don’t need an internet connection to utilize it, and it’s free to use. Google Translate’s speech synthesis (also known as TTS) is reliable and a useful addition to the service, which allows users to type in text and hear the translation said aloud. However, the app is not a great choice for people who need a narrated book (or other lengthy content). It’s useful for putting together fragments of text.

Downloads are free of charge. Android | iOS Google Translate

Apple Translate

Apple, like Google, has a text-to-speech service, and it’s called Apple Translate. This handy software streamlines the process of switching between languages and was released alongside iOS 14. It allows you to communicate with others in a variety of languages, and you may use it both online and offline. Apple Translate isn’t quite as good as Google Translate, but it does a respectable job of translating text on iOS. The program does more than just translate text, though; it also converts text into speech, so you can type in text in any language and hear its spoken equivalent. However, it cannot be used for long-form voice synthesis in the same way that Google Translate cannot.

Price: Free Platform: iOS (pre-installed)

Substantive Narration

The Android and iOS versions of the Narrator’s Voice speech synthesis app are both entertaining. In exchange for your input, it generates narrated messages in a number of languages, each with their own unique effects. The program takes your spoken or typed input and generates a narration that can be played again or saved to your device. Once you’ve downloaded the app’s language data, you can use it without an internet connection. Further, Narrators’ Voice provides a wealth of customization possibilities for the narration, should you feel like flexing your creative muscles. Narration can be customized in a number of ways, including voice selection, sound effects, loudness, and pace.

Cost: 0 (in-app purchases only).
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These are some of the greatest text-to-speech apps for Android and iOS, allowing you to listen to any text on your phone, whether it’s a few phrases or an entire book.

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