Do you need the best calendar templates for Google Sheets? Invoices, reports, calendars, and more can all be created, managed, and organized with ease using Google Sheets.

In this article, we will discuss the finest Google Sheets calendar template and how to utilize it to make your own calendar.

Is it necessary for me to use a calendar template in Google Sheets?

It’s common knowledge that utilizing a calendar is the most efficient way to monitor and control one’s schedule, but few calendars, both paper and digital, give consumers much leeway in terms of personalization. Spreadsheet calendars are free, extremely customizable, and excellent for teamwork, despite the fact that there are certain dedicated (paid) calendar apps that are appropriate for all your purposes.

Moreover, you’ll benefit from a very flexible use of the Google Sheet calendar since the program offers several editing options that will let you customize the entries for any purpose. You can either follow the steps to create the calendar yourself or use one of the best Google Sheets calendar templates, which you can then customize to suit your needs.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best Google Sheets calendar templates and also show you how to create your own Google Sheets calendar.

Tips for choose the right calendar layout for Google Sheets

Finding the right Google Sheets Calendar Template can take some time, as there are many to choose from. However, there are a few factors to keep in mind while browsing for a suitable template.

Make sure the template can be easily followed and understood first.
Second, pick a flexible template that you can tweak to perfection.
Finally, choose a layout that looks clean and professional so that it can be easily read and followed by others.

Which are the top calendar templates for Google Sheets?

Here are the eleven best preset calendar designs you may use for whatever purpose you see fit when making a calendar in Google Sheets.

Simple Calendar Template
2023 Smartsheet Weekly Planner
Full Year Calendar 2023 Template
Soft Colors Monthly Content Calendar Template
2022 Employee Calendar Template
Annual Calendar 2023
Content Calendar Template for Google Sheets
Black and Gold Monthly Calendar Template
Social Media Content Calendar
Weekly Planner Template
Phases of the Moon Calendar

Simple Calendar Template

The Simple Calendar Template is a clean and straightforward yearly calendar for use with Google Sheets. The design is very editable, making it possible for anyone to keep track of appointments, schedules, and daily activities. There is sufficient room in each date field for notes and to-do items. In addition, if you value minimalism, this is a wonderful option due to its very straightforward design.

2023 Smartsheet Weekly Planner

If you’re looking for a Google Sheet calendar template that will allow you to keep track of your entire week, go no further than the Smartsheet Weekly Planner. This scheduler’s format allows you to record daily goals within a time frame that you set for yourself, from breakfast to bedtime. It’s a weekly calendar, so you may plan out your week in advance. If you’re searching for a place to keep track of your plans for a given week of the year, this template has you covered with all the necessary sections.

Full Year Calendar 2023 Template

In keeping with its name, the Full Year Calendar Template is a 2023 calendar covering the entire year. It’s useful for anyone who wants a quick reference to every day of the year. The calendar sample features an attractive design and format. Along with the standard calendar views and monthly views, this Google Sheets add-on also includes a section for saving and printing out specific dates for the year.

Soft Colors Monthly Content Calendar Template

If you’re a content creator in need of a calendar add-on, this Google Sheets version is perfect for you. Your calendar won’t look bulky when you use the Soft Colors Monthly Content Calendar Template because of how clean and simple it is. Simply open the calendar in Google Sheets and create a copy to use it. Since this is a monthly calendar, you’ll need to select the appropriate month if you want to begin planning for a new month.

2023 Employee Calendar Template

The Google Sheet calendar Employee Calendar Template provides a fantastic resource for business owners and HR managers in tracking company events and activities. This calendar add-on allows you to manage employee schedules and pay with ease. Its simplicity makes it a viable alternative to more involved software for managing staff.

Annual Calendar 2023

This is a custom-made Google Sheets calendar that displays the entire year at a glance. There are no other features in this spreadsheet template, so please only use it for verifying dates and keeping track of days. The default color scheme is a somber shade of blue, but you may alter it in Format > Themes. If you click on the link below, you can give it a try.

Content Calendar Template for Google Sheets

Content Calendar is a good choice for content creators who want to manage their work with their team and need a calendar to keep track of it. It has a tab for the content calendar and another tab with a full calendar that you can use for daily scheduling. Besides, the calendar template is very easy to use, so you should try it out.

Black and Gold Monthly Calendar Template

There’s also the Black and Gold Monthly Calendar Template for Google Sheets, which is great. This is the best-looking spreadsheet template here, and it’s the only one that only includes the calendar for 2023. You can make notes at the bottom of each page and mark significant dates with a circle using this calendar.

There are many calendar templates available in Google Sheets.

A Schedule for Social Media Posting

Week Schedule Sample

Phases of the Moon Calendar

How can I make the most of the calendar templates in Google Sheets?

The following guidelines should be kept in mind when working with calendar templates in Google Sheets:

Pick out a format that works for what you need it to do. Choose the finest template for your needs from the several that are provided.

Don’t forget to fill out the template completely. Dates, times, and other specifics of the event are included.

Don’t forget to save your completed template so you may return to it later.

Make sure any edits you make to the template don’t mess with the source information. Create a new entry rather than editing an old one if you need to change the date of an event, for instance.

This is why I love using the calendars on Google Sheets:

Because of its accessibility and simplicity of use, Google Sheets is an excellent platform on which to build a schedule. Quickly add events and reminders, and select from a wide variety of calendar layouts. Most users also appreciate Google Sheets because it’s always there whenever they need it, just like a trusted friend or a comfortable pair of old pants.

One of the aforementioned calendar templates for Google Sheets is sure to fit your requirements. We’ve explained the various uses for these calendars below, or you can simply click on the link to view the design. Keep a backup copy of the calendar template in Google Sheets handy at all times.

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