When using Google Chrome, storing photographs the traditional way has its limitations, especially when it comes to saving many images at once, organizing them, and other similar tasks. Extensions for Google Chrome make it possible to download many images at once, convert between different image formats, manage your collection of downloaded photographs, and much more.

The most efficient method to improve browser functionality is via installing extensions. There are several browser add-ons available that do everything from altering the browser’s aesthetic to blocking advertisements and remembering passwords. This article provides a review of the top Chrome extensions for downloading images.

Considerations for Selecting the Top Google Image Downloader

Choose the finest image downloader for Google Chrome by taking into account the following criteria before making your final decision.

Verify that the most recent version of Chrome is compatible with the add-on.
Check that the extension can store photographs in the format you need and that it is simple to use.
Pick an add-on that won’t slow down your browser when downloading photographs swiftly.
Privacy: Make sure the add-on does not track your activity or reveal any personal information.
Look for an add-on that simplifies the process of downloading photographs by providing a straightforward, user-friendly interface.
Extra functionality: some add-ons provide extra functionality, such as batch downloads or picture editing. Choose an add-on that caters to your demands by thinking about what you intend to use it for.

These are the considerations you should make while selecting a Google Chrome image extension. The top image downloaders for Chrome are next on our list.

Top Chrome Add-ons for Downloading Images

Our selection of the finest Chrome add-ons for downloading images.

Image Downloader by Pact Interactive
Download All Images
Image Download for YouTube
Loadify – Smart Image downloader
Unsplash For Chrome
Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder
ImageAssistant Batch Image Downloader
Double-click Image Downloader

Image downloader – Imageye

Imageye’s Image Downloader is our top pick. More than 2000 users have rated this extension 5 stars, making it the highest rated image downloader in the Chrome Web Store. This plugin makes it simple to download photographs and includes several helpful features.

The add-on is available for no cost and works with all versions of the Chrome web browser. When added to Google Chrome, it allows users to download photos from any website. After you’ve signed in, you can activate the add-on. All of the images on a website that can be downloaded will appear in a pop-up window. Images can be filtered by dimensions, file format (JPG, PNG, webp, etc.), design, and download link. Multiple image selection and download is possible.

This plugin’s ability to convert webp images (a cutting-edge Google image format that provides superior compression and quality compared to other image formats like JPEG and PNG) to downloadable JPG is a feature we particularly appreciate. The webp picture format is widely adopted at this point. Webp to JPG conversion is necessary if JPG is required. This extension’s new feature (in beta when we tested it) makes it simple to convert Webp to JPG and save several images at once. This add-on also makes it simple to save preview images from YouTube videos with a single click.

You have a lot of control over the layout, including the ability to rearrange the columns and alter the settings’ presentation. Image Downloader by Image Eye is the most feature-packed and lightweight plugin available.

Image Downloader by Pact Interactive

Image Downloader, a program developed by Pact Interactive, is up next. This is yet another potent Chrome add-on for downloading images. The best feature of this add-on is the ability to rename and save photographs in other directories.

The add-on is readily available for no cost. After installing the extension in Google Chrome, go to the site from which you wish to download photographs. Simply activate the add-on to access the library of available wallpapers. Choose an individual photo or select a batch of photos to download them all at once. It is more difficult to remove irrelevant photos, such as logos, from the list because there is no way to filter the images by JPG or webp.

In addition, JPG photos cannot be converted from webp. If you decide you’d rather work with JPG files, you’ll need to convert your existing webp photos. Other features, we should mention: You can choose a picture from a given URL and save it, and you can also save preview images from videos on YouTube.

Image download from Pact Interactive is the ideal option if you want to be able to organize your downloaded images into folders.

Download All Images

The Download all photographs add-on is up next, and it’s useful because it speeds up the process of downloading several photographs. Downloading all Images is the most flexible and powerful choice if you wish to download many images at once.

If you install this extension in Google Chrome, you can access it as soon as you go to the page from which you wish to download the photographs by tapping on the extension’s icon. The add-on will immediately begin scanning the site’s photographs and allowing you to sort them based on size, dimensions, and image kind. The number of photos on the page is displayed in the top status bar. You have the option of scanning the page again or stopping at any time.

When you’re ready to save the selected photographs, just click the “Save” button. By selecting the Save Dir option, you can make a new folder without leaving the add-on.

The Download all photos plugin for Google Chrome is the ideal choice if you need to download many images at once. It has robust capabilities that allow you to change the image format and save the changes with a single mouse click.

Image Download for YouTube

The YouTube image downloader is next on the list. This add-on makes it simple to save YouTube previews on your computer. If you’re watching a video on YouTube and want to save the thumbnail or cover art, all you have to do is click this extension. This plugin needs no further introduction; it is that simple.

The add-on is readily available without cost. Open the YouTube video whose thumbnail you wish to download after installing the necessary Google Chrome extensions. Click the add-on while the video is playing. If you want to save the YouTube thumbnail, just click the download button that appears. Just as easy as that.

There is no way to change the image’s dimensions or format due to the limited customization possibilities. By default, JPG format is used for picture downloads. The best image downloader for Google Chrome to save YouTube previews is the Image Download for YouTube Chrome addon.

Loadify – Smart Image downloader

Loadify, a clever image downloader, is our next best option. Loadify, in contrast to the other plugins on this website, provides a user-friendly experience. After installing the extension, you can access the photographs from any website simply by clicking the extension’s icon in the Chrome extension’s menu.

The extension will redirect the user to a new folder that only contains a list of the page’s photos, without any accompanying text, videos, or other media. Images can be saved by hovering over them and selecting “Save Image As.” The pictures are saved in JPG format, and the sizes are downloaded as indicated. Clicking the “Download” button in the upper right will allow you to download all of the photographs at once.

Additionally, you may use the plugin to see every color employed on a specific website. To get to this, select “Color Palette” from the menu bar above. As a web or graphic designer, you will find this extension to be invaluable. Loadify Image downloading is the greatest image downloading plugin for Google Chrome, and it also displays color palettes for each page you visit.

Unsplash For Chrome

Unsplash Image Downloader is up next on our roster. Unsplash is the greatest solution if you need high-quality photographs for your projects, blog posts, or social media updates immediately. Unsplash is an alternative to directly downloading images from websites, as it compiles free-to-use images from throughout the web into a single location.

Install the extension in Chrome, then use it to save photographs to your computer. Select the search field, key in your query, then hit the search button. The plug-in will instantly display a gallery of pictures. To save an image, right-click it and select “Save” from the menu that appears.

The photographs you’ve downloaded can be used in articles or presentations. Unfortunately, you can’t select photographs based on their category, size, or dimensions. Unsplash for Google Chrome is the ideal solution if you need to quickly get royalty-free photos.


Lightshot, another option on this list, is a screenshot application that lets you rapidly capture an image from a website and save it to your computer. With this extension, users may easily copy and paste screenshots into the clipboard with only two clicks. Because of this, it’s great for people who frequently take screenshots and need to share them for various reasons, including work, study, and projects.

After installing the extension, go to any website you’d like to capture screenshots of. Proceed by selecting the add-on now. The add-on allows users to capture screenshots of either the complete web app or a customized region. You can alter the screenshot’s quality, size, and file type before saving it.

You may edit and annotate images with Lightshot as well. In order to emphasize key points or provide additional context, users can annotate their screenshots with text, shapes, and drawings. After making annotations, the screenshots can be saved or shared.

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

You can also take screenshots with Awesome Screenshot. With this add-on, you may quickly grab a picture from a website or take a screenshot of the entire page. Users need only use two clicks to capture a snapshot, which will then be copied to the clipboard.

After installing the extension, simply go to the website you wish to capture a screenshot of in Google Chrome. Proceed by selecting the add-on now. The add-on allows users to capture screenshots of either the complete web app or a customized region. You can alter the screenshot’s quality, size, and file type before saving it.

Users can not only take screenshots, but also record their screen activity and save the resulting video. This plugin’s free version caps recording time at 5 minutes.

Awesome screenshot is an alternative to Lightshot for modifying and annotating screenshots. To emphasize key points, alter image saving settings, and more, users can annotate screenshots with text, shapes, and drawings.

ImageAssistant Batch Image Downloader

Image Assistant is an effective alternative to the default Google Chrome image downloader. The extension allows for the simultaneous downloading of several photos and the use of a robust image editor.

After installing the Chrome add-on, you can use it on any site by selecting it from the menu. All the downloadable photographs and the robust filtering options will be compiled on a new page. The photographs can be downloaded in bulk, and the folder containing them can be opened with a single click.

The plugin provides more capabilities than just image editing tools, such as the ability to add watermarks to photographs. A website QR can be made, and extensions can be modified in the settings, among other features.

Double-click Image Downloader

Double-click Image Downloader is a Chrome add-on that does exactly what its name implies: it downloads images with a single mouse click. Other interactions can be configured as well, including button persistence, drag-and-drop functionality, a shortcut key, and more. The double-click image downloader is the perfect choice if you want to quickly and easily save a whole web page without resorting to the standard way.

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