Many artists find it difficult to edit recorded audio/video clips. There are many moving parts to this job, and in order to complete it successfully, you’ll need high-quality editing tools, expert editing abilities, and plenty of time. Other editing techniques, such as trimming and compressing silence in clips, inserting jump cuts, and fine-tuning audio levels, are more laborious and time-consuming.

Some well-known editing programs can handle the aforementioned tasks adequately, but they are complicated to learn and use. TimeBolt’s usefulness becomes apparent now. It’s a robust audio/video editor that makes almost all of those difficult jobs trivial, even for those with little editing experience.

Read on as we take a closer look at TimeBolt and catalog all the ways in which it may improve your content creation.

TimeBolt: What Is It?

TimeBolt is a video and audio editor that can be used on a Mac or PC. Full-featured video editing software (or even online video editors) typically has a plethora of capabilities and enables a variety of tasks, however this is not the case. It’s more akin to specialized editing software in that it has a collection of features tailored to facilitating particular kinds of editing tasks.

The purpose of TimeBolt is to facilitate the removal of quiet, the cutting of unwanted scenes/audio portions, the addition of jump cuts, the acceleration of scenes, and the application of transitions to an audio/video clip without requiring in-depth knowledge of editing software. You may then use your time to actually making content, rather than spending it finding out how to do it with full-fledged editors.

Since TimeBolt only provides limited support for editing tasks, it also allows you to export your edited clip as an XML file and continue working on it in other editing programs.

What are TimeBolt’s available features?

As an audio/video editor tailored to specific tasks, TimeBolt has a wealth of options that let you do things like:

Clips will have dead air and pauses removed mechanically.
Cut video with transitions in a flash.
Watch footage in preview and adjust it as needed.
Make your videos stand out by adding effects like transitions and music.
You can use a single song or a whole playlist in your videos.
Eliminate awkward pauses by adjusting the threshold manually.
If you want to keep the substance of your video, skip over the pauses instead of cutting them.
Provides several export options for use in programs like Final Cut Pro, Premiere, and more. Resolve

So, How Exactly Does TimeBolt Work?

Instead of spending hours on end editing your audio/video clips or learning new tools to edit them, you may save time and energy by using TimeBolt.

Here is a complete rundown of all the functions available in TimeBolt. To make your experience with TimeBolt more streamlined, we have included how-to guides for each of these tasks throughout the site.

I. Mute Sound in a Video

The most impressive feature of TimeBolt is its ability to detect and eliminate silences inside an audio or video clip automatically. The best thing is that as soon as you enter an audio or video clip, the software will immediately begin searching for and filling in any gaps it finds.

TimeBolt’s SELECT VIDEO / AUDIO FILE button can help you find and delete silent segments from your videos.

Go to the folder where the music or video clip you want to change is and drag it into TimeBolt. Please wait a few seconds so that the computer can find and get rid of any silences in your clip.

Scroll down, and you’ll see a message like “The Output File is shorter by 3s,” which tells you how many seconds were cut from the clip.

TimeBolt is set up so that silences longer than 0.5 seconds are removed and detections shorter than 0.75 seconds are ignored. But you can change this if you want to by tapping on the right field under either choice and changing the values that are already there.

In the same way, you can select silence based on how loud it is. To do this, tap on the text field next to Filter Below Sound Level In dB and change the number to the sound level you want.

Once you’re happy with the silence detection options, hit the UPDATE SILENCE DETECTION button to apply your new settings to the timeline.

II. Silences in Fast Forward

You can fast-forward through silences in your audio or video clips with TimeBolt, which is similar to how you can remove silences. This can be helpful if there are parts of an audio clip that can’t be taken out but can be skipped over quickly to keep the main idea of the clip.

First, click the box next to FastForward Silences to turn on fast-forwarding.

Next, click on the text field below “FastForward silences longer than” and add a silence cutoff (in seconds) for when TimeBolt should skip over silences in your clip. On the timeline, portions that have been sped up are shown in orange.

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III. Add a cutaway

Jump cuts let you break up a continuous shot into pieces that make it look like time is moving faster. It’s a method that many people use to show how time has passed in a shot or just to add special effects.

To make a jump cut in a video clip, you must first add it to TimeBolt and let the software find and get rid of any silences on its own. Next, scroll down to the part called “Timeline.” Here, you’ll see the waveform for the whole clip.

To start the movie, press the play button. Now, tap the play button again and click the Create Split button below the timeline when you get to the point in the timeline where you want to add the first split for your jump cut.

Click the play button to start listening again, and click it again when you’re at the second split point. Tap the Create Split button once more.

Once you’ve made the breaks for your jump cut, tap on that part of the timeline to cut to it. It will show up in red when it’s chosen. Next, click the play button to see the clip with the jump cut.

IV. Put in a link

You can remove and skip over silences with TimeBolt, and you can also add changes to your video clip to make it look better. If you are a vlogger or make video lessons, this feature can help you put together different shots so that they look like one long clip.

To use this choice, click the Apply Transitions checkbox under Rendering Enhancements.

Then, click the drop-down arrow next to Transition and choose a transition from the list. Lastly, add a time (in seconds) for the transition in the Transition Duration text box.

V. Add background music that loops

Adding a relevant song as repeating background music is another useful feature of TimeBolt that can improve the look and interest of a clip.

To make a song play in the background of your clip, tap on Select Audio File under Rendering Enhancements and choose the song you want to use.

Click the drop-down menu next to Background Music Volume to change how loud the clip’s background music is.

VI. Make the edited clip visible

Once you’re done changing the clip in TimeBolt, you can render it and save it to your computer.

To do this, click on Change output file path and then click on the ADD TO RENDER QUEUE button to add the file to the processing queue.

When you’re ready to start rendering, click the START RENDERING button in the bottom right corner. How long it takes to create the clip will depend on what you change.

VII. Send the changed clip

TimeBolt lets you send in a number of different formats, including video clips, EDL, ESCPROJ, FCPXML, and XML. So, when you’re done editing the clip, you can click on a format under Export Options, based on which editing software you want to use the clip with next, to export the file in that format.

Different TimeBolt choices

TimeBolt also has a lot of settings that change how your music and video clips work. You can find these by hitting the gear icon on the TimeBolt home screen and going to Settings.

To turn on any of the settings, click the checkbox next to it and then click the RESTART APP button.

TimeBolt Plans

TimeBolt can be used on both Macs and PCs. It has two plans: a free one and a paid one. The Basic plan only lets you edit videos, and most of the TimeBolt tools are locked away. Also, if you use the free plan to change a video clip, it will have a watermark on it.

On the other hand, the Paid plan lets you use both audio and video files and gives you access to all tools. For a one-time payment of $247, you can buy it. Or, you can pay $17 per month or $97 per year to join.

Get TimeBolt

You can easily get rid of gaps and add jump cuts to your clips.

If you’re a podcaster, blogger, teacher, or anyone else who makes content, you’ll often need to edit your audio and video files to get rid of silences or filler words, cut out parts that aren’t needed, or add jump cuts to make them more interesting.

Because of this, you need to have a good timeline editor on your Mac or Windows PC. And, in our view, TimeBolt is probably the best choice for the money because it can help you do all of these things quickly and easily, and you don’t need to know much about editing audio or video clips to use it.

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