Microsoft’s announcement in June that Windows 11 would be compatible with Android apps came as a huge surprise. Users were ecstatic since it meant they could finally ditch Bluestacks and the other programs they’d been using to run android apps on Windows.

Early beta builds and the most recent public build did not include support for Android apps, leading some to speculate that Microsoft had abandoned the initiative.

Fortunately, Microsoft has already revealed that the upcoming Windows 11 Insiders beta build will enable Android apps.

Today, we’ll take a deep dive into the process of getting and running these programs natively on a Windows 11 PC.


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Participant in the Windows Insider Program Using Windows 11 beta 22000.282 or later (there’s a workaround if you don’t have one) US Amazon Account
PC is in the United States and is virtualized

Use Windows 11 to run Android programs

Microsoft has teamed with Amazon for its app store, making it incredibly simple to download and utilize Android apps natively on Windows 11. Let’s take a look at the Amazon App Store and how to get your hands on these programs.

Amazon Digital Downloads

Go here, and then click Install under the image of the Amazon App Store. The Download button will appear in a new window; click it. (Be patient, the download could take a while.)

When the download is finished, proceed to the next page and click Restart.

To access the Amazon Appstore, open an existing Amazon account. (It must be a U.S. Amazon account)

Now, a selection of Android applications will appear for you to peruse. Choose an Android app that you like using.

When you’re ready, use the Install button to begin installing the software on your computer.
The Android app should now be installed on your Windows 11 PC.

It’s not a hassle to use these apps, either. To access an app that you have downloaded, simply locate it in your app drawer and double-click to open it.

To Get US-Based Android App Support, Here’s How to Switch Your Region

Users located outside the United States will need to switch their Android app’s default region to the United States. So, let’s check out Windows 11’s region settings.

To change the language and time zone, go to “Settings” now.

Select the Language and Region tab located under the Time and Language heading.
Below, in the Region section, select the desired country by clicking on its name.
Select the United States from the list and reboot your computer.

Using Android Software on Windows 11

As you can see, getting Android apps onto a computer running Windows 11 is a simple process. It’s great that Microsoft included this feature in Windows to give customers more options. Unfortunately, Windows 11’s app selection for Android devices is quite lacking. Our upcoming guide on side-loading APKs on Windows 11 should improve the experience for everyone.

If you’re using an Android app on Windows 11, please share your favorite in the comments. And stay tuned for when we talk about the top Android apps that work with Windows 11.

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