Slack is a web-based platform for instant chat, document storage, and other group collaboration features. Did you know that Slack comes preloaded with over 2,000 different integrations? This implies that Slack may be linked to virtually any other app you use in the workplace.

Automating mundane processes and preventing oversights are two of the many uses for Slack connections. You can use them to link together a number of programs, combine data from numerous sources, and design unique procedures. There is a Slack integration out there for practically any kind of company, whether it’s for customer service or advertising.

By facilitating instantaneous conversations between workers, Slack integrations help businesses improve teamwork and communication. This has the potential to enhance customer service by allowing for quicker responses. Information may be shared more easily between teams and departments, which in turn can boost productivity.

How can I set up an integration with Slack?

Integrations, such as Slack apps, bots, and tools, let you link Slack to external services and enhance its functionality beyond its core capabilities. When two or more systems are integrated, it becomes much simpler to exchange data and have conversations with one another. Use them to define real-world bonuses and automated rewards, such as reminders, meeting scheduling, and more.

Slack: How to Set Up Add-Ons

Slack’s default setting allows any workspace member to install apps, however this access can be revoked by the workspace’s owner or administrator. Before you can begin using an app that has been added to your workspace, you and the other members of your workspace will need to link your accounts as part of the app’s installation procedure.

In addition to the apps available from Slack’s own app directory, you can also use those from third-party developers. Remember that the free version of Slack limits you to ten apps and tools in your channels. You’ll need to subscribe to one of Slack’s paying plans if you want to use all of the app’s connectors and other premium features without limits.

Follow these steps to set up an application from the Slack app directory:

Enter your Slack team room. Select Apps (represented by a vertical three-dot icon) from the menu on the left.
If you have a specific program in mind and know where to find it, you can do a search for it here. The App Directory can be accessed from the menu in the top right corner.
Select Add to Slack from the app’s page. Permission to access will be requested of you. Choose to Allow. Follow this link to see the login screen for your account.
When you log in, the app will automatically sync with your workspace and appear on the left. A notification will also appear to let you know what kinds of app notifications and instructions you can use.

Visit the app’s page, sign up with your Slack account, and provide rights to link the external integration to your workspace.

The Top Slack Add-ons for Sales and Marketing Teams


When it comes to creating, managing, and analyzing marketing initiatives, HubSpot is the industry standard. It provides a set of resources for boosting a company’s marketing, sales, customer service, and content development efforts. HubSpot CRM is the company’s flagship product, and it speeds up the sales process.

Key Features:

Make a HubSpot to-do in order to pursue leads.
HubSpot CRM task and ticket synchronization is automatic.
Build a process around deals that updates a selected Slack group.
Make a notation in the business file for the Slack Channel and save your changes.
The Slack team could benefit from seeing the results of your HubSpot reports and dashboards.

HubSpot’s Pricing and Support for Slack

HubSpot customers can use the integration at no additional cost. To link your Hubspot account with Slack, please follow these steps:

Access the HubSpot App Market by going to your account’s main menu and clicking the Marketplace icon.
Find the Slack option in the list of results and click on it.
To open Slack in a new tab, click the Connect app in the upper right. After you grant the requested permissions, you’ll be taken to HubSpot.


You can manage and expand your business with the help of Platformly, an automated marketing platform. Platformly is a comprehensive tool for managing your lead generation efforts. It’s a one-stop shop for customer relationship management, tracking, marketing automation, and lead capturing. In addition, a 30-day money-back guarantee is provided.

Key Features:

It has the ability to link to numerous Slack channels and work areas.
You can add a new contact or deal directly from your Slack channel and view existing ones.
Notify your team members at regular intervals.
The emails, sales, tracking, and funnel data of a project should be tracked.

Platformly: Slack Pricing & Integration

New users can try out the service risk-free for 15 days. You have to subscribe to one of Platformly’s subscription plans in order to obtain the free integration. Slack’s App Directory is where you may add the Platformly integration. If you’re already logged into Platformly, simply select your profile image. Then, select Slack under Integrations > Other.


Email marketing, marketing automation, transactional email, customer relationship management, and sales automation are all areas that ActiveCampaign excels at. You may set up automated emails, use its robust CRM platform to organize client data, and come up with new, relevant sales pitches in record time.

Key Features:

Don’t lose track of your subscribers or the offers you’ve made or changed.
Rapid response to customer issues is facilitated by automated ticket notifications sent to support staff.
Notifications in Slack when certain client actions occur, such as when a quote is accepted or a discount coupon is used.

Pricing & Integration with ActiveCampaign for Slack

ActiveCampaign is a premium service that offers over 800 connectors with other platforms, including Slack. You may get the ActiveCampaign Bot and CXA integration from the App directory or the ActiveCampaign site, respectively.


Mailshake is a sales engagement platform that streamlines the process of sending automated, customized emails for sales and marketing teams. Select from pre-written AI-generated cold emails, track recipient activity, and set reminders to follow up with leads through phone and social media, all in one convenient location.

Key Features:

Mailshake can alert you anytime a new prospect is added.
Update the lead status, suspend subscriptions, or remove contacts from Mailshake.
To transfer the lead to a different Mailshake campaign, simply update their status in Slack.
Slack channel access to replies sent via Mailshake.

Mailshake – Slack Integration & Pricing

You’ll need to subscribe to either Mailshake’s Email Outreach or Sales Engagement services before you can begin using the integrations. Because of its seamless compatibility with Slack, Mailshake is available directly from the Slack app directory.

Are you sick of having to constantly remind stakeholders to review and approve your marketing initiatives? Having all of your stakeholders, campaign information, and outcomes in one place makes it much easier to collaborate remotely, which is why we created SignOff on Slack.

Key Features:

Fill in the details of the campaign by including dates, costs, and more.
You should delegate the task of reviewing your campaign, receiving input, and gaining approval to members of your team.
Campaigns can be launched and the outcomes shared with the team.
Evaluate the efficacy of all of your company’s marketing initiatives.

Approval – Slack Pricing & Integration

You can choose from four different paid plans that range in price and features to meet your needs. It’s built in to Slack and may be accessed through the app directory.

Top Slack Add-ons for Managing Projects


You can create and manage your team’s workflow with the help of’s unified team management solution. From long-term strategy to minute daily operations, Monday allows you to hand off the whole workload to your staff.

Key Features:

Use Slack to get notifications.
Maintain consistency by monitoring updates in real time.
You can now use Slack for creating and updating things.
To notify only your online teammates, mention them in a specific channel.

Integration with Slack and Costs on Monday

Standard and higher Monday plans are required for access to automation and integration features, and each plan has a unique “action” limit. To learn more about the costs associated with our various packages, please visit our Pricing page for Automations and Integrations.


The Asana integration with Slack allows for more efficient task management and the conversion of chats into actionable items. Without leaving Slack, you can add Asana projects to channels, generate new tasks from messages in your workspace, and monitor project progress.

The Asana integration with Slack allows for more efficient task management and the conversion of chats into actionable items. Without leaving Slack, you can add Asana projects to channels, generate new tasks from messages in your workspace, and monitor project progress.

The Asana integration with Slack allows for more efficient task management and the conversion of chats into actionable items. Without leaving Slack, you can add Asana projects to channels, generate new tasks from messages in your workspace, and monitor project progress.

Key Features

Participate in an existing project by adding a new task or delegating one to a colleague.
Explore Asana’s statistics, including projects, tasks, milestones, and more.
Rules allows you to notify a Slack channel when a certain condition is met in Asana.
Obtain updates on the creation, completion, and commentary of tasks.

Costs and Features of Asana’s Slack Integration

With Slack and over a hundred more integrations included in the free Basic plan, Asana is one of the best Slack apps available. Get on Slack and Asana by signing up for both services and installing the app from the Slack directory.

Top Slack Apps for Independent Workers


Paymo is an all-in-one solution for creative teams and freelancers that streamlines task management, planning, scheduling, time tracking, and billing. Time, comments, and tasks are all made easier with the Paymo integration in Slack.

Key Features:

Set up alerts in Slack for your Paymo tasks and create them.
You can add files from a channel to a project by connecting the two together.
Display in-depth data about active tasks and respond to them.
Turn the timer on and off, pause it, and continue timing.

Costs and Features of Paymo’s Slack Integration

To connect your Slack with Paymo, you’ll need either a free trial or a premium Paymo account. You can start using the app immediately after authorizing it from the Slack app directory.


As a freelancer, maintaining your finances can be a time-consuming hassle. Zipbooks is a straightforward accounting program that automates many of these tasks for you. Insights and reports are provided to assist you keep your best customers, get paid more quickly, and assess how you compare to the competition.

Key Features:

Learn how much money you made after deducting all your costs.
Get a rundown of who hasn’t paid their bills and how much they owe.
You may begin, end, and review your Zipbooks time logs.

ZipBooks: Slack Pricing & Integration

Connecting to Slack is possible with the free Zipbooks Starter plan, but adding team members and collaborating requires a premium account. The app can be installed via the Slack app directory and added to a team channel.


Freelancers can save time and effort by using Freework’s time and expense monitoring, client management, and invoice and payment processing features. Freework can be used in tandem with other apps like Slack, Jira, Notion, and Trello.

Key Features:

To-dos, projects, and client profiles may all be managed centrally.
Learn about your team’s efficiency, past due invoices broken down by year and state, and more.
Use timesheets to track how much time is spent on various projects, clients, and tasks.
Real-time team collaboration (available only with a premium subscription).

Freework – Slack Integration & Pricing

Freework’s Personal plan is the only free tier that supports Slack integration, but you’ll need to subscribe to a paid tier if you want to grow your team.

Top Slack Apps for Programmers


Bubble’s newest Slack plugin makes it easy to include the Slack API into your website without having to write any code. A bespoke Slack bot or internal team chat tool that works with your Slack workspace are both possible with Bubble’s help.

Key Features:

Using Bubble processes, you can make a bot that posts to channels.
Set up app users with Slack notifications.
Communicate with your team using Slack.
Communicate with a Slack group or individual straight from your app.

Bubble – Slack Integration & Pricing

The app editor, workflow system, and integrations with services like Slack are all standard with every Bubble plan. A Bubble account, which is free to create, is needed to use the Slack integration.

Grafana OnCall

In order to improve communication between DevOps and software teams and speed up incident resolution, Grafana OnCall was created as an incident response tool. Quickly design and manage on-call schedules, as well as automate escalations, with a developer-first approach, all thanks to an intuitive API.

Key Features:

Resolve the issue and document your actions to do so.
Create an Escalation Chain in Grafana OnCall to have notifications posted to your Slack channel.
Individuals and groups can be notified of their on-call schedules automatically.

Pricing and Integration with Slack for Grafana OnCall

Installing the Slack integration requires administrative privileges in both your Grafana instance and the Slack workspace you wish to connect. Make sure everyone’s Slack details in Grafana OnCall are up to date.

Slack for Grafana OnCall can be set up in the following ways:

Select Slack from the ChatOps tab’s drop-down menu.
Choose the “Install Slack integration” option to be taken to the Slack webpage.
Provide your company’s Slack workspace URL and login information.
Select Allow to give Grafana OnCall permission to access your team’s Slack channel.


Conversations with customers and internal teams are facilitated via Cronitor’s incident management platform. When it comes to the event pipelines and scheduled processes that power data-driven businesses, Cronitor provides secure, real-time monitoring and alerting.

Key Features:

Verify everything from cron tasks and daemons to microservices.
A live dashboard monitors all of your regularly occurring jobs and services.
Notify the appropriate people on your team if there is a problem.
Do both pausing and reviewing alert history without ever leaving Slack.

Cronitor: Slack Pricing & Integration

Email and Slack notifications are included with Cronitor’s free Hacker plan. Get a free Cronitor account and the Slack app from your platform’s native directory to start getting notifications.

The Top Slack App for Team Collaboration


With SignalZen, you can have live conversations with site visitors without ever leaving Slack. Slack allows you to communicate with both your staff and your clients at once, which improves your customer service.

Key Features:

Put an end to your conversations and review the live chat logs.
Get alerts whenever a chat you’re interested in is waiting for your participation.
To delegate tasks to coworkers, create private chat channels in Noisy and click the Assign option.
To locate relevant messages or channels, you can use Slack’s search function.

SignalZen: Slack Pricing & Integration

SignalZen offers a 30-day free trial, and paid plans with the Slack integration. Register with SignalZen or the native Slack app directory, and then install the extension.

Sunshine Conversations

All of your team’s client interactions can be handled from within Slack thanks to Zendesk Sunshine Conversations. A customer-specific channel is available to all team members via a link in the dispatch channel. A chat channel allows you to have unrestricted two-way communication with a teammate.

Key Features:

Stay apprised of any user requests for assistance that come in.
Put Slack to work for you as a means of team communication and collaboration.
Keep track of past discussions and maintain an archive.
Your responses will be sent as text messages to the user’s phone immediately.

Pricing and Integration with Sunshine Conversations for Slack

Slack integration is part of Sunshine Conversations’ 14-day free trial, or you can upgrade to a paid membership at any time. To integrate the Sunshine Conversations app into Slack, you’ll need a Sunshine Conversations account.

Top Slack Apps for Human Resources

Lucky Carrot

Lucky Carrot is a peer recognition and employee engagement tool with the goal of fostering a more appreciative and supportive atmosphere in the workplace. You may now easily send and receive fortunate carrots from your coworkers via Slack, speeding up your workflow.

Key Features

Acknowledge and thank team members in Slack.
Listen to your staff by conducting surveys.
Learn what works to increase morale in the workplace.

The Price of Lucky Carrot and How It Works With Slack

The free edition of Lucky Carrot does not include an integration with Slack. Its 45-day trial is available for free with the Enterprise plan, which includes integrations.


Teams use CharlieHR, a human resource management system, to keep tabs on each member and their requests for time off, as well as new hires, crucial events, birthdays, and more. Charlie updates you on the status of your company every day by posting a summary to Slack.

Key Features:

Find out about upcoming absences, illnesses, dates, and birthdays.
Make notes to remind you of upcoming business events (probation, performance reviews, etc.).
Document everyone’s daily plans and absences.

CharlieHR: Pricing & Integration with Slack

To connect with Slack, you’ll need either a subscription plan or a free trial of CharlieHR or HR Advice. Get it from the Slack app store after signing up.


Especially for distributed teams, rippling can streamline the onboarding and management processes. Commonplace operations like payroll, benefits, employee engagement, and time management are streamlined with the help of Rippling.

Key Features:

An employee’s absence can be flagged using Rippling’s Workflow Automator.
User accounts can be made for new hires and deleted when they leave.
Employees can be automatically added to and removed from Slack groups.

Rippling – Slack Integration & Pricing

Slack customers with the Business+ plan or higher have access to the Rippling integration. The Rippling website has an app store where you may download Slack.

Best Add-ons for Distributed Teams to Use with Slack


Hugo is a unified platform that allows users to share assignments and notes via Slack, allowing for asynchronous collaboration and remote meetings. Hugo integrates calendars, files, and tasks to facilitate communication about upcoming meetings and simultaneous work on projects.

Key Features:

Update your team by posting meeting documents in channels and sending out group messages.
Make separate Slack channels for every meeting format.
You can set up reminders on Slack for meetings, tasks, and mentions in other conversations.

Hugo: Slack Pricing & Integration

Hugo’s freemium Basic plan features integrations with Slack and five more popular services. Create an account on both Hugo and Slack.


Salesforce’s Quip is a suite for team productivity that connects your Slack channel with your team’s papers, spreadsheets, and to-do lists.

Key Features:

Start a Quip doc to organize your work with your team.
Follow updates to your Quip documents.
Look see previews of your team’s work.

Pricing & Integration with Slack for Quip

Personal use of Quip is without cost, while business use, which includes access to all of Quip’s Slack integration features, requires a monthly subscription.


Bardeen allows you to automate mundane chores without writing any code at all. A message sent in Slack can trigger actions in other apps, or you can set up an event in another app to send a message.

Key Features:

Complex procedures, such as reserving a specific time slot for a Zoom or Google Meet meeting, can be powered by conditional filters.
Use audiobooks to initiate data sharing between applications.
Start events, show alerts, and view the current page.

Bardeen: Slack Pricing & Feature Integration

Bardeen is a free software that can be used with Slack and over 30 other services. In Chrome, install the Bardeen add-on. To join Slack, simply click the button and you’ll be brought to the signup page.

What do you get out of using Slack’s apps and integrations?

Improved collaboration

The most useful Slack apps and connectors improve teamwork by streamlining communication. They facilitate the exchange of information and ideas across team members. With better communication, teams can accomplish more in less time. It’s simple to set up and works with a wide variety of programs, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and GitHub.

Functional improvements

There is a wide variety of useful extra features available as apps and integrations for Slack that can boost your efficiency. More effectively manage tasks, projects, and team members with the help of the correct apps and connectors.

Simple to use

The most useful Slack apps and integrations are those that are simple to use. They’re quick, easy to learn, and efficient. Furthermore, they work well with the rest of your team’s messaging platform, so you can rest assured that no messages will ever be lost.

Integrated management system

Efficiency can be increased through the use of integrated management procedures by centralizing functions. One potential benefit of an integrated sales process is that it makes it simpler for sales professionals to monitor their performance and metrics in real time across several channels, including email, CRM, and chatbots. They can use this data to better allocate resources and make informed decisions about marketing budgets.

Efficiency in terms of Cost

The finest Slack apps and integrations can save businesses money for a number of different reasons. With the proper Slack apps, businesses can streamline workflow and team collaboration communications while cutting costs. If an organization uses Zoom for video conferencing, for instance, meeting records can be uploaded to Zoom’s cloud storage account instantly. The Chatter integration in Salesforce enables businesses to have real-time conversations with their customers directly within Salesforce through a dedicated channel in Slack.

Improve Teamwork Communication with Slack Add-ons

In today’s asynchronous world, the nicest part about Slack integrations is that they can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your remote teams. Whether you’re in the office or working remotely, Slack’s channels, DMs, and threaded conversations will keep you in the loop. Since Slack is compatible with so many other programs, you may use it to maintain your productivity and order wherever you go.

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