Neither you nor your Windows computer are safe in this dangerous environment. Malware attacks are a constant danger to the safety of your computer and data. Windows 11 has made significant strides in OS security compared to earlier versions, but it’s still not immune to malware attacks, which can happen at any time.

Maintaining a virus-free Windows 11 machine requires a solid malware scanner and cleanup application.

There are a lot of programs out there, both free and paid, that all claim to be the finest malware removal tool for Windows. However, many of these programs are actually malicious in disguise. Our intention is to safeguard your computer and spare you unnecessary hassle. For computers running Windows 11, we have created a list of the best virus removal programs currently available.

Each utility has been handpicked for its reliability, effectiveness, and efficiency in detecting and eliminating malware. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top malware cleaners for Windows 11 based on pricing, and we’ve described each one in depth so you can make an informed decision.

The Value of a Windows 11 Malware Removal Tool

Malware, short for “malicious software,” is software with malicious intentions, such as stealing personal information or damaging your computer. Threats like these are collectively referred to as malware. Malware poses a threat to everyone, from home users to large corporations. Anti-malware programs will check your system on a regular basis and alert you if any malicious software is discovered.

If you agree, the malicious software will be scrubbed from your computer. Malware tools not only check for and eliminate infections, but also warn you if you visit a malicious website or attach an external drive that could be infected. If you use your Windows computer for anything other than playing solitaire, you should equip it with the latest and greatest virus cleanup software.

Considerations for Selecting a Virus-Removal Program

Here are some things to think about when searching for a malware removal solution for your Windows 11 computer, now that you know why you should have one.

Ensure the tool effectively identifies and eliminates malware. The best malware removal tools are those with a proven record of success.
Always up-to-date: there will always be new forms of malware to protect against. To ensure that your chosen malware removal solution is effective against the latest threats, it should receive regular updates.
Malware eradication software only works if it is compatible with your computer’s operating system. Don’t worry; Windows 11 is compatible with a wide variety of malware scanners.
The anti-malware program you use on your Windows 11 computer should be user-friendly because not everyone is a computer expert. Therefore, it is imperative that you select a program with a straightforward interface. Scanning for and eliminating malware will be simplified as a result of this.
Most malware removal applications are fairly expensive, so you’ll want to be sure that the one you purchase is well worth the money. Keep in mind that you don’t need to get the most expensive instrument to get the job done. For a little price or even for free, you may get the best virus removal programs for Windows 11 PC.
When you have questions or run into problems, having access to reliable customer service is invaluable. Make sure the virus removal solution you choose, whether it’s free or not, has solid customer service if you’re using Windows 11.
Added benefits: Who doesn’t like receiving their money’s worth? Scheduled scans and pre-download scanning of potentially malicious files are only two examples of the extra functionality provided by some malware eradication solutions. These extras are nice to have, but they shouldn’t sway you from picking the finest malware removal tool for your PC based on the criteria we’ve already discussed.

Even if you know what to look for, it will still take some time to search the Internet and locate the virus removal solution that suits your needs and is compatible with Windows. Check out our recommended anti-malware programs now! Get the right equipment by reading on.

Top-Rated Virus Scanners for Windows 11

We have ensured that the finest virus removal software for Windows 11 is suitable for users of all skill levels and financial means. We’ve laid out the benefits and drawbacks, as well as the current pricing, so you can make an informed choice.

Microsoft Defender

You may rest easy knowing that your Windows 11 PC is protected by Microsoft Defender even if you haven’t taken the time to install additional antivirus software. Defender has been improved with new features and bug fixes over the past few years, making it a top contender among free malware removal programs.

Until you install additional security software, Windows 11 relies on Microsoft Defender to keep your computer safe. You may confidently recommend this malware removal tool for Windows 11 to anyone in need of one due to the application’s reliability and user-friendly UI.

Some users, however, have complained that the program isn’t very good at identifying phishing and other scam websites. There are more choices on our list, so don’t worry.


Simple and easy-to-use UI
Protects against most malware
Constant updates


May not effectively protect against phishing sites.


There’s no need to second-guess your decision to use Avast, the best free virus removal tool available. Antivirus software for Windows 11 is available for download from the official website, and once installed, it presents users with a wealth of options.

A ransomware defense system, a basic firewall, and a VPN with limited bandwidth are all included in the free version. These options should be more than enough for the typical user. You can upgrade to the premium edition if you need additional features. Features you might not expect from a virus removal application for Windows 11 are included, such as an advanced firewall to protect your PC and protection against online espionage.

Unfortunately, the antivirus product, during the installation process, added a browser to my system without my knowledge or permission. Even though Avast claims to keep my PC informed regarding malware risks, I have a hard time trusting a browser that sneaked into my system without my permission. Users of Avast should soon be able to decide whether or not to let the browser be installed.


Free version is good enough for most people
Many features to explore in the free version
Simple and easy to use


Could have offered more features for the premium plan

Price: Free (premium subscription starts from $4.19/Rs. 1599 per month)

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT)

Installing Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) is one of the best things you can do to protect your Windows 11 computer. This free program, created by Microsoft, is a virus scanner and cleaner for Windows PCs. The technique is ideal for eliminating widespread infections.

The tool is regularly updated to keep you secure from the latest malware threats. The malicious software removal tool in Windows has the benefit of being user-friendly. To check if your PC is clean of malware, just download and launch the scanner.

Simply download the software from the provider’s site and run the setup. Then you can just launch the program and go through the on-screen prompts. Three sorts of scans will be sent to you:

Quick check: check for malware on your Windows machine with a quick scan.
Conduct a complete scan of your computer to identify any potential malware infections.
You can program the software to look for viruses only in a certain folder.
If malicious software is detected, the program will provide a list of it and give the user the choice to delete it. Despite the tool’s many advantages, Microsoft’s official page notes that it is incompatible with versions of Windows older than 10. However, after downloading and evaluating the tool, we discovered that it performed identically on Windows 11.

If you have doubts about the tool’s efficacy, though, there are other choices available.


Tool from Microsoft
Easy to use
Up to date


Despite working on Windows 11, the official page only mentions support till Windows 10

Price: Free


Bitdefender is a virus scanner and remover that is compatible with numerous Windows editions, including Windows 11. It’s a potent instrument for finding and eliminating malware of all kinds, from viruses to spyware to adware to ransomware.

These programs have started to “put on the sheep’s clothing” in order to deceive even the most advanced Windows malware cleanup solutions. Here’s where Bitdefender comes in, with its cutting-edge scanning technology. This allows the utility to quickly detect and eliminate any malware on your computer. Regardless of how convincing the fa├žade.

Bitdefender has a real-time protection function that watches your computer for malicious activity and stops it cold if it detects any.

Bitdefender does more than just remove malware; it also repairs broken files, speeds up your computer, and gives you comprehensive reports on your system’s security. However, many customers would be dissatisfied if there wasn’t at least a free trial available. I’m crossing my fingers the crew will include that choice.


Can detect malware files, even those pretending to be legitimate files.
Real-time system monitoring
Offers additional features other than malware protection


Prices could have been cheaper

Price: Starts at $14.99 (Rs. 1619.55)


If you’re using Windows 11 and want an inexpensive virus removal program, Malwarebytes is a

idualized scanning, scheduled scanning, and many more are available with this tool. Most users only need the basic protection provided by the free edition, and its straightforward design makes it easy for folks with zero technical knowledge to maintain their systems malware-free.

For people who would rather not pay money on security software but would still like to have a dependable and effective tool to ward against internet threats, Malwarebytes is an excellent choice. However, I would greatly enjoy an installation procedure that is both quicker and more streamlined than the existing one.


Protection against various types of online threats.
User-friendly interface
Good scanning speeds.


Limited features in the free version
May conflict with other security softwares

Price: Free for personal use [$44.99 (yearly)]


When seeking for the finest antivirus and cybersecurity software for Windows 11, Norton AntiVirus is a popular option. In addition to real-time protection and threat eradication, Norton also features customizable and regularly scheduled scans.

The software is simple to operate, and it only gets better with the premium plans, which include VPN, parental controls, and support for up to five simultaneous connections. You won’t have to pay anything until after your trial period ends, giving you plenty of time to make up your mind if you’re still doubtful.

Regulator disagreements have resulted in Norton’s services being unavailable in countries like India. Before purchasing Norton, you should find out if it is even sold in your country.


Strong protection against malwares
Easy to use
Features such as VPN and Parental control are available with premium plans.


Prices are a bit premium
May not work in some regions
Price: $19.99 (Free trial available)


On our list of top Malware removal solutions for Windows 11, TotalAV Antivirus is another viable alternative. Features include real-time antivirus protection, the detection and removal of malware including viruses, trojans, and more, and potentially unwanted application (PUA) protection, which prevents your computer from installing apps that could infect it with malware.

In addition to these functions, TotalAV also safeguards your computer from phishing attacks and malware. You only need one subscription to use the antivirus software on as many Android or iOS devices as you like. Depending on your package, you can connect up to six devices at once.

TotalAV provides excellent antivirus protection for Windows 11 computers and also includes ad blocking and a virtual private network (VPN). TotalAV’s premium features are available even in the most basic package, which is still another perk. Having more than three connected devices will result in an increased fee.

At the time this tutorial was written, there was a 30-day money-back guarantee available if you didn’t like malware removal software for Windows 11. This is despite the fact that a free edition or trial period was available.


Protection against malwares
Can be used with more than one device
Contains VPN and ad blocker


No free version
Price: $19 (30 days money back guarantee)


Many people are familiar with McAfee because it was a common antivirus program for Windows computers. However, if you’re not aware with it already, McAfee is a top contender among malware removal programs for Windows 11. In addition to warding off malicious software including viruses, trojans, rootkits, and spyware from your personal computer.

McAfee’s suite of privacy tools includes a firewall, password manager, file shredder, and web security, among many more. In addition, your PC will be safe from new threats thanks to the frequent updates included in this anti-virus program for Windows 11. Due to incompatibilities with local laws, this anti-malware tool will be unavailable in many countries, including India.

Before making a purchase, you should find out if McAfee has been banned in your country or if it has had any run-ins with the law.


Updates frequently
Protects from a wide range of malware
Includes additional features such as password manager, file shredder, and more.


User interface could have been improved
No free plan
May not be available in certain regions

Price: $29.99/year

Alternatives to Malware Removal Programs for Windows 11

We also have some alternatives to the above-mentioned choices that you may find appealing. Even if we haven’t ranked them as the top malware removal solution for Windows 11, they’re still a good idea to look into.

Kaspersky: Kaspersky is a well-established company. Their expertise in the field makes it a top contender among anti-malware solutions. We regret that we cannot recommend this app wholeheartedly to you, but the United States has classified it as a security risk because of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
Webroot: Those in the market for a cheap anti-malware tool for Windows 11 should take a look at Webroot. You will not only be shielded from malicious software, but also have access to solid customer service. The app’s straightforward design makes it simple to assess any given circumstance.
The anti-malware software Trend Micro Antivirus+ protects Windows 11 from a wide variety of malware, including viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, and more. It has a spam filter and can identify and prevent phishing attempts.

Stay safe!

In order to help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of several of the top malware removal tools for Windows 11. However, if you still have questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

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