Emails will still make up a sizable portion of your online communication and work even if you make extensive use of productivity, project, and task management apps and services. In reality, an email address will always be required for signing up for or using most online services and programs.

If you use a Mac, you already have Apple Mail—the company’s favored email client—installed. While Apple’s built-in solution is adequate for most people, it’s not the best option for power users who want more say over their inboxes. Because, while it has the basics covered, Apple Mail falls short when compared to other email programs in terms of advanced tools for managing your inbox. Therefore, a feature-rich third-party email client for your Mac is required if you wish to manage several email addresses or if you need to categorize emails, set up smart inbox rules, set up responses, and much more.

There is no shortage of choices when it comes to quality email clients. However, because making a choice can be a hassle, we have compiled a list of some of the top Mac email applications to help narrow down your options. They are also excellent substitutes for Apple Mail.

How a top-notch Mac email client should look like.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an email software before we present our top suggestions for Mac email clients.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an email software before we present our top suggestions for Mac email clients.

  1. Clean user interfaces (UIs) are essential for the efficient use of any tool, and email clients are no different. You see, even if your preferred desktop email client has many capabilities, the user experience will suffer if the UI is confusing and requires you to dig through multiple (nested) menus just to execute a single task.
  2. Make sure the desktop email app you’re considering has all the features you’ll need, such as the ability to read, compose, and organize emails; the ability to add multiple email accounts; support for various email exchanges; etc., as much weight as you give to advanced features.
  3. Privacy and security options — these are two aspects of an app that many users overlook in favor of its core functionality. For maximum privacy and security, your desktop email client of choice should have robust encryption mechanisms for all incoming and outgoing messages. And it shouldn’t engage in other unethical behaviors like monitoring its users’ every move only to make a buck. Finally, an authentication mechanism to verify user identification is another important security factor to look for in an email program.
  4. Integrating external services – if you work with your
    If you work with coworkers and value efficiency, you probably make use of cloud services for file storage, scheduling, and task management. If your desktop email client has integration with such productivity apps, scheduling meetings and finishing projects will be a breeze. So, before deciding on an app, make sure you know which services it works with.

Having saying that, finding an app that ticks off every box isn’t always a walk in the park. If this is the case, your app selection should reflect the features and functions that are most important to you.

Top Mac Email Programs

Spark is the most streamlined email client available.

Spark is a new email program that has quickly gained popularity because to its extensive list of useful features. In addition, many media outlets have called it the finest Mac email software due to its polished design and useful features. Some of Spark’s most notable capabilities include an intelligent inbox, smart search, intelligent notifications, and email delegation. It is regarded as one of the top substitutes for Google’s Inbox. Spark’s Smart Inbox and Smart Notifications features are particularly useful if you intend to use the service to manage several email accounts.

The integration tool in Sparks allows you to connect the app with other services like Evernote, Wunderlist, Trello, Bear, and a few others, allowing you to streamline your processes and get more done. Use pre-made templates to save time, and collaborate on emails with coworkers. In addition, Spark lets you generate links to emails or threads that you can share with your team, schedule emails to be sent at a later time, and receive reminders to follow up on key emails.

Highlights of Spark’s Features

i. Simple, yet sophisticated user interface
ii. Notifications and an intelligent inbox
iii. Forwarding emails
iv. Compatibility with other software
v. Sample Email Layouts
vi. Make plans via email.
vii. Teammate link sharing
viii., IMAP, and POP3 protocols are supported in addition to Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, Exchange, iCloud, Microsoft Outlook, and more.

Cost nothing, pay $6.39, or inquire about our business pricing.
Fire Up!

For advanced email users, nothing beats the freeware Thunderbird.

Mozilla, the non-profit behind Firefox and the email client Thunderbird, is also open-source and free. Many advanced users are drawn to the program because it is free and can be modified to meet their specific needs. The rapid mail account setup wizard makes creating an account and getting started with the service a breeze. If you like using tabs in Firefox, you may find that Thunderbird’s tabbed inbox is a welcome change. Now that your inboxes are tabbed, you can have several messages open at once and easily switch between them.

Email clients generally have poor filtering tools, making it difficult to specifically target and retrieve emails that match your query, making finding an email a time-consuming chore. However, thanks to Mozilla Thunderbird’s filtering feature, you can zero in on and locate the specific message you’ve been seeking virtually every time. In addition, you can send huge files by uploading them to a cloud storage provider and then sending the URL to the file in a message. This will allow you to send huge files without worrying about their size. Thunderbird’s smart folders are another useful addition. Several email accounts can be consolidated into one streamlined interface by using this feature. Last but not least, the email client should be compatible with add-ons, which are supplemental tools that can be installed quickly to expand its capabilities.

Highlights of Thunderbird’s Features

Despite being a Microsoft product, Outlook for Mac is compatible with many different email services, including Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and many more. You probably use additional services for your work, which is why you have an Office 365 subscription. You may now work more efficiently with your team thanks to Outlook’s support for collaboration and chatting tools. One of Outlook’s many strengths is that it includes built-in accessibility tools that allow persons with disabilities to fully take advantage of the program.

Features that Set Microsoft Outlook Apart

i. Easy-to-use
ii. Customized email inbox
iii. Integrated timetable (that can sync with numerous external calendars)
iv. Working together as a group (in real time)
v. Usability enhancements

No cost (an Office 365 membership is required).
Install Outlook

Newton Mail is the most streamlined Mac email client.

Another excellent Mac email client is Newton Mail. Its gorgeous, uncluttered, and basic user interface is a major reason for its long list of design awards. However, the app’s interface is the only part that takes a minimalist approach; the underlying functionality is fairly robust. Notably, despite its extensive feature set, Newton strives to simplify user experience by providing only the most essential controls. You may set up several email accounts across different services thanks to the initial support for a broad variety of major email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Office 365, and more. Similarly, if you rely on Evernote, OneNote, Pocket, Trello, or Todoist for your job, you may include these apps into Newton to improve your efficiency.

The program also includes standard functionality like the ability to schedule messages in advance, send them at a later time, and retract messages that have already been sent. Newton’s tidy inbox feature also encompasses the smart inbox capability present in other email applications. To keep your inbox uncluttered and easy to navigate, Tidy Inbox prioritizes just the emails you actually care about. Moving swiftly forward, one of the app’s defining characteristics is its Recap feature. For your convenience, Recap will bring back any conversations that require a response or further action on your part. Newton’s additional useful features for improved email management include two-factor authentication, one-click unsubscribe, HTML signatures, remote wipe, and a unified inbox.

Highlights from the Newton Mail

i. Simple and straightforward design.
ii. Compatibility with external programs and resources
iii. Delete and resend messages
iv. Reorganize your email inbox.
Summary v.
vi. Easy, one-click unsubscribe
vii. Wireless eraser
viii. Multiple, independent verifications

No cost, or a yearly fee of $49.99
Newton, Please

Edison Mail is the premier email program available today.

The popular Mac email client, Edison Mail, has lately released a free version that has access to all of the premium features. The app’s interface is simple, quick, and straightforward. Users may access their email from all of their accounts in one convenient place using Unified Inbox, regardless of the service they use. One of the nicest features of the app is how quickly and easily one can navigate between its various features and sections. Edison Mail is not just advanced, but it also includes a smart personal assistant. Without you having to lift a finger, the assistant sorts through your inbox and creates folders for all the emails that pertain to your trips, expenses, entertainment, and purchases.

Having all of your email accounts in one location is a convenient addition that makes keeping tabs on what’s important a breeze. Moreover, the platform offers an AI-powered search that allows you to sift through the email deluge and discover the relevant one, making it ideal for those occasions when you need to look for emails. The anti-tracking features incorporated into Edison Mail ensure that your privacy is protected. This prevents others from viewing your email activity by disabling read receipts. Last but not least, you can unsubscribe from spam with a single click using the convenient one-tap unsubscribe feature.

Highlights of Edison’s Mail Features

i. No mucking around
ii. Intelligent helper function built right in
iii. AI-driven search engine
iv. Integrated methods to prevent tracking
v. Quick and easy opt-out
vi. Templates
vii. Absence of light

Edison’s Mail

Experts recommend Mailspring as the top Mac email app.

Mailspring is a streamlined Mac email client that complements your productivity without complicating matters for those who enjoy the appearance and feel of Apple’s Mail app but wish it had more features. When you first use the app, you’ll see a clean and organized user experience with quick access to all of the features. There are a variety of customizable themes and layouts available for its user interface. When it comes to essential features, Mailspring’s ability to set up numerous accounts (including IMAP and Office 365) and have them all arranged in a unified inbox for easy access to all of your critical emails is hard to beat. In addition to letting you know when your email recipients have opened your messages, it can also provide read receipts and link tracking capability.

Mailspring provides superior search capabilities, just like the other email clients on this list. In this approach, messages may be immediately and easily located. You can read and understand emails sent to you in multiple languages thanks to the platform’s message translations into those languages. Like email signatures, quick-reply templates can be used to swiftly react to many emails at once. In addition to helping you answer to emails, Mailspring features an in-built spell checker. while you might expect, this function detects misspelled words while you write emails and messages and makes the necessary corrections on the fly.

Features of the Email Service Mailspring

i. Easy-to-navigate, clutter-free interface
ii. Modifiable via skins and designs
iii. Combine many inboxes into one convenient location.
iv. Superior search capabilities
v. Interpreting and Translating Electronic Communications
vi. Integrated spell checker
vii. You can use any of these email providers: Gmail, iCloud, Office 365,, and Yahoo!, and IMAP/SMTP.

Paid ($5/month) or free ($0/month)
Download Mailspring

Spike is the most efficient Mac email client.

When compared to the other Mac email programs on this list, Spike offers something a little bit different. It promotes itself as a unified platform where users can access their email, chat, note, task, to-do, calendar, and video calling needs. This means that using Spike, you may have conversational emails, which combine the advantages of email and messaging to provide communication based on natural language exchanges. You may also make voice and video calls inside the app to have livelier discussions. And if you ever need to work together with your team, Spike has you covered with its handy team collaboration function.

i. The best features of popular messaging and organization tools all in one place.
ii. Telephonic and visual communication
iii. Enhanced lookup
iv. Delete and resend messages
Featured geared toward group work

Spike it!

Canary Mail is the safest Mac email app available.

Canary Mail is based on the premise that not all email clients adequately protect your privacy. And the evidence of this is found in its features. To begin, the program does not have any annoying advertisements and has a clean, simple layout. You may quickly add your email address to the platform because it is compatible with numerous email providers. The platform also includes the convenient read-notification, unsubscribe with a single click, and snooze functions.

Next, Canary Mail provides you with smart notifications, read receipts, templates, an attachments browser, thread-specific actions, and contact profiles, among other advanced features and functionalities. You can use a template to establish a standard format for future emails, activate smart alerts to be alerted only to the most significant inbox changes, and preview all attachments in a conversation with the click of a button using the attachments browser. Most importantly, Canary Mail’s emphasis on customer privacy and security through strong encryption is a major selling point.

Highlights of Canary Mail’s Features

i. One-way encryption
ii. Aid for the PGP
iii. Searches conducted based on the contents of free-form text input
iv. Easy, one-click unsubscribe
electronic alerts
vi. Comprehensive security measures
vii. Sample Email Layouts

Costing nothing to $20
Canary Mail, Please

These are just a few of the many excellent email clients for Mac (including replacements for Apple’s default Mail app) that you can install on your computer running macOS in order to better manage your inbox and other email accounts. Since most of these apps are cross-platform compatible, you may use them on all of your devices to keep your inboxes up to date no matter where you happen to be.

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