PC and Mac users alike have had access to browser add-ons for some time now. Extensions’ widespread adoption can be attributed to the significant time and effort savings they provide.

When using a Mac, you may take advantage of Safari’s extensive library of extensions, which includes ad blockers, language checks, and more. Now, with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, the tech giant has made an effort to bring that capabilities to iPhones and iPads.

Top Safari Add-Ons for iPhone, iPad, and OS X

Here is a rundown of some of the greatest Safari extensions for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 that can be installed on an iPhone or iPad to improve the browsing experience in a variety of ways, from eliminating adverts and improving password management to preventing annoying pop-ups and providing greater media control.

We also have a detailed explanation on how to install and utilize Safari extensions on mobile devices, in case that’s what you’re interested in.


Useful ad-blocking extension, 1Blocker. Its name implies that it functions to obstruct commercials when you’re online. It does more than just block adverts; it also eliminates tracking and intrusive pop-ups. The software also boasts being incredibly lightweight and battery-friendly in comparison to its competitors. The app has received 4.3 average ratings on the App Store and is compatible with both iPhones and iPads.

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Clario is the next available add-on app. This cutting-edge design tool is able to do some really cool things. It features a built-in VPN service and can perform simple functions like blocking ads and pop-ups. You may safely use the free public WiFi at your favorite cafe to catch up on the news while sipping your latte thanks to the built-in VPN.

Clario says its program will keep your Safari web browsing private by providing robust WiFi security.

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A Secure Password Manager: 1Password

The 1Password Safari add-on is highly recommended. With this Safari add-on, keeping track of all your login credentials for different websites is a breeze. It also features a built-in password generator that can quickly and easily create complex passwords for you.

No need to worry about security either, because 1Password encrypts all of your saved passwords to stop data leaks. However, after the free trial period, customers will be charged $3.99 a month to maintain their account.

Install 1Password.

Transmit Your Mate’s Translation

Want an add-on that instantly converts a website’s text to your language of choice? Do not look ahead. That’s exactly what Mate Translate does. Select your language preference after installing the Safari add-on, and you’ll be all set.

Mate Translate can intelligently convert any foreign-language website into your favourite language the next time you visit one. The best part is that the add-ons claim not to monitor, collect, or distribute the translated content in any way.

Get Mate Translate here.


If only there were a way to shop and save money at the same time, it would be lot more enjoyable. Honey’s intended use is for this very purpose. It’s one of the most downloaded add-ons for Macs, and it’s finally available for iOS devices.

This add-on does exactly what its name implies, scouring the Internet for discounts that can then be applied to your order. It’s compatible with more than 40,000 online merchants, so you may keep shopping as usual. Honey takes care of everything silently in the background so that you can continue shopping as normal.

Honey Download

Safari with Grammarly

Because of its user-friendliness and thoroughness in correcting errors, Grammarly is among the top online grammar checkers. The fact that Safari on iOS devices may now access it is icing on the cake. Primarily, Grammarly checks text for grammatical faults and shows them to you so that you can fix them. Therefore, if you use Safari to compose papers or emails, the add-on will be of great assistance in correcting errors and providing tips to improve your writing.

However, Grammarly Premium is not currently supported, therefore the Grammarly keyboard will be your only option for accessing premium suggestions. Even still, for the vast majority of people, the standard edition is perfectly adequate.

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Noise-Reducing Mute

You should give Hush a try if you want to protect your privacy while online and avoid being tracked by cookies. This add-on safeguards your Safari experience by preventing cookies and tracking. In addition, Hush asserts that the add-on is compatible with Safari and does not record your web activity, assuring you of the security of your browsing history. The add-on is available for no cost on the App Store, is incredibly lightweight, and requires no special training to use.

Get the Hash Nag Blocker app here.


Do you find it frustrating to have adverts and notifications flash up all the time while using Safari? Like other blockers, Quiet prevents distracting advertisements and unwanted pop-ups. But perhaps you’re wondering, “What makes it special?”

In addition to its other features, Quiet also hides chat bubbles and notification windows so you can give your whole attention to whatever it is you’re doing. The app/extension may be purchased from the App Store for $8.99. There are no in-app purchases available for this app.

Receive Peaceful

Website Verifier

We’ve all used or seen inspect elements on a computer, and now same capability is available on iOS devices with the help of Web Inspector. After installing the add-on and enabling Safari, you’ll have rapid access to the page’s inspection tools and configuration settings. You can make changes to the page’s elements, add JavaScript, and do a few other things after inspecting it. The add-on can be downloaded and used without cost.

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When using Safari on iOS 15, Vidimote is a fantastic and entertaining addition. The plugin just adds a media controls toolbar to Safari. This is quite helpful when watching videos on Safari when you need to fast forward or rewind. You may adjust the playback speed, activate or deactivate PIP mode, and do much more from this menu. For $4.99, users with iOS 15 devices can download and install the add-on.

The Vidimote Download

Safari add-ons allow you to get more out of your iPhone.

In conclusion, these are some of the greatest Safari extensions for iPhone/iPad that you should check out. We will update this site as soon as any new and useful extensions become available for iOS and iPadOS, since many developers are already hard at work on them.

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