One of the most well-known places for people to discuss and share information is Reddit. With the proliferation of Android devices, a slew of Reddit apps have been created to give users additional customization options within the platform.

The official Android Reddit app is a handy way to remain in touch with the Reddit community, but it does have its drawbacks. If you’re seeking for a replacement for the official Reddit app for Android, you’re in luck. The top 10 Reddit Android apps are shown below.

Among the various Reddit apps available for Android, the ones we recommend below are some of our favorites. When it comes to browsing Reddit on Android, these apps stand out from the crowd thanks to the special features they offer. We already looked at the top iPhone Reddit apps, so now it’s time to do the same for Android.

Which Android Reddit app is better, and why?

There are a few things to keep in mind while you search for the most suitable alternative Reddit app for Android. What you intend to perform with the app should be your primary concern. Many alternative Reddit applications exist, each with its own set of tools. One app, for instance, has a crisp and uncluttered design while another offers a lazy load function that automatically scrolls through the feed. You should decide which features are most important to you before making a final decision from this set.

Second, we must keep the user’s perspective in mind. One more item to think about before settling on the top Android Reddit app.

Finally, it’s important to consider your budget. You may find both free and paid Reddit apps for Android. Different parts of the app may have different premium pricing structures.

The ideal Reddit app would provide a seamless and uncluttered experience for its users. The feed’s parts, such as alerts and news, should be presented in a straightforward, chronological order. All of the programs below have been thoroughly tested for stability and dependability, in addition to meeting the aforementioned criteria.

Top Android Reddit Apps

Infinity for Reddit – The best Android Reddit app
Sync for Reddit – The best Reddit app with the best user experience
Joey for Reddit – The best Reddit reading experience on mobile
Boost for Reddit – Similar interface to the official Reddit app
Slide for Reddit – Best browsing experience
Relay for Reddit – Easy to use and browse with card interface design
Now for Reddit – Best minimalistic Reddit experience
Redreader – Best for viewing photos and videos
Rif is fun for Reddit – Vintage experience
BaconReader for Reddit – Simple old-school interface

Infinity for Reddit

One of the greatest and most often used alternatives to the official Reddit app for Android is Infinity for Reddit. The app’s unique features include the ability to browse numerous subreddits at once, an integrated media viewer, and automated feed scrolling thanks to a lazy-load function.

The flexibility to alter the design to one’s liking is a nice addition. Users have access to numerous formatting options, including font family, size, and style. The program also lets you categorize your subreddit subscriptions in a way that makes sense to you, hiding the ones you don’t find interesting and grouping the ones that are related.

If you use numerous Reddit accounts, this free tool is an excellent option because it allows you to easily navigate between subreddits without having to leave the app.

“Lazy Load,” which automatically scrolls through the feed based on the interval time, is my favorite feature of this program. The default timeout is 2.5s, however it can be adjusted in the settings to a maximum of 10s if desired.

The app does not cost anything to use. After downloading the app, you may log in with your Reddit details to immediately begin using it.

Sync for Reddit

If you want the finest possible experience when using Reddit, Sync for Reddit is the program for you. The newest Material U aesthetic has been implemented in the app. Sync’s powerful features and intuitive card interface make it simple to follow the latest Reddit content and debates.

One of its best qualities is how easy it is to use the Sync for Reddit app. The program facilitates easy access to the various “subreddits” on Reddit and the content that they feature. Users can adjust the app’s font size and color scheme to their liking, and they can select from a variety of themes to vary the app’s overall appearance.

Multiple Reddit accounts can be used with this app. Users can quickly and simply switch between accounts to keep up with the discussions taking place in various online groups. Also, users can receive push notifications whenever there is new material or comments, regardless of whether or not they are currently using the app.

Sync for Android can be obtained in both free and premium variations. The free edition has all the functions, but it’s supported by advertisements. If you purchase the $4.99 Pro edition, the adverts will disappear.

Joey for Reddit

Joey for Reddit is a fantastic program for anyone who wants to have a better time browsing Reddit on their mobile device. Reading on the screen is simplified when you switch to full-screen mode. Other than that, it has a ton of amazing features like gesture navigation, fully customizable content, and account administration for numerous users.

The app provides more than just a simple interface; it also lets you keep tabs on comments and get timely alerts. Videos and images on Reddit may be easily downloaded with a few clicks. The app features a reasonable theme system to get you started and intelligently hides posts you have already read.

The software comes in both a free and a premium edition. This software has advertisements in the free edition. Purchase the $0.99 Pro version if you want them gone for good.

Boost for reddit

If you’re looking for an alternative to the official Reddit app with a comparable user interface, Boost for Reddit is a great option. All the tools necessary to explore, comment on, and upload material to Reddit are included, along with advanced settings for personalization.

The similarity between the UIs of Boost and the official Reddit app is one of its strongest points. The app’s streamlined interface makes it accessible to both Reddit veterans and newcomers. The software provides a wide variety of personalization options for its users.

Boost allows its users to easily change the app’s aesthetic to their satisfaction with a variety of themes, including both bright and dark modes. The app also allows users to design their own aesthetic through the use of personalized themes.

In addition to a straightforward layout and a wealth of personalization choices, it has useful extras like account switching that eliminate the need to log in and out of different Reddit profiles.

You can choose between a free and a paid version of Boost for Reddit. The free edition includes advertisements. To get rid of the advertisements, you can pay $2 for the Pro edition.

Slide for Reddit

If you own an Android phone or tablet and want a streamlined experience while browsing Reddit, Slide for Reddit is an excellent software. The app is great for both novice and advanced users because to its intuitive design, multiple account support, and offline accessibility. The “Sepia” option in this software is great for those who have trouble reading regular color text.

Slide eliminates the need to sign in and out of the Reddit app in order to transition between accounts. If you use Reddit for both work and play, you’ll find this to be extremely helpful. The program makes it simple to move between different accounts so that heavy commenters can post from any of their accounts. There are no advertising in Slide for Reddit and it’s absolutely free to use.

Relay for Reddit

If you’re looking for the smoothest possible Reddit browsing experience, Relay for Reddit is the software for you. The latest Material U design, including a card-based interface, simplifies navigation and content interaction. The greatest software for viewing Reddit, thanks to its intuitive gesture controls.

The interface is uncluttered and straightforward, making it simple to locate and engage with the material of interest. Additionally, the app’s search function facilitates the discovery of relevant information and communities on Reddit.

Relay for Reddit can be downloaded for free or for a fee. This function is not included in the paid Pro edition, but enhanced comment navigation, post-level keyword searches, and complete moderation are all added in its place.

Now for Reddit

If you’re seeking for a lightweight third-party Reddit client for Android, Now for Reddit is a must-have app. This Android app features a sleek, uncluttered design that makes it simple to browse the different subreddits and save the posts you find most interesting on Reddit.

It also has comprehensive customization options including theme and font size settings, inline image previews, and the ability to switch between numerous accounts and receive notifications through email.

Also, there are no ads in the app and it’s totally free. If you have a low-end Android phone and are in need of a lightweight Reddit client, the software is available in the Google Play Store and can be downloaded and used right away.


If you’re searching for a robust and flexible Android software for retrieving media from Reddit, Redreader is a strong contender. It’s one of the greatest options because of its user-friendly design, ability to work offline, and sophisticated functionality.

Redreader’s key selling point is its modifiable interface. Users have the option of changing the layout, text size, and color scheme to their liking. The program allows for numerous accounts, making it simple to use various Reddit profiles.

Redreader’s offline functionality is another strong point. Users can save material on their devices and access it later, even if they aren’t connected to the internet. Users with restricted data plans or who are frequently on the go would appreciate this feature.

Rif is fun for Reddit

Rif is entertaining because it allows As one of the first and most widely used Reddit clients for Android, Reddit has stood the test of time. Recently, the software changed its name from Reddit is fun to rif is fun for Reddit because of trademark concerns. Reddit is the greatest tool for displaying text-heavy material if you’re searching for a basic and clean layout.

The app gives users the ability to tailor their experience to their liking with a variety of settings. In order to personalize the app’s appearance, users can alter the theme, text size, and more. In addition, it provides a suite of administration and moderating capabilities for your online communities.

Last but not least, RIF is entertaining for Reddit users while also providing a lot of practical features, such as the ability to bookmark posts for offline reading and receive push notifications about new material. If you want a quick and easy method to stay in touch with the Reddit community, this app is a solid option.

BaconReader for Reddit

Another well-liked alternative Reddit app for Android is BaconReader for Reddit. It provides a straightforward interface, flexible preferences, and numerous options for navigating and engaging with information on Reddit. BaconReader is a fantastic option with much of customization for both light and heavy users.

The user interface can be customized by selecting from a number of different color schemes and typefaces. The app also enables users to categorize their subreddit subscriptions into personalized folders, facilitating quick access to relevant material. Multiple user accounts are likewise supported in BaconReader. Without leaving the app, you can quickly switch between numerous user profiles.

BaconReader is one of the top Reddit apps since it has so many options for personalization and enhancement of the user experience. The program can be downloaded and used without cost.

That wraps up our 2023 top picks for Reddit apps for Android. The features and benefits of each app on this list are distinct. Infinity for Reddit is our top pick since it has all the bells and whistles that an avid Redditor requires. With any luck, this article will help you narrow down your options. If you’ve used other excellent Reddit clients available in the Google Play Store, please share them with us in the comments.

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