There’s no denying that Notion is a powerful organizational tool that lets users set up unique environments in which to keep track of their tasks, ideas, and other information. The ability to make and share category-specific best practices for template design is a key factor in Notion’s meteoric rise to prominence.

We can’t promise perfection, and there may be times when you had a different idea in mind than what we ended up making. We’ve compiled a list of the top free Notion templates for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android to save you time.

We offer the finest free Notion layouts.

There are a lot of free Notion templates available, but it’s not easy to identify the ones that are actually useful. For that reason, we compiled a list of the top free Notion templates to help you get started.

New Year resolution hub

The start of a new year brings hope for a fresh start. But we all know that most of us don’t make really good resolutions for the new year. For that reason, I’ve created this New Year’s resolutions hub template in Notion. Make 2023 the year you finally start working on those New Year’s resolutions with this handy outline.

This free Notion template offers the following time-saving benefits:

Write down your goals and a strategy for achieving them.
Make a plan of attack
Possibility of keeping a diary

Home Schooling Planner

Homeschooling has gained popularity in recent years. This Home schooling schedule template is useful even if you send your child to a traditional day school. If you’re a student and you’re seeking for the greatest free Notion templates, this is something you should think about.

There are both beginner-friendly and expert-level implementations of Notion, so everyone can utilize it.

This sample also has the following features:

Timetable for several weeks
Schedules for each day and each week
User-friendly design

Date Ideas Planner & Dashboard

You should make every effort to prepare the perfect date in order to leave a lasting impression on that special someone. This free Notion template will help you impress your date with careful planning. One of the best personal Notion templates is a date ideas planner and dashboard.

Still looking for a date? Not at all! While this Notion layout won’t help you attract a date, it might be put to good use in organizing fun activities for one. Inviting friends and family to weigh in with their own ideas is a possibility as well.

Here’s what you’ll find in this sample document:

Record current and future dates
Dates should be written down.
Don’t forget to rate the establishments you visit.

Goal Planner

Setting goals is an essential part of making progress in any endeavor. While it’s simple to put your objectives on paper, the chore of figuring out how to get there is so daunting that many people give up before they even get started. You may stop stressing and start making progress toward your goals with the help of this free Notion template.

Sort your objectives into relevant groups.
Effective goal-setting and evaluating skills.
Keeping tabs on your investment sum is essential.


It’s not easy to get the job of your dreams, but a well-written resume might help you get closer. You should take care to provide all of your relevant details in an orderly fashion in your resume. If you use this free Notion template to make a resume tailored to you, you just could land your dream job!

When you use this template, you’ll gain a few cool benefits:

Portfolio-sharing potential
Put data in order
Ask for the opinions of others.

Calculate and Visualize progress

Keeping track of a single project requires little effort, but juggling numerous tasks at once without creating chaos is a daunting challenge. This is why tools like Calculate and Visualize progress exist as templates for keeping track of development on various projects. It has some of the nicest features I’ve seen in free templates and is one of the most useful ones.

Specifically, it allows you the freedom to:

You can now simultaneously add several projects.
The potential to incorporate project-specific goals.
Track the status of a project visually.

Simple project management

Shouldn’t there be a quick and easy solution to life’s problems? Stop wasting time, because you’ve found it: a Simple project management template. This free productivity template for Notion will make it easier than ever to keep track of all your projects.

Among the most notable characteristics are:

Control an infinite variety of tasks.
Follow the project’s development closely.
Infinitely add and delegate jobs.

Content planner & calendar

The greatest approach to keep ahead in the increasingly competitive content creation industry is to be consistent and publish only the highest quality work available. Even if you have a lot of original concepts for content, you should record them and organize them. The best Notion content creation template is essential for this.

What you receive with this sample is:

Individualized social media channel setups
Conceptual Central Library for Content
Calendar and content pipeline

Notion’s habit tracker

Need to establish a routine or maintain an existing one? A pre-made version of this is available in Notion. Try out Notion’s premade habit chart!

You can use this sample to:

Establish routines at varying intervals.
Put in numerous routines.
Habit editing dashboard.

Holiday Greeting Card/ E-Card

We don’t just talk about how adaptable and versatile Notion is; it really is. You can make a card and send it to your loved ones with this free Notion template.

Using a premade template for holiday cards will allow you to:

Modify the sample to suit your needs.
Post photos to share your memories.
We offer both personal and professional use templates.

You can do the following with the help of a holiday card template:

Utilize Notion’s full potential with these no-cost exemplars.

To help you get the most of Notion, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest free themes you can use with the program. Put your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

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