The internet has been taken over by memes, the newest form of witty and sarcastic self-expression. Recycled internet memes are the most popular type, as they are more accessible to the general public than original content such as writings or photos. So, what precisely are these memes? If you want to get more exposure on social media, how can you create a meme? Let’s get to know each one thoroughly.

In other words, what exactly are memes?

A meme might take the form of a picture, a video, a GIF, or anything else that references an event from pop culture, whether fictional or nonfictional. These are frequently used to comment on current events online in a lighthearted manner. Memes can be interpreted in many different ways by different people, although they are typically humorous and satirical in tone.

That might have sounded like a term from a dictionary, but let’s look at the most recent meme craze as an illustration. The famous football player, Cristiano Ronaldo, pushed away two bottles of Coke during an interview. The internet wasted no time in finding the humor in this situation, and many memes were quickly created about it.

What features should a good meme maker have?

Meme creators all start with a stockpile of pre-made memes that may be customized in various ways. A good meme maker will provide a wide variety of meme templates to pick from. Next, revise the draft.

The best memes can be made quickly and easily with these free web tools.

Create a meme with IMGFlip.

IMG The Flip Meme Generator is a totally free, web-based application that can be accessed by anyone. Choose a premade meme from the gallery, then customize the top and bottom text. Then select the meme generator button. The website provides a list of popular memes from which you can select. It also allows you to import photographs from your computer’s hard drive to use in creating new memes or customizing pre-made meme layouts.

The interface is simple and easy to use, making it ideal for newcomers. You may also sign up for an account and upload your memes to the cloud at no extra cost. The watermark on the IMG Flip Meme generator is tiny and only appears in the bottom right corner. To disable the watermark, a monthly cost of $3.85 is required.

Meme template collection, custom image support, free cloud storage, and an easy-to-use interface are just a few of the special features.

Devices running Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or iOS with a conventional web browser are all acceptable.

You can use it for free with a watermark, or you can pay $3.95/month to get rid of it.


Memes can be created with the help of the Imgur image sharing website. The select a default meme button may be found at You can now select an existing template to modify, or use the search bar to locate a specific template. In addition, you can use your own photo to make a customized meme.

Only the top and bottom of the page are available for text addition. Once you have made your change, select Make Meme. The image is available for download, or you may share the image’s Imgur URL on various social media sites. You can create a free account on Imgur to store your memes online and access them from any device, including a smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.

Features like a preview of meme templates and a community of memers make this site stand out.

All devices that can launch a web browser and the official Imgur app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store (respectively) are considered to be supported platforms.

Use is free, however a watermark will be added.

Produce a Meme

Make a Meme is a well-known online meme generator with an extensive collection of meme templates. The homepage gives you a sneak peek at all the available meme templates. It also features a handy search box for rapid data retrieval. To begin customizing a meme, simply click on the one you want to modify. Make a Meme also allows users to upload their own photographs for use in meme creation. It’s a clever way to put a humorous spin on photos.

The service allows for a custom header and footer. You may alter the color of your text and choose from 50 different fonts after signing up for an account, both of which are free. This unlocks every function and offers you the option to keep your meme a secret from the rest of the internet if you so want. You may upload your meme and have it printed on a mug through the website for a fee.

The interface may appear daunting at first, but fundamental features like inserting text are simple to implement. After you’re done making adjustments, you can export your meme as a video, GIF, image, or even an audio file (if you included any audio elements in your meme). To get rid of the watermark, you’ll need to check in with either your Google or Facebook account. You can sign in without entering any payment information, and the watermark will disappear.

The interface may appear daunting at first, but fundamental features like inserting text are simple to implement. After you’re done making adjustments, you can export your meme as a video, GIF, image, or even an audio file (if you included any audio elements in your meme). To get rid of the watermark, you’ll need to check in with either your Google or Facebook account. You can sign in without entering any payment information, and the watermark will disappear.

Overlays, shapes, GIPHY plugins, animated meme support, bespoke fonts, and no watermarks are just a few of the special features.

All browser-capable operating systems are acceptable.

Cost nothing to utilize.


Creating a meme using Livememe is a quick and easy process. The site’s two unique features—uploading your own image and making a meme—are both great. When you click the latter, you’ll be presented with a gallery of all the available meme templates. Choose your meme, then edit the top and bottom text boxes before clicking the generate button.

A live preview of the meme’s wording is also shown. Once your meme is ready, you can store it locally or upload it directly to Reddit. Livememe is a simple meme maker with decent premade templates. As a result, you can only use the standard fonts and text color here.

Unique Characteristics: Fastest loading time, highest efficiency, and no watermark.

All browser-capable operating systems are acceptable.

Watermark-free versions are available at no cost.

Top-Rated Meme Making Software

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of online meme generators, here are some of the greatest meme-making applications for iOS and Android devices.

Meme Making Machine (ZomboDroid)

The Google Play Store hosts the free Meme Generator by ZomboDroid. The app’s library of meme templates is extensive, and it even features handy filtering options like “new,” “popular,” “random,” and “favorites.” Pick a meme and get going on it without spending a dime.

The text may be moved around, the font can be changed, and you can even apply effects like shadows and outlines. What’s more, by selecting the ‘Example’ button, the app will immediately produce a meme based on the selected template. In this way, you may always have access to the latest memes on the go. The software is ad sponsored but does not watermark your memes. The premium edition, which removes advertisements, can be purchased for $4.5.

Features like a large pre-made meme library, the ability to upload your own images, the absence of watermarks, and the ability to insert speech bubbles into text are all nice bonuses.

Supported Operating Systems: Android

Ad-supported free, ad-free version costs $4.50 one-time.

Author of Memes

Another free meme maker app you can get from the Google Play Store is Memes Maker by Memes Apps LLC. In order to use the app, users must first create an account. Before you can choose a meme template, the program will inquire as to the desired meme’s size. Instagram stories in full screen mode, in portrait or landscape orientation, or at a user-specified resolution.

Your meme’s template can be an image or a GIF. The editing tools are really flexible, allowing you to do things like add your own photographs, play around with the overlay, and use filters to further improve the image. It also allows you to create a watermark for your meme using text or custom shapes. However, the free edition of the software adds a watermark featuring the company’s logo to the meme. Watermark-free premium access is $1/month or $10/year. The premium version has a free trial period of 3 days, but the watermarked free version is available indefinitely.

Animated GIFs, user-supplied photos, resizing, and the ability to add one’s own watermark are just some of the unique features.

You can use it on an Android device.

Use is free with a watermark, or you may pay $1 per month or $10 per year to get rid of it.

Produce a Meme

Similar to the internet meme makers we discussed earlier, this is a service you can use. Make a Meme also offers a free app on the Apple App Store, which provides access to the same features as the website. The mobile app follows the same design for the meme collection as the desktop version. You can alternatively take a fresh picture or select one from your phone’s gallery.

You can customize the app’s font size and add text to the app’s header and footer. You also have the option of adding a shadowed outline around your text. Make a Meme features a sign-in section, and you may use your Facebook credentials to do so.

Fonts can be resized, outlined, and shadowed, and a custom user interface and images can be uploaded.

iOS is a supported platform.

No charge

Google and WhatsApp

This one is a self-service meme generator straight out of our JerryRig thing book. However, the ubiquitous Google and WhatsApp can be relied upon to generate memes with boundless imagination.

The image you need for your meme template is just a Google search away. Launch your WhatsApp chat and choose the document you just saved. You can insert your meme context into the WhatsApp photo preview by clicking the add text button. To give it the “meme-effect,” tap the “T” icon three times to switch to a different typeface. In this form, it resembles the popular meme typeface ‘Impact’ extremely closely. Just tweak the text and you’re done. Send it off. We use this to easily include memes into WhatsApp discussions without the need for a third-party app.

If you click the Share button in WhatsApp, your memes will be sent to the platform of your choice. You can also choose to have them uploaded independently and shared from your local storage.

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