YouTube is one of the most popular entertainment platforms on the internet, with its variety of content available for free to everyone. People share a lot of YouTube videos with their friends or on social media, but sometimes a link is just not enough. You can actually download YouTube videos using certain tools, but there are just too many to choose from. So how do you choose the perfect tool for downloading videos from YouTube?

VideoProc is a convenient, cross-platform program that allows you to easily save videos from YouTube to watch offline. High-quality video downloads are possible, with resolutions up to 8K (if your machine supports it).

What to Look for in a Youtube-Downloading Tool.

The finest YouTube video downloader will have an intuitive interface and provide high-quality downloads. Extra features to look for in a YouTube video downloader include a downloads menu to manage your downloaded videos and a simple drop-down menu for doing so. All download methods should work without a hitch.

A YouTube downloader should provide you the highest quality video possible.
Simple and straightforward UI
Accelerate the video downloading procedure

The Best Way to Save Videos from YouTube on Your Laptop.

Get the VideoProc software from their website to be able to download your best YouTube videos to your Windows or macOS computer. The installation only needs to be done once. Now, open the VideoProc tool on your computer. When you do, you’ll see four options: Video, DVD, Downloader, and Recorder. We want to download movies from YouTube, so click on “Downloader.”

This gets you to the part of VideoProc where you can download videos. To start downloading YouTube movies, we need the video’s URL, which you can find in the address bar at the top of your browser. Press “Ctrl+C” on Windows or “Command+C” on a Mac to copy the video’s URL to the clipboard.

Now, in VideoProc, click “Add Video,” which will open a new window. Here is where the URL for our movie will go. As a YouTube video downloader, VideoProc has an advantage here. If you want to download a private or unlisted movie, you need a certain email address to get to it. By clicking on “Account,” you can sign in to your Google account, which gives you permission to watch that movie and download it as well. You can also change how VideoProc uses your Google account in the future.

You don’t have to sign in to watch public YouTube movies; just paste the URL of the video into the address bar. Once you’ve put in the URL, click “Analyze.” VideoProc will now get information from YouTube’s computers and show the best resolutions and settings for downloading that video.

If you want to save data bandwidth by downloading at a lower resolution, you can click the “Show All” button to see smaller versions of the same movie with lower resolutions. Choose the movie quality you want to download and click the “Download Selected Videos” button in the bottom right corner.

Your screen will now display the download list. Click on the arrow in the bottom-left corner of the video title. The video you’ve chosen will now be saved on your computer at the fastest possible speed allowed by your internet connection.

Why Download Youtube Videos using VideoProc?

VideoProc is a robust video downloader that works with all types of videos, including unlisted and private videos, as well as playlist downloading. It can also download the contents of your YouTube ‘Watch Later’ list. The option to sync your YouTube subscriptions with your Google account is a really useful function. You may also use VideoProc to directly convert YouTube to MP3 and download YouTube videos in MP3 format.

It also allows you to download video subtitles or search for subtitles online based on the video title. VideoProc desktop software may download videos from dozens of websites, including Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, and others, in addition to YouTube. You can also use a proxy to view region-locked content while downloading videos. You don’t have to seek for different desktop software based on your operating system because VideoProc is accessible for both Windows and macOS.

Pricing for VideoProc YouTube Downloader

VideoProc provides three plans from which to pick. The annual license, which may be used on a single PC, costs $59.90 per year and can be renewed annually. The lifetime license costs $78.90 and, as the name implies, is valid for a lifetime. There’s also a family plan for $119.90 with lifetime validity that allows you to utilize the license on up to five machines. VideoProc is conducting a time-limited 50% off sale through August 2nd, when all of the prices listed will be discounted by 50%. In addition, the software provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on its service.

You also get the Premium Benefits of a video converter, where you may edit and trim your videos, when you buy VideoProc. It also includes a screen recorder and a DVD converter. When you open the VideoProc software and select one of the four alternatives, you will be able to access these application menus.

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