The macOS menu bar is a fixed fixture at the top of the display. It has the Apple menu in the bottom left, the app menus in the center, and the status menus in the top right.

Even though it’s primarily filled with shortcut icons for various system settings and operations, the menu bar still has a lot of dead space. To make the most of it, many app creators include menu bar functionality, allowing you to access some app functions without ever having to launch the app itself from the desktop.

Here is a list of some of the greatest menu bar apps that you should install and start using on your Mac if you use a Mac for work or enjoyment.

Here Are the 30 Best Applications for Your Mac’s Menu Bar


When it comes to Mac apps that help you get things done and stay on track, TickTick is among the finest. It has an icon in the menu bar that you can use to access your to-do list, check items off as completed, and make new ones, among other things.

Fee-free with optional upgrades (The yearly cost of Pro begins at $27.99)

Get TickTick Here


Drafts is a powerful note-taking tool for Mac computers, and it’s only available from Apple. It’s user-friendly and supports a number of different syntaxes, including the widely-used Markdown. You may access the different Drafts functions, such as quick capture, capture from the clipboard, quick search, etc., from any app by clicking the Drafts button in the menu bar.

Fee-free with optional upgrades ($19.99 for the first year for Pro)

Drafts Available for Download


The purpose of TomatoBar, a productivity tool, is to keep you from becoming distracted when you’re working or studying. The Pomodoro technique, for those who are unfamiliar, is a method of time management in which periods of labor are separated by brief periods of rest. This will allow you to accomplish more without exhaustion. TomotoBar has everything you need to use the Pomodoro technique, from establishing work and rest times to adjusting sound and other settings.

Free of charge

Install TomatoBar


A little calendar called Itsycal can be found in the menu bar of your Mac. It provides a comprehensive summary of the month’s activities and allows you to add new events or remove current ones as needed. Itsycal may be synchronized with your Mac Calendar so that you can see everything that’s coming up at once.

Fantastical is just one example of a calendar software with menu bar support; there are many others.

Free of charge

Get Itsycal Here


If you own a Mac, you need to have CheatSheet for Mac. To help you get things done faster in the current app, it lists all the shortcuts that are recognized by it.

Free of charge

Get the Sheet Here!

Toggle bar X

You may use the Internet from your menu bar using Menubar X. You may organize your most-used online resources by pinning them to the toolbar. After that, you may interact with them in the same way you would with a native app by tapping on them. MenubarX provides a number of simulators for use with these web apps, including those for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle.

Freemium (one-time purchase of Pro is $4.99 LTD).

Get X Menu Bar Here

Condensed Menu

The Mac version of Short Menu is a powerful URL shortener. You need a URL shortener like Short Menu if you need to distribute links regularly or count the number of times they are clicked. You may use Short Menu to manage and shorten URLs, and it works with a wide variety of other services including, Rebrandly, Google, Hive, and, among others.

Price: $5.99

Save Condensed Menu


The Rectangle window manager makes it easy to resize and relocate windows on a Mac. It has many snap zones where you can position app windows with quick keystrokes. To organize your open applications in a specific arrangement, you may either drag & drop them into position or click on the Rectangle app icon in the menu bar.

It’s freemium with a Pro version for $9.99.

Rectangle Download


If you’re looking for a way to save time while working on your Mac, go no further than EasyFinder. It functions by providing a folder in the menu bar into which you may drop items for later retrieval. You can set up different workspaces for different purposes, such as work, personal, side projects, etc., and use shortcut keys to rapidly switch between them.

Free of charge

Get the EasyFinder app.

Convenience Menu

One of the best menu bar apps for Mac is Shortcut Bar. It resides in the menu bar and makes all of your documents, folders, programs, text fragments, etc. easily accessible. The Shortcut Bar can be customized to provide instant access to frequently used files, folders, applications, etc. on your Mac.

Price: $11.99

Get the Quick Launch Bar


Alchemy is a free and open-source tool for converting photos to PDF format with a simple drag-and-drop interface. It’s quick and easy to convert your files. In addition, you can combine multiple documents into a single PDF or animated GIF if necessary.

Free of charge

Alchemy Download


Using Dropover, a menu bar software, transferring data from one Mac place to another is a breeze. A new window will pop up, allowing you to drag and drop files, folders, documents, URLs, etc., from wherever you choose. Then, it piles them up so you can carry a whole stack to a new location with minimal effort. You can use Dropover in your web browser to transfer files to and from other programs.

Freemium (Pro version is $4.99)

The Dropover Download

Similar to CopyClip 2

CopyClip 2 is a top Mac clipboard manager that keeps a history of the text you’ve copied and pasted, so you can retrieve it quickly and easily whenever you need it. CopyClop allows you to set a limit on the number of text clips it saves and block specific programs from being recorded as copied or chopped.

Price: $7.99

Grab CopyClip 2 here:


Popular on the menu bar, hot shows you when your Mac’s CPU is overheating and slows it down. It’s compatible with both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs, though the functionality you get will vary depending on which you use. Hot provides information about the CPU temperature, CPU speed limit, scheduler limit, and the number of available CPUs on Intel Macs, but only the CPU temperature and thermal pressure on Apple Silicon Macs.

Free of charge

Hot Files for Downloading


Popular on the menu bar, hot shows you when your Mac’s CPU is overheating and slows it down. It’s compatible with both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs, though the functionality you get will vary depending on which you use. Hot provides information about the CPU temperature, CPU speed limit, scheduler limit, and the number of available CPUs on Intel Macs, but only the CPU temperature and thermal pressure on Apple Silicon Macs.

Free of charge

Hot Files for Downloading


As the name suggests, AudioSwitcher is a utility for managing the audio on your Mac by toggling between the various inputs. It’s permanent placement in the bar means that all input and output options are always just a click away. AudioSwitcher does more than just switch devices; you can also adjust the volume and other settings.

Price: $1.99

Get the AudioSwitcher app now!


AirBuddy is a paid audio app that displays battery life estimates for all Bluetooth devices on your Mac, including AirPods, iPhone, Apple Watch, Mouse, Keyboard, etc., just like iOS. Connect your Bluetooth device to your Mac, and AirBuddy will display its status in the menu bar. In the case of AirPods, you can also switch between listening modes and set up automation with the help of the Shortcuts app from this screen.

Price: $9.99

Install AirBuddy.


You may use your MacBook in clamshell mode without plugging in the power adapter when you download the free keep-awake software Amphetamine. The icon on the top menu bar provides access to the majority of its features. Included in this are several trigger choices and settings, as well as the ability to initiate a new session and end an existing one. You may automate the process of starting a new session in Amphetamine by setting a trigger to activate it whenever a certain program is launched.

Free of charge

Amphetamine Download


For those who worry about overcharging their MacBook, there is the AlDente charging utility. In order to preserve the battery for as long as possible, it allows you to set a charging limit, normally within the healthy charging range. In addition to protecting your MacBook from excessive charging, AlDente has heat protection, a calibration mode, and the ability to operate your computer in clamshell mode like Amphetamine.

Cost is nothing (but $14 a year or $29 for the LTD version)

Install AlDente


The second version of the Mac audio equalization eqMac2. It may be found in the Mac’s menu bar and provides a 10-band equalization for fine-tuning audio. If you find yourself in need of additional tools like a spatial audio mixer or an experienced equalization, an eqMac2 Pro membership is available.

Fee: Freemium (Pro version costs $3 monthly).

Grab eqMac2 here:

Show the Menu

The Mac’s Display Menu is a display application that streamlines adjusting external monitors. To accomplish this, it provides a rundown of all the available display resolutions and refresh rates so you may customize your experience. Screen mirroring can be turned on and off, and extra capabilities like retina resolution for compatible screens can be activated.

Fee-free with optional upgrades

Get the Screen Layout Here


BlurScreen is a program that blurs the screen so that private data cannot be seen. BlurScreen is a useful Mac app if you frequently need to capture or share your screen. BlurScreen is simple to use; just highlight the area you wish to obscure, and the app will immediately blur it out.

Price: $19

Install BlurScreen.


For MacBooks with notched displays, the program HappyNotch is a must-have for the menu bar. Screen real estate lost to the notch can be recovered by converting the notch into a fully functional menu bar. Once set up, you’ll only need to click the notch to access the tiled apps and other settings.

Free of charge

Get HappyNotch Here!

Data Analysis Using iStat Menus

The Mac program iStat Menus is a paid system monitor. You can view data about your Mac’s processing unit, graphics processing unit, memory, network, disk activity, battery life, and more. The nice thing is that all of this data is conveniently located in the menu bar. In addition, you may alter the menu bar settings in iStat Menus to suit your needs, giving you control over what data is displayed there.

Price: $9.99

Get the iStat Menus Here


F.lux is a well-liked program that allows you to reduce eye strain and avoid blue light from interrupting your sleep patterns by changing your screen’s color temperature based on a few selected triggers, such as time of day and location. After initial configuration, it operates seamlessly invisibly in the background. The menu bar icon also allows for instant access to customization options, such as color effects and service on/off toggles.

Free of charge

Grab F.lux.


Shottr is a Mac software that allows you to take screenshots in a variety of ways, including delayed and scrolling capture. on addition to providing shortcut keys for taking screenshots, the app also displays its many capture modes on the menu bar.

Free of charge

Get Shottr Here!

Disguise Bar

When it comes to Mac apps, Hidden Bar is indispensable. This is a must-have if you plan on using any of the other menu bar apps we’ve discussed. You can use it to make your Mac’s menu bar less cluttered by disabling certain items. The aim behind the app is to keep your menu bar clean and efficient by hiding the apps you don’t use often.

Free of charge

Get the Hidden Bar here!


If you’re a student or just someone looking to get more done, you should download Noizio immediately. It sits in your Mac’s menu bar and plays relaxing music or sounds depending on your mood, allowing you to tune out distractions and focus on the task at hand. You can even combine unrelated audio tracks without any jarring results. It is also compatible with Apple’s iOS devices.

Price: $9.99

Save Noizio

In a Bar Tended by a Bartender

Bartender 4 lets you rearrange the icons in your menu bar, as well as hide and reveal them with the click of a mouse or the press of a keyboard shortcut. You have the option of keeping some programs in view, hiding others until you press a shortcut, or hiding them altogether. When you choose to Show for updates, symbols in the menu bar will display immediately.

Price: $16

Obtain the Bartender’s Toolkit


Learn to Use the Mac Menu Bar

Adding applications to the menu bar of your Mac can greatly enhance its usefulness, making it simpler to complete activities and monitor the status of various system capabilities. The applications presented above are among the top menu bar apps for Macs and will help you work faster and more effectively.

Some of the applications accessible via the menu bar are designed solely for doing a certain task, while others have this capability as an extra. Because having apps with menu bar functionality minimizes interactions and simplifies your workflow, you may wish to verify if they have it before downloading them.

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