In 2020, Google introduced Chromecast with Google TV, thereby replacing Android TV. The redesigned TV user interface introduces a number of upgrades and modifications that should put to rest many users’ concerns with Android TV.

Many users considered the Android TV interface to be uninspired and unappealing, but Google TV is working to change that with a more refined interface that puts movies and TV show cards front and center and provides improved suggestions.

In addition, app makers have adapted their software to work better with Google TV. Here, therefore, is a rundown of the top Google TV applications currently available.

Best File Sharing App for Google TV – Send Files To TV

Send Files To TV is the greatest app for wirelessly sending content from your mobile device to your TV. The software is available for free on the Google Play Store, and getting it and using it is a breeze.

To use, simply connect your smartphone and Google TV to the same WiFi network and launch the app on both devices. After then, data transfers between Google TV and the smartphone are lightning fast.

Not only can you easily exchange common media like photographs and movies, but also APK files.

I’ve used this tool on multiple occasions to successfully sideload Android apps from the Play Store into Google TV. A must-have accessory for your Google TV.

The Top Video Player for Google TV is VLC Media Player

Do you want to watch the 4K movie you just downloaded on your TV without having to wait for it to load? You can play movies without thinking about their format. Stop right there. When it comes to playing videos on Google TV, we recommend VLC Media Player above all others.

Due to its usefulness, it was included on our list of the top Android apps. The program has full compatibility with all common video file types, including Mkv, mp4, and many more, and can play back videos at a resolution of up to 4K with ease.

The Google TV remote makes it easy to do things like import subtitles and speed up or slow down playing. Additionally, VLC does its best to fix and playback broken video files.

Photos TV: The Ultimate Google TV Photo Viewer

Photos TV is a no-frills app for Google TV that lets you view your photos. When you install it from the Google Play Store, your TV will show a sequential slideshow of all your photos.

It also makes a photo library so users can easily access their saved images and remove them from the app if they no longer want them.

The Ultimate Google TV File Manager is Solid Explorer.

Okay, I’ve used Send Files to TV to share some files; how can I get them? Which media player software works best with Google TV? This lock can only be opened with Solid Explorer.

This app is compatible with the Google TV remote, and it’s available for free on the Google Play Store. It functions similarly to the file manager on our mobile devices, allowing users to manage and organize their data in a variety of ways.

A competent file manager facilitates the administration of data storage and the elimination of unnecessary files at a later date.

The Best Google TV Entertainment App Is Disney and Hotstar

We didn’t include Google TVs because most come with Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime already loaded.

For fun, we recommend Disney+Hotstar (known as Disney+ outside of India). The app provides a centralized location to access all of the most watched Hollywood and Disney series. The app is also a convenient way to watch live sports like cricket.

Users, however, must pay a regular membership cost, just like on other major OTT services.

The Top Music Streaming App for Google TV is YouTube’s YT Music

When the TV is hooked up to a home theater system, listening to music becomes an immersive experience. As a result, if you’re looking for the finest music streaming app for Google TV, we highly recommend YouTube Music.

To begin with, Google TV already has it installed, so there’s no need to search for and install it separately. Moreover, YouTube hosts a huge music library with everything from Justin Bieber to The Weekend.

Since YouTube Music was developed in-house, it is particularly well-suited for use with Google TV.

The Best Web Browser for Google TV is Puffin.

The Puffin browser is our top pick for Google TV, even though it isn’t officially supported. This is because Firefox and Google Chrome have become ubiquitous.

The app is available at no cost, and using the Google remote TV to navigate the app’s web UI is a breeze.

In addition, Puffin on Google TV has fast page loads and is generally easy to use.

The Top Google TV Game Is Beach Buggy Racing.

Intense video games are beyond the capabilities of Google TV or any other smart TV. Instead, get a PlayStation 5 or Xbox if you want to play games on your TV.

However, Google TV users can play a variety of classic and casual games. Beach Buggy Racing is one such game that plays smoothly on a Google TV.

And the best part is, well, you already know. The game may be played on the TV with just the Google TV remote; no other controller is required.

Windscribe Is The Finest Google TV VPN App Available.

Our top pick for Android VPN apps is Windscribe, and it works just as well with Google TV. The app safeguards your network from cybercriminals by encrypting all data.

It’s useful if you want to surf the web privately and securely or if you use a streaming service that isn’t available in your location.

But how can I connect my TV to a VPN and start using it? Not to worry, as we have a comprehensive tutorial on how to install and utilize a VPN service on your Google TV.

HALauncher Is the Ultimate Google TV Launcher

Did you know that, like Android smartphones, Google TV supports the installation of launchers? And completely swap out the newly refined Google TV user interface?

The app Simple Launcher can be found in the Google Play Store for those that choose to follow suit.

HALauncher’s interface is straightforward and uncomplicated. This app doesn’t make personalized suggestions as Google TV does when you first launch it. If you find Google TV’s many options overwhelming, the launcher’s streamlined approach to displaying your apps may be a welcome relief.

Google TV Remote with Mouse Wheel

The Google TV app Mouse Toggle costs money, but it’s well worth it. To utilize the app’s remote as a cursor—much like an air mouse on some LG TVs—it generates a pointer on the screen.

If you’ve installed a mobile app on your Google TV but can’t access its user interface using the included remote, this software will come in very handy.

You may easily access the features you need by pointing the mouse at the interface and then clicking the one you want.

Kodi, the All-In-One Media Player for Android TV

Kodi is an excellent media center application. Which is why I refer to it as a “jack of all trades.” Several factors contribute to this: The software can be used to watch videos, view images, or play games.

Kodi users can also play local media files using the software. Kodi also supports IP-TV and has an impressively large library of add-ons to choose from.

Kodi’s user interface is highly modifiable, allowing users to tailor the software to their specific needs.

Downloader – Top rated Google TV Download Manager

Downloader is the next great software for your Google TV. Downloader is a download manager for Google TV, as the name suggests.

Download rates are increased, and you can pause and resume downloads at any time with no loss of data. Essential if you plan on transferring large files to your TV via a network.

Google TV’s Airplay feature, AirScreen

Chromecast compatibility is built into Google TV, although Airplay has been absent so far. AirScreen is meant to be a permanent solution to this problem.

The app is compatible with both Android and Google TV and can be obtained directly from the Google Play Store.

After setup is complete, link your iPhone to the same WiFi network as your Google TV and launch Control Center on your iOS device. Select “AirScreen” from the drop-down menu next to “Screen Mirroring” and you’ll be all set.

HayStack News: The Ultimate Google TV News Experience

HayStack is the next app on the greatest Google TV apps list. HayStack, in case you didn’t know, is a TV messaging app.

This program allows its users to watch their preferred news channels online. Their choices and viewing habits inform the app’s news categories, creating a personalized and interesting reading experience.

Easy Button Remapping on Google TV with the Button Remapper

On the list of top Google TV apps, Button Remapper is my pick. Taking a screenshot on a Google/Android TV, for example, can be a time-consuming process at times.

You may program any button on the remote to perform a long/double press with this app. For convenience, I set up a screenshot shortcut by assigning a long press of the home button.

Stadia for Google TV is Google’s take on cloud gaming.

Thanks to cloud gaming, we can now play AAA games on our televisions.

Stadia is a top-notch program for playing games in the cloud on a Google TV. Providing you have a reliable internet connection, you can quickly and simply access the app’s library of games and play them online.

However, keep in mind that the TV remote won’t work for playing these games; you’ll need an extra Stadia controller instead.

Don’t know which controller to buy and need some help? The best gaming controllers are on our recommended list.

Use These Apps to Maximize Your Plex Experience on Google TV

As we’ve seen, Google TV supports a wide variety of apps, many of which are quite helpful. Once installed, these apps significantly enhance the Google TV experience.

Leave your thoughts on Google TV and whether or not you find our recommendations for the best apps helpful in the comments section below.

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