There’s no denying that today’s pupils have it tougher than any generation before. It’s understandable that students struggle to concentrate in class when distractions such as Facebook, Netflix, and video games are just a click away.

Do you frequently start studying, only to abandon it for a few minutes to check your feeds on social media? These top applications for students can help you stay focused and get your work done.

The Top Academic Productivity Apps

These days, it doesn’t matter what kind of gadget a student has, they can get their hands on a wide variety of productivity apps.

We’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the top student productivity applications, ones that students will like using both when they’re studying and when they need a break. Installing these time-saving programs can simplify schoolwork for students.

Apps that help students better manage their time

Setting an alarm clock to get you up in the morning is a good practice even if you’ve never used any other form of time management before. The purpose of the alarm clock hasn’t changed much over the years; it’s still meant to keep you apprised of your obligations.

Students need to master effective time management skills for a variety of reasons. The most effective way to boost efficiency is with one of these time management applications. They assist students with organizing their time, keeping track of due dates, and preparing for tests and assignments. You may find a number of useful time management applications on the web.

If you’re a student looking for better study habits and time management skills, check out these top apps.

It’s time to use Google Calendar

While there are plenty of calendar programs to choose from, Google Calendar is tops. It’s without a doubt one of the most useful apps for boosting student efficiency. You can add stuff from other applications to your calendar, create reminders, and even color-code your activities and events. It can be difficult to retain so much data while you’re a student.

Google has developed an entire suite of useful analytics, organizing, and time management tools for you to use in your planning. Any computer with an internet browser can access your calendar at any time. However, if you have access to the Google Calendar app on your mobile device, you can view your class schedule even while you’re not at your desk. Their app for Apple and Google devices makes it simple to view and make adjustments to your course load and individual classes.

Platforms: Web, Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS

No charge is one of the greatest productivity apps for college students trying to juggle their academic, social, and familial responsibilities. Users can organize their various responsibilities by using this single software. Students can utilize to monitor their development on challenging assignments.

Users of can also synchronize their gadgets. The paid version of the program includes enhancements including the ability to assign colors to tasks, set repeating reminders, and customize the interface.

Android, Apple iOS, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and the Web

(Basic) Free; ($5.99/month, $26.94/6 months, $35.88/year) Premium


Trello is a popular tool for managing tasks and projects in the form of visual boards. Trello’s comprehensive features and adaptability make it a useful tool for managing both personal and professional projects. Additionally, it contains collaborative tools that allow you to work with others on a larger group project, and it integrates with a number of other sites (such as GitHub and Evernote).

In addition, you can add your own touches or collaborate with other students. Trello can be used for task and project management, collaboration, communication, and coordination. Task management, making classroom bulletin boards, and even organizing the next family trip are just some of the many professional, academic, and personal endeavors that benefit greatly from using Trello. This time management software allows you to make individual to-do lists and track your progress. This software makes group work simple and engaging, which in turn makes studying more fun.

Platforms: iOS, Android, and the Web

Pricing begins at $17.50 USD monthly per user.

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Apps that help students take better notes

As a student, taking notes is crucial. The notebooks of some people are meticulously laid out with sections, titles, and bullet points. Some people, myself included, like to take notes everywhere we can. Note-taking applications, another category of top study productivity tools, can be customized to suit your unique needs and preferences, whether you’re a fan of text-only notes or entire scrapbooks.

OneNote by Microsoft

One of the most powerful, feature-rich, and cost-free productivity programs for students is Microsoft’s OneNote. It’s Microsoft’s answer to Evernote, the next app on the list, and unlike Evernote and Notion, it doesn’t cost anything per month to use.

OneNote’s adaptability as a note-taking tool is impressive. Each notebook features a ring binder structure, with a page for each part. In addition, each page serves as a blank slate onto which to make any sort of observation.

So long as your computer has a pen input, you may use the mouse to drop an image into the document, click anywhere on the screen to add text comments alongside the image, and even draw mustaches on everyone in the photo.

Those looking for a digital notepad to collect short notes and disconnected thoughts may want to go elsewhere, since this seems like a solution better suited to students and others who need to take extensive, discursive notes about anything.

Platforms: Web, Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, Android

You can store up to 5GB of notes for free, or pay $1.99 per month to store 100GB.


When considering the top note-taking applications for students, Evernote is an obvious choice. Therefore, it shouldn’t be shocking that it’s on this list. Evernote is one of the most powerful apps available, with the ability to save notes in nearly any format. You can include anything you like: jot notes, audio clips, images, PDF files, scanned handwritten pages, conversations from Slack, emails, web pages, and more. The best thing about Evernote (even the free version) is that it provides a central location for all of your important files.

However, Evernote isn’t just a wastebasket. It facilitates the process of categorizing and cataloging your notes. That’s why we consider it superior to the likes of Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Android, Apple iOS, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and the Web

Cost: Free for the first 20 days, then $7.99/month for Premium


Note-taking in a group is a breeze using Notion. This specialized program will help you remain on top of things by allowing you to arrange your chores in a neat, uncluttered workspace and by allowing you to construct tables and databases.

Notion is a powerful platform that allows for simultaneous collaboration. With this app, groups can communicate, leave notes, delegate tasks, and set up alerts. This sleek note-taking app is a consolidation of several useful business tools. Notion allows you to accomplish everything from annotating and saving web articles and PDFs to scanning paper documents and extracting text from photographs.

We’ve already talked about some of the top student-friendly Notion templates for better time and money management. When it comes to educational apps, Notion is among the very finest.

The following platforms and the Web version are supported:

No charge

The Top Student-Motivational Apps

If you’re the type to put things off until tomorrow, keep reading. Don’t waste time doing nothing, and finish projects fast to relieve stress. If you can get your tasks completed fast, you’ll have more time to spend having fun with your pals. Now is the time to inspire yourself. Check out some of the best applications for students that will keep you organized, on task, and excited about learning.


If you’re a student looking for an app to help you study and stay on task, go no further than Forest. When you’re not using your phone, it gives you a tree that grows over time. Every time you go onto Facebook or scroll through your Instagram feed, a little bit of your tree dies. Safelisting websites can save trees if people only access them when they have a legitimate need to use their phones. The best part is that the app collaborates with Trees for the Future to actually plant trees in response to user activity. Forests are beneficial to both the ecosystem and your ability to break your phone habit.

Mobile platforms: Android & iOS

Android version is free; iOS version costs $1.99.


Noisli is another fantastic tool that helps students stay focused and productive. Numerous apps promise to provide you with soothing background noise so you can focus and get more done while working or studying.

If you’re looking for a turnkey solution that can create relaxing melodies, though, Noisli is a great choice. Noisli offers 28 high-quality sounds that can be combined in a variety of ways. You may also adjust the loudness of individual ringtones and combine many ringtones into one.

You may find more than simply relaxing music on Noisli. You may utilize oscillation to focus while enhancing certain noises, listen to playlists curated for different states of mind and locations, and keep track of the time, among other features. The Markdown syntax is also supported by a basic text editor. If you’re willing to spend $100 a year for Noisli, you’ll have access to all of its features (currently available for $10 a month).

Chrome (web), iOS, and Android versions are available.

Those who sign up for a yearly plan pay only $10 a month.


SelfControl is our next pick for best productivity app for students. Do you check your social media before getting to work? If that’s the case, you might be lacking in discipline. Self Control is a cheap iOS software that lets you shut down distracting websites and apps so you can get more done. Temporarily blocking a user from accessing a website, app, service, or even an email server is possible.

Using SelfControl is a breeze. The user can limit their online time and even block specific sites. SelfControl blocks access to certain websites until the allotted time has elapsed. To help you stay focused on your tasks, the application will block access to distracting websites until that time has passed. Unfortunately, Self Control is just for iOS.

Free Download for Mac and iOS

No charge

Top Academic Task Management Applications

Keeping track of your schedule and other obligations is crucial at college since you are accountable for managing your time. If you hate carrying around a physical schedule, try one of these To-do list productivity apps for students.


Todoist is the cherry on top when it comes to making to-do lists. Todoist is another excellent software that helps students stay productive. This program combines ease of use and productivity by employing a suite of work management utilities. Set yourself reminders, assign tasks several priorities, and make separate lists for each project. You can use Todoist’s voice recognition features to automatically assign a one-time or recurring time to your task. Inputting “do laundry Mondays at 9 am” will set a recurring reminder for you to “do laundry” on Monday mornings. That’s serious firepower!

Multiple browser add-ons and native apps for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows are also available.

The Basic Package is Free forever!

To Perform: Microsoft

You can get all of Microsoft’s 365 apps for no cost at all. You may begin each day with a comprehensive list of tasks thanks to Microsoft To-Do’s cross-platform availability. This is yet another top app that helps students get more done.

Because students have so much on their plates between schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and general life chores, Microsoft To-Do is another one of the finest productivity applications for kids. If a procedure requires more than one step, you can write them under the respective steps. Feel proud of yourself for a job well done.

Mobile, desktop, and browser-based platforms are all supported.

No charge


ClickUp is a top app for student productivity since it centralizes all of your work on a single project. Let’s imagine you’re in search of a place where you can accomplish all of the things that make you feel “productive,” like a Subway sandwich without all the extras. The outcome is fantastic in this example. All your emailing, documenting, wiki-building, spreadsheet-calculating, event-tracking, and project-managing needs may be met without ever leaving the app. Time spent on activities and objectives can be monitored. You can also record your screen or capture screenshots.

Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and the Web.

Cost nothing (but only 100MB of storage space).

Here’s the deal

Now that you have this rundown, you can get started with some serious studying with the finest productivity apps for students. Since some of these programs are cross-platform compatible, you really don’t have an out. The time you spend at college is invaluable, therefore it’s crucial that you do everything in your power to concentrate and finish your work.

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