Did you know that there are a number of hidden games you may play on Google?

Few people are aware that Google has built a library of games that can be played inside the browser. You can find most of Google’s free games tucked away in places like Search or the Play Store, or even in the Google app itself. While an Internet connection is required for some of these games, the vast majority may be enjoyed offline as well.

This game is accessible on all platforms, so you can enjoy it without limitation. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to kill some time and have some fun on the Internet without having to download anything, this post will provide a detailed overview of ten free games on Google that you can try out.

What are the top free Google games that you can play?

As was indicated before, you can play these hidden Google games on your computer or mobile device by using any number of different Google services.

Let’s jump right into talking about some of the top free games you can find on Google. We also include quick links to these free, entertaining Google games.

Number One: Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe, or Noughts and Crosses as it is more often known, has been around for quite some time. You and the computer play against each other to place Xs and Os in a three-by-three grid in the shortest amount of time. If a player gets three of his marks on the lines (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), he wins.

A similarly planned approach is needed to prevent your opponent from constructing a line with their markers. Google has made it so that paper and pencil aren’t strictly essential any more to play this game. The “Play” button will appear once you search for “tic tac toe” in the Google app or Google Chrome.

The T-Rex Sprint

If you’ve ever had your Google Chrome browser crash due to a lost internet connection, you’ve probably played this game. T-Rex Dash is the first Google game I’ve played, and it’s quite exciting because of how difficult it is. If you’re using Chrome on your mobile device and you lose your connection, this game will appear. Above the words “No Internet,” a black dinosaur will appear. Press the spacebar on your keyboard to begin, or tap the dinosaur icon on your touchscreen device.

The dinosaur will begin to move once the game begins, and you’ll need to press the spacebar (or touch the screen, if using a mobile device) to have it leap over the obstacles in its path. The more challenges you complete, the faster the dinosaur will move, and the more challenging the game will become. If you have access to the internet, go here to play this game online.

Doodle #3: PAC-MAN

One of Google’s awesome hidden games is a modern take on the classic video game, Pac-Man. The Google game is available for free on desktop computers and mobile devices. Simply type “pac man” into Google and select “Play” to launch the classic arcade game on your computer. It’s also accessible via Google Play Games and Google Search for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Your objective is to guide the game character through a maze while avoiding the four different colored ghosts and scoring as many points as possible. If you can consume every dot in the maze without being struck by ghosts, you will go to the next level.

The 20+ Best Google Doodle Games is a related read.

Atari Breakout Game on Google

The classic block-buster game Atari Breakout may be accessed by anyone with an Internet connection and a Google search. As long as the block breaker is landing on the blue pane below the screen, the game is over and you’ve won. The game may be dull, but it may be played online to kill time.

You can play the game by searching Google for “Atari Breakout Game” and then selecting the first link that appears.

Google Solitaire

Google hasn’t forgotten about the classic card game Solitaire, so you can play it on both Google Search and Google Play Games. Those who are familiar with the game need only input “Solitaire” into Google Assistant or Chrome and select the “Play” option to begin. While the user interface has been improved, the functionality has not changed.


If you’re a fan of snake games, you’ll be happy to know that Google has included them in its arsenal. The Google Snake game is beautifully made and quite engaging to play. Like other snake games, this one challenges you to eat up as many dots as possible without running into the side of the box. As you rack up more points, your snake grows longer.

Balloon Ride

I have spent the most time playing the Google Play version of Hot Air Balloon. The game always appears whenever you launch the Play Store while offline. In this game, you must avoid striking obstacles while increasing your score by touching coins. So, you’ll need to navigate around the balloon to accomplish both tasks.

The game will finish if you collide with an obstacle, and you’ll have to restart from the beginning if you wish to continue. The more you push yourself to break your own record, the more exciting it becomes. Simply pressing the coin magnet will bring in coins without the need to shuffle them around. If you just avoid getting struck, the game becomes quite simple.

Cloud, Google’s

If you use the Google Android app to conduct a search when your phone is in Airplane mode, results will come from Google Cloud. The game’s protagonist will appear next to a message informing you that your phone is currently in airplane mode. If you click on this guy, you’ll be sent to the game’s main page.

Avoiding the cloud birds is a top priority in this game. The character can be moved vertically by pressing and releasing the screen. It’s a fun game to play in your spare time, but it’s Android-only. As you virtually fly throughout the planet, you can manipulate the zoom level to get a closer look at specific locations or landmarks.

Google’s Virtual Airplane

Google Earth Pro features a hidden Google game that makes Microsoft Flight Simulator unnecessary if you’ve ever wanted to pretend to pilot an airplane. One of the most fascinating free Google games is Flight Simulator, which was debuted alongside Google Earth.

Launch Google Earth Pro and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + A to bring up the Flight Simulator window, where you may play Flight Simulator. If you have a joystick on hand, you can use it to control the simulator and choose your aircraft and starting position.


The original version of Minesweeper appeared on computers in the 1960s. To win, players must successfully navigate a minefield without setting off any of the explosives. The player moves around on a grid, some of whose squares are mined. The player must use their brains to figure out which squares to click on and which ones to avoid because they might be mines.

Those interested in playing Minesweeper online for free can do so by simply searching Google for “play Minesweeper.” You’ll see the game as a top result and be able to start playing right away.

Google’s Free Bonus Games

Here are some more entertaining and free Google-made games you may try:

The Fidget Spinner: A Google Search for “Fidget Spinner”
Google “Earth Day Quiz” for a quiz about Earth Day.
Google “Memory game” to find more information.
Fascinating Facts: Try searching Google with the phrase “I’m feeling curious”
Google “animal sounds” to hear various animal noises.

Hide and Seek Google’s gaming platform for Google Home

You may play several secret games with Google Assistant in addition to the ones that are advertised on Google Home. You can play these games by saying “Hey Google, let’s play a game.”

Some of Google Assistant’s hidden games include the following:

Just tell Google, “Hey Google, let’s play Crystal Collect.” The goal of the game is to amass a large number of crystals. You’ll be presented with a list of items and asked to select the one you believe has the most crystals.
Suggest a game of Word Ladder to Google by saying “Hey Google, let’s play Word Ladder.” To win, you must correctly identify a five-letter word. Each letter of the word will have a hint associated with it.
Tell Google, “Hey, let’s play Lucky Trivia.” The goal of the game is to show off your knowledge by accurately answering trivia questions. You will be presented with a series of multiple-choice questions, each of which must be answered accurately.
Say, “Hey Google, open the Magic Door.” The goal of the game is to pick one of two possibilities. You’ll be presented with a situation and asked to select a response.
Suggest a game of “Spell it Right” to Google by saying “Hey Google, let’s play Spell it Right.” The goal of the game is to correctly spell words. You’ll be given a single word to spell correctly before moving on to the next.

Enjoy Zero Cost Android Google Games

Play Games provides a wide selection of no-download games for Android devices. All of the hidden Google games listed above are included in this software, and then more.

As an added bonus, you may select from a broad selection of games without having to take up valuable space on your phone’s storage by installing them. You can play Google Chrome games on your Android device right in the browser.

Final Remarks

Google has made it simple to relax and enjoy itself with the help of its free games. This article concentrates on eight of the best hidden Google games you may explore at your leisure, while there are many more available.

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