When installing new software, transferring files, or creating a backup on a Mac, the dreadful idea of ‘limited disk space’ is sure to cross your mind. As the buffer between your current free space and the mental safety level you’ve established narrows, the desire to make some room for other things grows stronger.

One of the greatest cleaning solutions for the Mac, CleanMyMac X, was developed by MacPaw to alleviate these worries and issues with low disk space. CleanMyMac X is not simply a cleaning utility; it also features a malware scanner, an app archiver, and a system health monitor, among other useful features.

Mac OS X Cleaner

For some context, MacPaw (the developers of CleanMyMac) was created in 2008 and is headquartered in Ukraine; they are also responsible for several well-liked programs for macOS and iOS, such as Unarchiver, Gemini Photos, and Setapp. In 2018, on its tenth anniversary, the business announced an update to CleanMyMac called CleanMyMac X. CleanMyMac X, in a nutshell, has a revamped user interface with updated graphic components and additional functionality. Here is a rundown of its features and how they make it a one-stop shop for all of your Mac’s must-have apps.

search Almost all of CleanMyMac X’s features fall under one of three categories: cleanup, security, and optimization. In addition to these sections, the software also includes supplementary tools that can be used to manage the various programs and data on your computer.

CleanMyMac X: How to Use It?

Search CleanMyMac X displays a welcome page and a license confirmation prompt when launched for the first time on a Mac. After validating your license key, you’ll be sent to a new welcome screen. New, vibrant icons and smooth animations make the new home screen aesthetically pleasing in comparison to earlier versions. In terms of usability, the software organizes all of its features into a left-hand menu that can be accessed with a single click. On the other hand, CleanMyMac X’s default launch page shows you the Smart Scan feature, which is the core of the application and lets you scan and optimize your system in record time.

Efficient Searching

Simply selecting the Scan button at the bottom will initiate the cleaning process on your Mac. After you’ve installed the app and launched the scan, you’ll be presented with information regarding your Mac’s Cleanup, Protection, and Speed. Data in Cleanup details all the unused files and folders on your Mac, while data in Protection indicates potential dangers to your computer and data in Speed details what you can do to boost your computer’s speed. Select or deselect files that the software has identified as “unnecessary” by clicking the Review Details button at the bottom of the Cleanup data on this screen. CleanMyMac X also provides a list of suggested optimization actions that can be performed to increase the computer’s speed if you select the Speed button.

To have the software clean up the trash files, eliminate any potential risks to the system, and conduct the speed optimization tasks to restore your Mac to a better state after the scan is complete, click the conduct button at the bottom. In general, CleanMyMac X will remove files that are deemed to be unneeded system garbage or email attachments, as well as other tasks such as clearing the DNS cache, making more RAM available, and executing maintenance programs.


After a Smart Scan has been done, the software will immediately remove any unnecessary files from your computer, including those found in email attachments. If, however, you’d rather scan each one separately, you’ll find the appropriate tools in the left-hand menu under Cleanup. In addition, CleanMyMac X lets you empty the trash can without leaving the application. To accomplish this, navigate to Cleanup > Trash Bins > Scan.


CleanMyMac X’s Protection feature is just as important as its Cleanup feature. Protection is exactly what it sounds like: a collection of Mac security utilities that do what they say they will and help you safeguard your computer from malware and erase all traces of your digital and physical footprints. The system files are not thoroughly scanned for malware, but Smart Scan evaluates and does cleanup and speed optimization and also looks for any weaknesses in your system. Thus, a thorough scan of system files can be performed to check for malicious software if you want to make sure your Mac is secure. Under Protection, choose the Malware Removal tool to do a thorough scan, which will detect any malicious software on your Mac and remove it.

Reconsidering app permissions and erasing traces of online and offline actions are two ways to further safeguard your device’s privacy with malware protection. To do this, go to Settings, then Protection, and finally Privacy. After the scan is complete, you’ll be able to view a record of the rights you’ve granted to various apps on your Mac, as well as a log of the unused files that have accumulated over time as a result of using multiple web browsers and other software. You can also disable access to specific programs and select which files to delete from this location.


Check the Speed section Both the Optimization and Maintenance features of CleanMyMac X are geared toward maximizing your system’s performance and enhancing your overall experience. Optimization grants the user control over the launch agents used by the installed applications. The applications that launch when you log in to your Mac can also be enabled or disabled. Even though these actions can be handled manually through the system menus, CleanMyMac X’s streamlined interface makes handling and optimizing them a breeze.

The other feature is called Maintenance, and it allows you to do a number of system tasks on your Mac. For example, the software can be used to clear RAM, restore launch services, clear DNS cache, fix disk permissions, and much more.


Search CleanMyMac X features a few extra capabilities beneath the hood that can prove to be handy on a day-to-day use case scenario in addition to cleanliness, protection, and optimization, which help you declutter your Mac and enhance its overall efficiency. You may access the Uninstaller, Updater, and Extensions, which are all connected to applications, from the Applications section of the left-hand menu.

Using Uninstaller, you may view a comprehensive catalog of your Mac’s installed software. Select the applications you wish to remove, and CleanMyMac will get rid of them and all their associated data. In addition, by selecting things in the Leftovers area, you can delete the remnants of previously uninstalled programs.

CleanMyMac X not only facilitates removal, but also simplifies updating software to the most recent version without entering the App Store. You may check for updates for your Mac’s software by using the Updater utility. Here, you have the option of updating apps one by one, or updating them all at once.

The final feature is the Extensions section. In a nutshell, the Extensions menu’s capabilities let you exert more command over the add-ons, widgets, and plugins installed on your computer. Like Uninstaller, Extensions simplifies the process of removing extensions from your computer and deletes any and all files associated with them. This is also the place to turn off any unnecessary add-ons, such as an extension you no longer need.


When it comes to the Files section, you can do a You may streamline your file management on a Mac with the help of CleanMyMac X’s three distinct capabilities. Space Lens is one of these characteristics and is among the more useful ones. Space Lens, in a nutshell, provides a summary of your system’s file and folder sizes. It does this by performing a system-wide scan and then displaying a visual representation of the storage space so you can better navigate and manage your data.

In addition, the software has a Large & Old Files section under Files on the left menu, where you may see and delete any unnecessary or excessively large files or folders. while Finder refuses to delete a file or while dealing with sensitive files, you can utilize Shredder. In a nutshell, it facilitates the deletion of previously troublesome files. In addition, there is a secure deletion option that renders the deleted files unrecoverable.

The menu bar utility CleanMyMac X

The search app in CleanMyMac X’s menu bar comes last, but it’s not the least useful feature. CleanMyMac’s app is easily accessible via the menu bar, much like other apps on your system. All sorts of system data, including current CPU load, RAM utilization, battery life, network speeds, and more, are displayed here. One of CleanMyMac’s many useful features is the menu bar widget, which displays information on various system components at your fingertips. In addition, the menu items can be customized in the preferences and certain tasks can be carried out directly from the menu bar.

In sum, who would benefit from using CleanMyMac X?

Hear us out before your inner nerd argues that cleaning a Mac is pointless because macOS is based on Unix, which does not require active maintenance, and that removing files really has more negative effects on the system than positive ones.

While these concerns are legitimate and warrant some consideration, even casual Mac users can gain from a periodic cleaning using one of the reliable services if they aren’t too tech-savvy to begin with. Because it’s very uncommon for unused software’s cache or leftover garbage from an uninstall to take up a significant amount of storage space. Utilizing a reliable cleaning program is one of the finest and simplest ways to remove such unused files without jeopardizing other system files. CleanMyMac X by MacPaw is a search utility for your Mac that includes a number of other features in addition to its cleaning capabilities.

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