Any operating system worth its salt will have a clipboard manager to make moving text between programs as painless as possible. The Windows 10 clipboard manager was able to do this efficiently for up to 25 separate pieces of text that might be pasted at a later time.

Microsoft upped the ante with Windows 11 by allowing users to copy photos, emoticons, and other symbols to the clipboard.

Despite these enhancements, Windows 10 and Windows 11’s built-in clipboard manager still falls short of expectations. It is unreliable and frequently fails to copy some components. Furthermore, the default clipboard manager still has issues with managing clipboard history.

These are the finest clipboard managers for Windows, so check them out if your job requires you to copy and paste a lot of data across apps and you want advanced features like autosave, hotkeys, plugins, cloud-syncing, etc.


For Windows users, ClipClip is the best clipboard manager available. Multiple texts, pictures, and a few more file types can be copied to the clipboard at once. Once the clips have been copied, you can look through them and sort them into various folders based on their titles.

ClipClip uses a keyboard shortcut to bring up a history of your clippings, which you can then effortlessly copy and paste. Text Translation is another useful tool that comes built in and allows you to instantly translate your clipped text into a variety of languages.

ClipClip also lets you password-protect your folders to keep your clips safe, transfer them to the cloud, and look up your search history (through a special keyboard shortcut).

In addition to these standard clipboard operations, ClipClip also provides a wide range of other useful functionality, including the ability to capture the screen, format text, edit images, do optical character recognition (OCR), conduct a rapid web search, and synchronize cloud content with services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

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The clipboard management features of Ditto are limited. Rather, it is an enhancement to the default Windows clipboard that adds functions that render a separate, sophisticated clipboard manager superfluous.

Whether it’s text, photos, HTML code, or anything else, Ditto can help you store it. Your clippings are organized in a database for quick and easy access. A quick keyboard shortcut will take you to all of your clippings.

Special Paste is a handy tool in Ditto that allows you to paste text in a variety of styles, such as all capitals, all lowercase, inverted case, sentence case, and so on. In addition, Ditto makes use of many more shortcut keys to speed up and simplify other program activities.

Ditto’s many useful features include clipboard sharing, statistics on copied and pasted text, clip grouping, and clip rearranging.

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One of the more sophisticated Windows clipboard managers is CopyQ. It has the standard clipboard manager capabilities of a history and administration interface, plus the added bonus of editing and scripting tools. You can use it to save documents in a variety of forms, including plain text, HTML code, photos (including screenshots), and more. You can also annotate or tag the content you’ve copied.

CopyQ allows you to organize your clippings into separate tabs for easy access. In this method, you may easily and quickly locate the things you need. Your saved objects can be categorized, edited, and removed in the same way by using the tabs provided.

CopyQ makes use of system-wide shortcuts for a variety of tasks, and it also allows you to add custom commands to the context menu, run custom commands automatically whenever the clipboard changes, assign shortcuts to your custom commands, and create custom scripts for performing specific tasks with the clipboard.

The range of possible applications is rather large; for instance, you can program shortcuts to copy and paste the current date and time or to automatically save web URLs in your clipboards.

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One of the most well-liked Windows clipboard managers is ClipboardFusion. It strikes the proper balance between being a basic clipboard manager and a powerful software with additional features like macros and user-defined triggers.


You can use ClipboardFusion to store and retrieve many types of clipboard content as needed. Your clippings are organized and kept so that you can find what you need quickly. With a Binary Fortress account, you may also use cloud synchronization to transfer the text from your clipboard to other devices.

You can use hotkeys, make macros (in C#) to change your copied text, and establish triggers for other clipboard tasks; these are all examples of more complex operations that are possible with Clipboard Fusion.

Macros allow you to do things like clean the clipboard on the fly, remove invalid HTML tags, and convert text to different formats. Like unlocking the desktop, focusing on a window can activate triggers that can do things like strip the clipboard of formatting or whitespace or replace a portion of the text with new text.

Price (per machine): Free to $15
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Grasp of the Clipboard

Another robust clipboard manager for Windows, Clipboard Master offers a wealth of useful options. It’s useful for moving bits of text, graphics, files, and directories around Windows applications and keeping them all in one place. You can save up to 10,000 entries on it and easily retrieve them at any time.

One of Clipboard Master’s many benefits is the ability to copy several objects from different sources at once. To facilitate the copying and pasting of items from several sites, it creates a single clipboard record for all of these items. In a similar vein, it provides Flexikeys, a feature that can make it easier to perform common computer tasks.

Clipboard Master’s other features include a screenshot capture tool, text auto-complete for instant text completion, and a streamlined search and filtering interface for locating certain objects within your clipboard entries.

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Another alternative to the built-in Windows clipboard manager is ClipMate. To facilitate the copying, organizing, and efficient application of multiple text fragments, it enhances the capabilities of the system-wide clipboard manager.

ClipMate’s intuitive interface makes it simple to store and retrieve clipboard content of varying types and formats. You can choose to synchronize your text clips with other users and save them for up to 31 days. In addition, the utility is lightweight and may be operated directly from a USB device.

ClipMate’s Universal QuickPaste feature is a handy way to quickly and easily copy and paste anything in any application. The drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to transfer the copied sample to another app.

ClipMate also has a screen recording feature that you may use to record your screen activity. Support for Unicode and templates, as well as hotkeys for various tasks, outbound filtering, macro pasting to substitute pieces inside your clipboard clipping, and so on, are just some of the extensive capabilities available.

Paid ($34.95) after a 30-day free trial.
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Another potent Windows clipboard manager is Clipdiary. You can use it with any Windows application, and it will save any information you copy to the clipboard. It has no limits on the quantity or kind of objects you can record, and you can use it to record anything from text and links to images and files.

Clipdiary’s Smart Capture feature is particularly useful because it automatically copies information from any software without the need to use a keyboard shortcut. Take special care not to copy any sensitive data if you intend to use this.

You can paste any of the content you’ve copied to the clipboard history, formatted or not. In addition, Clipdiary Snippets allows you to easily organize and copy & paste your collection of text snippets. In addition, you can undo any changes you made to the clipboard’s contents if necessary.

Clipdiary’s other important features include the ability to alter the user interface, modify mouse behavior, exclude problematic programs and file types, and program shortcuts.

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The Clipboard Manager Is Useful For More Than Just Copy-Pasting Text

You can keep multiple text items for a long time in your clipboard history if you use a decent third-party clipboard manager. This feature makes it easy to move text between applications without having to retype it, saving you time and effort.

However, there are many advantages beyond simple text copying and pasting that may be gained from employing a dedicated clipboard management. Examples of what you can do with one of the best clipboard managers for Windows include converting and transforming clippings into new formats, copying items from multiple sources into a single location, automating clipboard operations with scripts, detecting text in images, auto-completing text, syncing clipboards across devices, and sharing clipboards with others.

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