Amazfit looks to have hit all the marks we seek for in a wearable device: precise fitness tracking, solid construction, and long battery life. Although Amazfit devices may be paired with the company’s own app, Zepp, which gives users access to a variety of watch functions, the Amazfit watch platform currently lacks a robust app store in comparison to that of the Apple Watch and the Samsung Gear S3.

The Top 5 Amazfit Apps You Need to Download

While Zepp’s default settings are fine, we wanted more from our wearable. So, that is what we will do. If you have an Amazfit smartwatch, you should check out some of our recommended apps below.

Alert (Expert)

One of the most downloaded apps for the Amazfit watch is Notify. The app’s popularity stems from the convenience and adaptability it provides to its users. In addition, most Amazfit watches can use this app without any problems. Users can accomplish a lot with Notify’s free edition, but the paid version unlocks much greater potential.

Install Notify

Reconcile your Fit data with Google (Pro)

The ability to synchronize activity monitoring data with Google Fit is one of Notify’s most appealing features. You can easily and quickly sync all of your tracking data (including sleep tracking) with Google fit. This includes things like the amount of steps you take and the calories you burn. Google Fit examines all of your fitness data and provides guidance to help you meet your objectives. In addition, consumers may see how their current habits stack up against their former ones.

Unique watch dials with no cost

Notify expands upon the options available in the Zepp app for creating unique watch faces. Notify offers a wide variety of unique watch faces, all of which may be quickly and easily installed. The watch faces can also be sorted by the number of likes or the date they were added. In addition, the pro version allows users to alter many parts of a watch face to better suit their individual tastes.

How to Use Notify to Setup a Watch Face

Pull up Notify. After granting access to your location, select the conversation icon in the upper right.

In this section, you can select from a number of different tabs. Select the face for your watch here.

You can now pick from a wide variety of watch faces to suit your personal taste.

Once that’s done, select the “Install” button under the watch face to set it up.

Input Button Pro Features

Notify’s button actions are yet another great function. Amazfit watches allow users to quickly reprogram their buttons to perform unique functions. Long-pressing the button currently brings up a menu of available training modes on the Amazfit Bip U, but this may be readily changed to perform an alternative function, such as skipping tracks or something else of your choosing. In a similar vein, we can assign unique behaviors to the button by tapping it many times.

Methods for Modifying Button Functions

First, launch Notify and click the message icon in the upper right.

Choose the button action here.

Amazfit watches have a variety of button configurations available beneath the crown.

Select the button you wish to edit and then follow the on-screen prompts.

Amazing Faces

The AmazFaces companion app, as the name suggests, provides access to a wide variety of customizable watch faces. The app is compatible with popular Amazfit models, as well as several Mi band models. With over a million downloads, this app boasts the largest selection of watch faces available for any smartwatch.

Timepieces by Amazfit.

Compatibility matrix for Amazfit wristwatches

Amazfit GTS (GTS, GTS 2, GTS 2e, GTS 2 mini)
2. Amazfit GTR (GTR, GTR 2, GTR 2e)
3. Amazfit Verge and Verge lite
4. Amazfit Stratos (Pace/Stratos 3)
5. Amazfit T-Rex
6. Amazfit BIP (Bip,Bip Lite,Bip S,Bip U)

Get AmazFaces Here

Instructions for Adding an AmazFaces Watch Face

Launch AmazFaces and select your Amazfit wearable from the list. For us, that means the Amazfit Bip U.

Look at all the available watch faces and pick the one that best suits your taste.

Once you’ve decided on a watch face, you can easily download it.

Select Zepp, as we’ll be installing it on the Amazfit watch shortly.

Select Quick Setup, and then click the “Start Discovery” button. The app will now look for nearby devices to pair the watch with.

Select your timepiece and then click the sync button. Go back to Amazfaces and select the “set on watch” option.

If the watch face doesn’t load, try restarting the app.

The Amazfit Watch Faces app is fantastic.

Guide (for a fee)

What if I told you that the next time you went on a trip, you could use your Amazfit watch to look up directions on the go? Doesn’t that sound cool? Indeed, Navigator does this function. The Amazfit Navigator app syncs with the user’s wristwatch so that they can receive turn-by-turn directions via Google Maps. In addition, we can keep our eyes on the road ahead without having to keep pulling out our phones every time we need directions thanks to this software.

Allowable Amazfit wristwatches

Amazfit GTS,
Two, the Amazfit GTR
Three. Amazfit Pace

The Navigator Downloader

Tutorial: How to Install Navigator

To select your Amazfit watch, launch Navigator.

Verify that Zepp is open and that your watch is paired with it. This must be done so that alerts appear on the watch.

Allow Google Maps and Navigator access to your phone’s notification system now.

Finally, you can get turn-by-turn directions on your wristwatch. Simply launch Google Maps and type in your desired location.

Additional Amazfit Apps to think about
After discussing three of our most used applications, we’ll quickly go over some other options for your Amazfit watch.

Hardware and an Amazfit (for a price)

Tools & Amazfit is an excellent companion software for the Amazfit. Due to its high cost and limited features, it was not one of the top three companion apps. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great app, however I’ve found that Notify offers nearly identical functionality at a far lower price. Notify is also compatible with a wider range of Amazfit watches than tools and Amazfit. Notify also appears to improve control over watch actions.

Installing Programs and Amazfit


For those who own an Amazfit, AMF is yet another helpful software to have on hand. Users can set up their own notification preferences, create their own quick reply messages, and more all within the app. While it does have some useful features, compatibility issues prevented it from being one of the top three apps. In contrast to the top 3, which is compatible with most Amazfit watches, including the Amazfit GTS and the Amazfit GTR, AMF is only compatible with the Amazfit Pace and the Amazfit Stratos.

Put away AMF

Mi Fit and other third-party Android apps for the Amazfit are mostly unnecessary because features like heart rate monitoring, custom watch faces, and notification customization are already available in Zepp. In the space below, please share your thoughts on your preferred Amazfit watch companion app.

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