Quora is a well-known question and answer website. More than 300 million people utilize it on a monthly basis, yet it costs them nothing to do so. Quora is a question-and-answer website where users can seek and provide information on a wide variety of topics.

Small and medium-sized businesses can use Quora to promote their products, expand their organic reach, and connect with a wide variety of customers by answering questions related to their offerings.

This may appear easy at first, but it requires extensive research and writing to compile the necessary questions and answers. Fortunately, there are services like QApop that streamline everything, allowing you to launch a very effective marketing campaign on Quora with minimal effort.

Let’s jump in and see what QApop is all about and how it can help you build your brand or business.

Explain what QApop is.

Quora’s QApop is a promotional app. So that you don’t have to manually scour through different categories and topics, it automates marketing for your product or service by identifying the best questions to answer and run ads for, based on traffic and potential reach.

QApop doesn’t just help you uncover questions; it also helps you craft the best possible responses to those questions. When you’re feeling uninspired or just want to get a head start, you may use the draft function to quickly construct a rough draft of your answer based on a blog article or an existing answer you’ve provided on Quora. Alternatively, QApop features an AI-driven answer generator to automatically construct a rough draft of your answers.

Last but not least, QApop provides a tracking tool so you may be notified via email whenever a new question is asked on Quora that is pertinent to your topic.

What Are Some of QApop’s Most Notable Functions?

As a Quora advertising solution, QApop provides the following benefits:

To determine if Quora is a useful marketing platform for your company or brand, you can conduct an opportunity analysis.
In-depth reports: Just as the name suggests, this function allows you to produce a comprehensive report centered on the questions you specify.
Intelligent question filtering: it recommends unanswered questions on Quora with the best potential of expanding your audience.

As new questions are posted on Quora related to the topics you’ve picked, this feature will notify you of them so you don’t miss the opportunity to answer them.
A content draft is created for you to review and edit based on blog entries or other Quora answers you supply.

Similar to content draft, but with this capability, QApop uses AI to produce answers to questions asked on Quora.

Marketing Your Business or Yourself with QApop

Despite the extensive list of features available in QApop, the program is actually quite simple to operate. As you’ll see, all it takes is three easy steps.

However, you should conduct the opportunity analysis on your company/brand before beginning these procedures. Following first QApop registration, this will only need to be done once.

Enter the top three keywords that best define your company and click Continue on the Quora opportunity analysis page to get started. If you are asked whether you are currently using Quora, choose the appropriate option and click Continue.

You’ll be asked a couple more questions after this. If you fill them out and hit “Submit,” we’ll do the analysis for you. When completed, QApop will display the weekly views and other data linked with the keywords you entered.

Now that you’ve done the research, here’s how to utilize QApop to zero in on the most relevant questions, brainstorm potential responses, and set up an email notification whenever relevant questions are added.

The First Step: Making a Report

To begin using QApop, you must first create a report. You should approach this in a way that helps build your business or personal brand.

Here’s how to get started:

To view reports, use the drop-down menu on the left.
Select New to generate a fresh report.
On the next screen, enter a name for this report and enter at least four keywords (separated by commas) in the Define keywords text box.
Select a timeframe to pare down the search results.
To narrow your search to only the most precise results, select the “Exact match” radio button.
To get the report, select Explore data.

The time it takes for QApop to generate the report is now dependent on the amount of questions per keyword you choose when running the report. You can put this window on hold while you attend to other matters by minimizing it.

After the report has been prepared, you can access it by selecting it from the Your reports section. Several indicators are displayed in this table, but the QApop score, Quora traffic, and Views are the most significant. The QApop score shows you which questions, if answered, will lead to an increase in site visitors. Quora Traffic, in comparison, provides an approximation of a question’s monthly traffic while Views provides information about the total number of times a question has been viewed.

If you tap on a specific metric, the questions will be sorted accordingly. While you’re here, you can also use smart filters to rearrange the search results in any way you see fit.

The Second Step: Writing a Draft

When you run a report, it will show you a list of all the questions that are pertinent to the keywords you input. To acquire an answer to a question, select the Content draft tab in the report and then click the get draft button.

You can now choose between an AI-generated Answer, a blog post to Answer, and an Answer to Answer while looking for a response. You can create a content draft by selecting one of the alternatives we’ve already described and filling in the necessary fields.

After that, give QApop a few seconds to bring in the response and make a draft. When finished, activate Rephrase sentences to reword the imported answer to remove any potential points of contention. In the editing window on the right, you may also enter new points or modify existing ones.

When you’ve finished working on your response and are happy with it, use the Save draft button. The next step is to sign into your Quora account and navigate to the question you wish to respond to. Finally, paste the response you copied from QApop into the Quora answer box directly under the relevant question.

Initiate Monitoring in Step 3

As we’ve already discussed, QApop’s tracking tool is great because it alerts you via email every day whenever a question matching your preset keywords is asked. It’s a helpful QApop feature, and you should turn it on so you don’t miss out on answering important questions.

From the QApop home screen, choose Tracking to begin configuring tracking. To be notified by email whenever a question matching your criteria is posted, simply enter those terms and toggle the appropriate box. Similarly, you can limit the number of times you’ll be notified when your queries reach a certain amount of views.

When you’re through customizing your tracking preferences, select Save settings.

QApop Costs

QApop is feature-light and available for no cost. Quora’s free tier is limited and requires a paid subscription for access to premium tools like traffic forecasting, AI-generated content drafts, and the ability to keep track of your questions.

QApop has several premium subscription tiers available to its users. See the attached graphic for a breakdown of the specifics of each plan.

Initiation: $19/month
Price: $49 a month
Monthly Pro Rates: $499

As of this writing, QApop is running a lifetime sale on its premium subscriptions, with the Starter plan costing $99, the Essential plan $249, and the Professional plan $345. Date of expiration 07 JUN 2022. Use coupon code “techpp” to save 10% off your purchase.

An Overview of Marketing on Quora

When it comes to marketing your brand or business on Quora, QApop is one of the few Quora marketing solutions that truly work. In addition to the built-in draft generator and clever keyword analysis that make it easy to locate questions relating to your niche, you can also set up a tracker that tells you about new relevant questions every day, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity.

Overall, QApop can help you rapidly improve website traffic, leads, and sales if you’re interested in investigating Quora as a marketing channel for your brand.

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