Many internet users prefer Google Chrome because of its reliability and security. One reason for Chrome’s popularity is that it has a robust ecosystem of extensions and plugins that can be used to increase the browser’s capabilities and improve the user experience.

Chrome has the highest share of the browser market and a wide range of functions, but it is still not a privacy-friendly option. The lack of user privacy on Chrome can be traced back to a number of different issues. Without getting sidetracked, though, let’s look at some privacy addons that can help you improve your Google Chrome security.

Best Privacy Add-ons for Google Chrome

Productivity, tab management, privacy, and security are just few of the categories covered by the extensions available in the Google Web Store. In one of our previous articles, we discussed the most useful add-ons for Google Chrome. In this case, we’ll be looking into Chrome’s selection of privacy-oriented add-ons. [These add-ons are compatible with all Chromium-based browsers, including Brave, Edge, and Vivaldi.]

For the record, in the context of online privacy and security, “security” refers more to safeguarding your data from prying eyes and evil intent, while “privacy” relates to protecting your online persona.

The Basics of Privacy on DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a well-known search engine with an emphasis on user privacy that allows for uncompromised web exploration without sacrificing anonymity. It provides a Chrome extension that safeguards your browsing experience in multiple ways. If you’re concerned about being followed throughout the web when you search, you can install this extension and have DuckDuckGo as your default search engine. Additionally, the extension mandates encrypted connections on all visited sites, making it more difficult for firms to trace your surfing habits, and provides the option to activate GPC (Global Privacy Control), which prevents websites from selling or sharing any of your personally identifiable information.

Essentials for Private Browsing with DuckDuckGo

Badger of Secrecy

If you use Chrome and want to avoid being tracked, you should install the Privacy Badger addon. Unlike some other tracking blockers, this one doesn’t require you to manually add trackers to a blacklist; rather, it detects trackers based on their actions (whether or not they breach user consent) and blocks them accordingly. By sending a Do Not Track signal to firms, Privacy Badger requests that they refrain from tracking you and, if they continue to do so despite your request to opt out, it learns to prevent these trackers in the future.

The extension provides you with three sliders—red, yellow, and green—to indicate the tracking status of individual websites. The color red indicates strictly forbidden material collected from outside trackers. Domains owned by companies other than the one you’re currently visiting are highlighted in yellow. The presence of green indicates the possibility of being tracked by unrelated third-party domains.

Get the Badger of Secrecy

Possession by Spirits

When using Google Chrome, Ghostery is one of the greatest add-ons you can use to block ads. It’s a robust ad blocker that filters all those intrusive advertising and prevents web trackers from following your online movements. Therefore, not only do you get a less intrusive (less targeted) browsing experience, but the site also looks cleaner, which speeds up page loads. A dashboard displays all the data regarding the advertisements and trackers that have been blocked. The dashboard also provides a manual management option for blacklisted trackers and websites, allowing you to add or remove items as needed.

Buy This: Ghostery

Origin uBlock

An example of a comprehensive blocker is uBlock Origin, which uses publicly available lists of advertisements, trackers, and harmful websites to prevent its users from being exposed to them. Using these filters, uBlock Origin is more efficient because it can now block more types of websites, advertisements, and trackers than before.

Unselecting the extension’s pre-selected filter lists will allow you to access the websites that were previously blocked. In addition, you may customize the in-app settings, add whitelisted domains to avoid ad blocking, and make your own filtering rules. The extension’s pop-up window provides information about the adverts and trackers that have been banned, as well as the option to quickly execute various tasks. You may prevent annoying pop-ups, big media files, and fonts from loading, turn off JavaScript and cosmetic filtering, and eliminate specific parts from web pages.

To obtain: uBlock Origin

Web of Trust (WOT)

When it comes to Chrome privacy add-ons, Web of Trust is a must-have. The extension does exactly what its name implies: it protects you from online dangers like malicious websites, phishing attempts, and fake online shops. An symbol next to the search engine results pages (SERPs) displays each site’s reputation score. All of these grades fall into one of three color-coded buckets: red, yellow, and green. Sites with a green lock icon are safe, while those with a red warning triangle should be avoided. WOT’s premium version includes ad blocking and the ability to restrict access to specific sites.

Web of Trust, if you will.

NordVPN and TunnelBear

No matter what device you use to access the internet, you absolutely must have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) installed. A virtual private network (VPN) allows you to bypass regional restrictions on websites and services and surf the web discreetly and securely. The likelihood of someone snooping on your online activity and personal data is greatly reduced when all of your traffic goes over an encrypted and secure route. If you already have a VPN subscription, all you need to do is install the service’s browser extension. If you don’t already have a virtual private network (VPN), we suggest installing either the NordVPN or TunnelBear VPN extension, or perusing our comprehensive listicle of VPN providers to find one that meets your needs.

Use: NordVPN | TunnelBear

Using Chrome’s Privacy Add-ons to Safeguard Your Identity Online
The ad and tracker blocking and prevention capabilities of the Google Chrome extensions we’ve included here should be sufficient for most users. This means you may safely browse the web, make purchases, and engage in online banking without being followed or having your browsing habits profiled and sold to advertisers.

However, keep in mind that the only thing these extensions do is increase your online privacy; they don’t do anything for your security. The latter is something you can only acquire if you install security-related Chrome extensions that will assist you in maintaining the privacy of your online activities.

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