Advertise your products and services whether you own a small business or are just starting out with a side project to increase your chances of attracting new customers. Although managing advertising campaigns may appear to be a simple business, it is anything from. You have to put in extra hours and get your hands filthy on digital canvases making posters, flyers, films, and whatever else you need unless you’re already well-established and can afford to pay someone to do this for you.

Depending on your needs, you can pick from a number of different internet resources that provide this kind of assistance. However, PosterMyWall is one service that provides a large library of templates and the option to make custom graphics to aid you with various ad themes for personal and commercial usage.


Finding the correct platform is one of the major challenges when taking creative issues into your own hands and making graphics yourself. One that doesn’t require expert knowledge but instead has a straightforward interface and complete collection of tools to assist you make eye-catching visuals to advertise your business or service. Most of the professional ones on the market are not as user-friendly, and you need to have some familiarity with their feature set before you can produce satisfactory visuals.

On the other hand, PosterMyWall aspires to deliver something completely different. You’ll have access to all the features you need to create graphics, posters, social media postings, videos, marketing graphics, and other visual content, and the app will keep its features from getting in the way of the user experience.

This graphic design service gives you the option of starting from scratch with your marketing content, or using one of the many premade layouts that can be modified to fit your needs. If you’re just getting started, a good place to start filling up the canvas is with a template. In addition, you can always make changes to the template to make it your own and get rid of the parts that are unnecessary.

PosterMyWall provides a broad variety of high-resolution stock photographs and movies in addition to image and video templates, which can be useful for making your own visual material. PosterMyWall saves you time by integrating access to stock media (pictures and movies) on the site, so you won’t have to go looking for it elsewhere. The best part is that all it takes is a quick search to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Your ad content is stored in your account after you’ve created it. This ensures that you can return to your files at any time. Additionally, this facilitates online cooperation. So, if you want to work on a design with some of your team members, all you have to do is send them an invite.

PosterMyWall’s compatibility with mobile devices and desktop browsers means that you can edit your posters from anywhere.


We have previously discussed the purpose of PosterMyWall and the ways in which its many features and functionalities can be put to good use; nonetheless, there are still a few highlights worth highlighting.

First, Samples

PosterMyWall’s templates are among its top features. For those who are unfamiliar, these serve as a template from which your final graphics can be built. You can choose from a variety of sizes and topics in the platform’s extensive library of such templates. You can pick a template size here that works for your graphics project. Flyer, poster, Facebook post, Instagram post, digital signage, online ad, logo, cover image, and web banner sizes are just some of the options.

Thematically relevant template options are available in a similar fashion. You can select a template and modify it to your liking to make graphics for an upcoming concert or brand performance, for example. Fundraising, sports, birthday, festival, holidays, photography, restaurant menus, garage sale, and so on are just some of the numerous pre-made themes available through the site.

Video content templates are available on PosterMyWall with image templates. If you need promotional content in the form of video, you can do the same thing you did with photographs and select video templates based on their size and subject matter. And the contents can be altered to suit your selected format.

Second, made-to-order

As was previously said, PosterMyWall provides picture and video templates that can be used for a variety of design purposes, making it ideal for those who are just starting out in the world of graphics. But, even though these templates cover a wide range of use-cases, bespoke designing (creating from scratch) is significantly more suited for individuals who need more control over the aspects in their design.

The first step is to choose the target size for your material. There is a wide variety of template sizes available. So, choose one that best fits your needs from the options provided. If you prefer a different size for your design, you can change the default measurements to your own specifications.

Once you’ve decided on the canvas size, you may choose the background from a wide variety of possibilities, including a solid color, a color gradient, a bespoke image, or a stock image. When the canvas is complete, you may begin including design elements like clipart, text, media (photos, movies, etc.), and more. The service provides a plethora of customization choices for each of these factors. To give you an example, you can choose to have audio and video playback capabilities, to have a variety of text fonts and animations, and to have access to a wide variety of clipart, including both geometric shapes and illustrative visual arts. In addition to these components, you may enhance the visual appeal of your material by including menus and tables in your visuals.

Timeline and release

When you’re satisfied with your design, you have the option of saving it to your computer or sharing it on Facebook or Twitter without leaving the platform. When creating many graphics for social media, this ability can come in handy. Now you may post your designs directly to your various accounts on PosterMyWall without first having to store them locally. You’ll need to link your PosterMyWall accounts for this to operate. After everything is set up, you can add a title and caption to your post and send it live. If you subscribe to one of their premium plans, you’ll also be able to schedule the release of numerous designs at once. In addition, your designs can be emailed to others or embedded on a website.


There are two tiers of PosterMyWall memberships to choose from: Premium and Premium Plus. The annual fee for the Premium plan is $99.95, while the Premium Plus plan costs $319.95. As would be anticipated, the latter provides a marginally better value. However, one major distinction between the two is that with Premium Plus, you can download as many templates as you like (both photos and videos).

PosterMyWall offers both free and premium versions. In contrast to the other two, however, this one keeps most of the extra features for itself and stamps a watermark onto every photo. Watermark-free templates are available if you solely intend to use the service for social media posts. Subscribers on the free plan can also pay a one-time price to upgrade to a higher resolution version of the download. You can use the platform to make graphics quickly (with less options) without signing up if that’s not your thing.


In conclusion, PosterMyWall provides access to the same variety of graphical design tools seen in more expensive, specialized graphics suites. The platform also provides a large selection of customizable templates across a wide range of topic areas and document sizes. With all of these features and a straightforward editor that requires nothing in the way of training, PosterMyWall is the ideal tool for creating images for both personal and professional use.

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