To accomplish your goals while working with a PDF file, you will likely need to make some changes to the file. While opening and reading PDF files is simple, editing them can be a bit more complicated, especially because many PDF editors need you to pay extra for advanced capabilities like signature and filling.

LightPDF stands out as an exception to this rule. It’s a comprehensive PDF toolkit that includes everything you need to create, edit, and manage PDFs. The best thing is that it is free to use and provides access to several powerful tools for working with PDFs.

Stay tuned as we explore LightPDF and run through all the capabilities it offers to make PDF modification a breeze!

LightPDF: What Is It?

LightPDF is a web-based PDF editor that can handle any PDF-related task. It has over 20 PDF tools, so you can do just about everything you want with PDFs, from editing to converting to compressing to combining to annotating.

LightPDF’s compatibility with the cloud and other collaboration tools is a major plus. With the cloud’s help, storing PDFs for later use or sharing is a simple and safe process. Not only can you access these files from anywhere, but you can also work on them in real-time with distant team members.

LightPDF’s Main Attributes

LightPDF is a comprehensive PDF solution that includes the following benefits:

Read and edit PDFs
Watermark a PDF file
Split a PDF file
Combine multiple PDF files
Sign a PDF
Compress a PDF file
Annotate a PDF
Encrypt PDFs
Unlock PDFs
Convert a PDF to/from another image or file format
Extract text from PDFs

Introduction to All of LightPDF’s PDF Editors

LightPDF has more than twenty PDF utilities. Here’s a rundown of the many applications they have:

Edit a PDF File

LightPDF has every tool you’ll need to modify PDFs quickly and easily.

LightPDF provides several editing options for PDFs once they have been uploaded. You can do things like highlight text, insert photos for visual flair, add a stamp, insert shapes, draw, change the page mode, and alter transitions.

Convert PDFs to Other Image/Document Formats

Due to size or compatibility constraints, you may occasionally need to convert an image or document into a PDF, or vice versa. LightPDF has many useful editing features that can be used in such a scenario.

Image Conversion:


Document Conversion:

Word to PDF
Excel to PDF
PDF to Word
PDF to Excel

Watermark a PDF File

Adding a watermark to a PDF file can be a hassle if you don’t have the proper software. LightPDF’s integrated watermarking tool makes it simple to apply a watermark to a PDF.

You can use it to watermark both text and images, and it comes with a ton of customization options for how the watermark looks and behaves. The finest aspect is that it assists you in watermarking every page of your PDF, saving you the trouble of doing so manually.

Split a PDF

Typically, a PDF document will have numerous pages. On the other hand, you may find that you need to separate it across multiple pages. LightPDF makes it simple to divide a PDF into multiple files and extract individual pages.

Merge PDF Files

LightPDF also allows you to merge multiple PDF files into one, similar to how it can split a PDF. LightPDF will combine your files into a single PDF after you submit them and arrange their display order.

Sign a PDF

In order to legally sign a PDF, several PDF utilities demand a subscription or one-time fee. One notable exception is LightPDF, which provides a free means of signing PDFs. You can either manually draw your signature or use an uploaded image of your signature to sign.

Extract Text from Images Using OCR

Optical character recognition (OCR) software helps you get text out of photos and documents so you don’t have to retype everything by hand.

LightPDF has an effective OCR reader integrated directly into the program. It’s a simple way to convert the text in PDF files into a more usable format. The following file types are all accepted: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and text.

Compress a PDF File

A PDF file can be compressed to decrease its size before being sent by email or any other program. However, the quality of the compressed file usually suffers as a result.

LightPDF prevents this from happening, allowing you to effortlessly compress PDFs without sacrificing quality.

Encrypt PDF Files

LightPDF allows you to encrypt PDFs in addition to editing and manipulating them. When a PDF contains private or confidential information that you don’t want others to read, this feature comes in useful.

You can protect your PDF by uploading it with a password. LightPDF will use this password to encrypt the file, making it inaccessible without the key.

Unlock a PDF

LightPDF is able to delete PDF passwords in much the same way that it can add them. To decrypt something, you need to know the password that was used to encrypt it.

LightPDF Plans and Pricing

LightPDF’s web-based usage is largely gratuitous. There is no limit to the number of files you can submit, and you can upload as many as 30 every day.

However, LightPDF’s free tier comes with some functionality restrictions. The free plan lacks some features that the paid plans offer, such as the ability to add notes, print documents, and use some editing tools (such as strikethrough, underline, squiggly line, and a few shapes).

A premium subscription with access to these extras is available for either $19.90 per month or $59.90 per year. This grants you access to LightPDF on other platforms, allowing you to upload an unlimited number of files each day and utilize the mobile app or desktop client on your smartphone or computer to do native manipulations on your PDFs.

Easy PDF Editing Anytime, Anywhere

There are several helpful resources available for modifying PDFs. Most of these, however, require payment or are not universal between platforms.

LightPDF, on the other hand, may be used on any device and is freely available online. Its user interface is modern and straightforward. Support for the cloud means you can share and access your files from anywhere, and work with others when necessary.

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