The Quick Response Code (QR code) is a matrix barcode that may be scanned to provide detailed information about a product. For promotional purposes, several companies now attach unique QR codes to their product packaging. Actually, nowadays, QR codes are employed by a wide variety of sectors and persons outside of advertising.

The level of ease they provide is a key factor in QR codes’ current meteoric rise in popularity. Users are able to cram more content into a smaller screen/canvas because of this ease of use and the speed with which it can be accessed. Naturally, this raises the questions, “What is a QR code?” and “How do I create my own QR code?” These questions and more like them are addressed in the following handbook.

In other words, what is a QR code?

Quick Response (QR) codes are a specific type of matrix code that can store data about a given commodity or service. It can store up to 2953 binary characters and features three square structures at its corners.

In terms of layout, a QR code is comprised of black cells organized in a white square grid. Matrix codes, which use black-and-white cells without defined square structures in the corners, and barcodes, which are one-dimensional and can only store a small number of letters, look very different from this arrangement.

In general, QR codes fall into either the static or the dynamic category. Once generated, static QR codes can only store a single set of data and cannot be altered in any way. However, unlike static QR codes, dynamic ones can be updated after they’ve already been made. Scan counts, scan locations, daily scan averages, scans from specific devices, and much more can all be recorded with the use of these codes.

When put head-to-head, most companies and individuals would choose dynamic QR codes over static ones. This is because, in contrast to their static predecessors, they can be monitored, altered, and tailored to the needs of the user.

QR codes are used for a wide variety of purposes; some examples include providing access to app stores, providing directions to specific locations, gathering feedback from customers, conducting surveys, collecting contact information via a landing page, and even functioning as a substitute for traditional business cards.

How do quick response codes function?

A QR code needs two operations, creation (or generation) and reading, to function properly. The first step is for the author to generate a QR code with the desired information and affix it to the goods or service in question. The next step for the reader is to utilize a QR code reader to decode the information contained within the QR code. Some mobile devices, including those with cameras, include a QR code scanner preinstalled. If your mobile device doesn’t already have a built-in QR code reader, you can install one from your device’s app store.

Simply said, a QR code is a type of barcode that can be scanned by a smartphone camera and decoded into human-readable data in the same way that regular barcodes do.

Is there a way to create a QR code?

There are a variety of apps and online services that may help you generate a QR code, but they all have their advantages and disadvantages depending on whether you want a static or dynamic code. In general, though, you can generate a QR code in one of two ways: with an app or service, or with code.

In a perfect world, the prior method of generating a QR code would be sufficient, as most consumers would prefer a simple and fast method. However, you can code your own QR code if you require greater flexibility and command over the data that it stores. For the sake of this essay, we shall only use external QR code generators. If, however, you’d like to make a QR code with Python, check out this guide.

Websites With the Best QR Code Generators


Visualead is a well-known option for creating QR codes. It works as a web app and requires minimal effort to implement. To get started, all you have to do is choose an action you want the QR code to perform and the type of code you want it to be. Any URL or landing page can be used as the action. After that is completed, a design can be made using either a premade template or a picture that you submit. Visualead allows you to go back and make adjustments to your dynamic QR codes if need be. You can now create a QR code. And you may take your choose between printing and sharing it.

In addition, you can monitor and control how well your QR codes are performing with Visualead. This means that all of your ad campaigns and audience research can be handled within the app itself.

Get Visualead has both free and paid plans.


QRStuff is an additional well-liked online tool for making QR codes. QRStuff’s free subscription does not limit the number of codes generated, in contrast to Visualead’s three per month limit. It’s free for non-commercial usage, so go ahead and use it to make some QR codes. In addition, a paid subscription is available for those who require more sophisticated functionality (such as tracking and analytics).

In terms of ease of use, QRStuff’s QR code generator offers a minimal set of requirements. The first step in encoding is choosing the data type and the material to be encoded. After that is done, you can choose the output file type, color, error correction percentage, and encoding size and resolution. To quickly generate a QR code without the bother of manually handling these settings, you can instead select a QR code template.

Options: Get QRStuff for Free or for Money

“QR Code Gorilla”

QRCode Monkey is a QR code generator that doesn’t cost a dime but still accomplishes all you need it to. It allows you to build a QR code from a wide variety of data kinds and provide you control over its visual appearance through adjustments to its size, color, and shape. You may make your QR code even more unique by using your company’s logo if you represent a business.

In terms of ease of use, QRCode Monkey is competent. You can begin using it immediately and have a working QR code in a matter of minutes. However, QRCode Studio is required for QR code management and costs as little as €5 per month. In addition, you may produce QR codes even more quickly by installing a Chrome extension that comes with the service. Also, QRCode Monkey offers an application programming interface (API) for making one’s own QR codes, should one be so inclined.

Budget: Download QRCode Monkey for Free

Create Your Own QR Code

Another free option for making QR codes, QR Code Generator has all the basic options and functionality you’ll need. However, the editor provided is extremely basic and lacking in comparison to the other options. Nonetheless, it is an efficient tool for accomplishing your goals. QR Code Generator’s advanced tracking capabilities and user data require a premium subscription.

It only takes a few simple actions to create a QR code. Just like with other services, you’ll need to choose a data type from a drop-down menu before you can begin customizing the look of your QR code by changing things like the frame’s type, shape, and color. You can also add your company’s logo for a more customized QR code. One unique feature of QR Code Generator is that it allows you to save your QR codes in vector formats, which is not the case with all QR code generators.

Pricing for the QR Code Generator varies per plan.

QR Code Maker using Beacon Technology

If you need a reliable QR code generator, look no farther than Beaconstanc QR Code Generator. When compared to the other QR code generators, it offers a plethora of options. Therefore, it is mostly a for-fee offering. The limited set of features and data types available with the free version are a major drawback. Once you switch to a premium service, however, Beaconstanc is head and shoulders above the competition.

While the free plan does allow you to generate QR codes, you are only able to generate static QR codes. Each design and personalization feature, such as frames, themes, or even templates, simply provides access to a single option. Additionally, only the PNG format is available for download. In a similar vein, the service may provide API access, but the free tier only grants you access to some of the features.

Beaconstanc QR Code Generator has two pricing tiers: free (14-day trial) and paid.


Scanova is the last online QR code maker that we recommend using. It has both free and premium options, with the former providing access to fewer tools. Scanova’s rudimentary features may not appeal to power users, but they are sufficient for the vast majority of people who simply require a basic QR code with little room for modification.

Moving on to the QR code creation process, the editor is tidy and simple to operate. A simple QR code can be generated in a matter of seconds. To further streamline the process, pre-made QR templates are available for you to choose from in order to swiftly generate codes displaying the information you need them to. In addition, the subscription plans include access to several tools for mass-producing QR codes, including the QR Batch, QR API, and QR SDK.

Fee-based and Ad-supported Options

Scanova It!

Top Smartphone QR Code Makers

Here are some of the top QR code generator applications for Android and iOS if you’d rather use a native app than a web app.

My QR-Code Maker

My QRCode Generator is an iPhone-only software that can create QR codes. It’s straightforward to use and features a slick user interface. The software allows you to generate QR codes on an iPhone using a wide variety of information. The app also allows you to personalize your QR code by changing its color, size, and other features. As an alternative, My QRCode Generator provides pre-made templates that may be used to generate QR codes with a single click. Finally, the app has a code scanner that can be used when you’re on the go.

QR Code Generator: Free or Premium Version Available for Download

To a qrafter

Qrafter is a QR code reader and creator app that is available exclusively on iOS devices. It can decode barcodes and QR codes and even create them with custom data embeddings. The app lets you alter the QR codes to your liking and gives you several different ways to save the finished product. In addition, a few apps can be integrated, and the QR codes you make can be printed via AirPrint. As you may have guessed by now, most of these capabilities are only available to subscribers on the highest premium plan.

Download Qrafter for free or a small fee.

Create Your Own QR Code

Only Android users can use QR Code Generator & Creator, a QR code generator app. You may generate QR codes with a wide range of options and features to suit your needs. The most common data formats are all supported, therefore the program can be used for a wide variety of purposes. QR Code Generator is no different from other QR code creators in that it provides premade templates to speed up the creation process. The program also provides several customization choices for individuals that require greater say over the look of their QR codes. Furthermore, QR Code Generator & Creator may be used to do more than only create QR codes; it can also be used to scan and interpret QR codes.

QR Code Maker, Both Free and Paid Versions Available

Create a Barcode

Barcode Generator is a simple (yet well-liked) Android app that can create and read QR codes and barcodes. The program doesn’t cost anything, and it has everything you need to make a QR code that actually works. In addition, it offers comprehensive support for a wide range of code generators, so you won’t have to worry about any unexpected data type issues. You also have the option of exporting QR codes as images, as well as a few more sharing options. Therefore, Barcode Generator is the app for you if you require a reliable QR code generator for Android.

Barcode Maker, Available for No Cost

Mobile QR Code Scanner with Code Reader and Code Creator

Another powerful QR code and barcode scanner for Android, QR Code Reader & Generator / Barcode Scanner has many useful functions. The app simplifies the process of making and reading QR codes on Android devices. You can use it to generate QR codes for a variety of purposes, as it supports several data kinds. The app’s flashlight functionality makes it possible to view QR codes even in low-light conditions.

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