Over time, computer performance degrades. Nothing you can do will prevent it from happening. The accumulation of your personal files, programs, and media is a major contributor to the sluggishness of your computer. Most of these files are probably not being used, but they are still taking up valuable storage space and slowing down your computer.

The best way to cope with this issue is to regularly do maintenance like cleaning and optimization. In most cases, doing so manually would suffice. However, specialized software streamlines and improves these operations.

Trend Micro’s Cleaner One Pro is an example of a disk cleaner that can help you manage and declutter your computer’s storage for optimal performance.

A definition of Cleaner One Pro.

Disk space may be viewed, managed, and cleaned up with the help of Cleaner One Pro by Trend Micro. It’s compatible with both Windows and macOS, and it has a ton of functions for keeping your PC tidy and running at peak efficiency.

In addition to freeing up space on your hard drive and removing junk files from your Mac, Cleaner One Pro also allows you to control which programs launch at startup and uninstall those that you don’t need. This is possible on macOS and Windows without any additional software, but using it streamlines the procedure and saves time.

What Services Does CleanerOne Pro Provide?

As a comprehensive disk cleaning manager, Cleaner One Pro provides an abundance of cleaning and optimization tools. The vast majority of these capabilities are cross-platform across macOS and Windows. However, there are some functions that are exclusive to each system. In this piece, we’ll take a look at what the Mac version of Cleaner One Pro has to offer.

Efficient Searching

With Smart Scan, you can clean, optimize, and diagnose your system all from the same control panel. When a smart scan is complete, the results are broken down into three sections: storage, diagnostics, and applications. The clutter on your hard disk, including unnecessary files, large files, duplicate files, and similar photographs, is easy to spot. The View Details button provides access to additional information. The diagnostics section includes the security status and recommendations. The programs that aren’t being used can be found in a subcategory called “Application.”

Data Garbage

You can use Junk Files to locate and remove any unnecessary data that has accumulated on your Mac. System caches and system logs are common examples of these types of files, but they can also contain browser caches, application caches, outdated documents, remnants from previously installed applications, and so on. By erasing and getting rid of them, you can free up a lot of space on your hard drive and get rid of unwanted files.

Big Data

Big Files aids in discovering all the large files stored on your Mac. Therefore, you can free up space on your hard drive by erasing unnecessary huge documents or installation files (.dmg) that you no longer need.

Disc Layout

Disk Map provides a graphical depiction of the file types currently stored on your disk. To learn more about the contents of specific directories on your Mac, you can generate a disk map for them. You can clean up a directory by removing any unnecessary files from it.

CEO of a New Venture

With Startup Manager, you can see which applications on your Mac load when you first turn it on. When you install new software on a Mac, some of it may demand to launch immediately each time you turn on the machine. Use Startup Manager to control which programs launch with your computer.

File duplication and similar-looking images

To save up space on your Mac, Duplicate Files will search for and locate any and all duplicates. You can search for duplicates in the whole storage system or in a specific folder. Similar Photos is another tool included in Cleaner One Pro that searches for duplicate images on your Mac. Therefore, it can be used to clear the system of images that are confusingly identical to one another.

Device Administrator

Rather than having to manually delete each app and its accompanying files, App Manager analyzes your Mac and displays a list of everything that has been installed. The identification and deletion of redundant files is notoriously difficult on a Mac, as they are stored in the Other storage category. However, Cleaner One Pro makes quick work of finding and removing them.

Document Destroyer

Cleaner One Pro’s File Shredder is a standout function because it permanently deletes data without a trace. If you’re planning on selling or giving away your Mac, it’s best practice to completely format it before you do so. File Shredder, included in Cleaner One Pro, further reduces the likelihood of data recovery.

Cleaner One Pro includes a somewhat different set of optimization options for Windows than the standard version. To maintain your system free from conflicts and running smoothly, it comes with a Registry manager that can help you locate and remove obsolete entries from the registry.

Use of Cleaner One Pro: A Guide

Now that you know what Cleaner One Pro is capable of, it’s time to learn how to get it set up and running on your Mac.

You can buy Cleaner One Pro from Trend Micro and install it on your Mac or Windows computer right now.
To set up the program, just stick to the on-screen prompts.
To activate Cleaner One Pro on your computer, go to the menu and click “Activate.”
When prompted, give the program full access so it can begin scanning and analyzing your computer.
After you’ve installed Cleaner One Pro, you’re ready to move further. Here are the directions for setting it up on a Mac.

To launch Cleaner One Pro, double-click its system tray icon. The menu bar utility for viewing system resources including CPU, network, garbage files, and RAM will open automatically. Simply selecting Optimize will free up more RAM, while selecting Clean will swiftly delete unnecessary items. You can learn more about Cleaner One’s cleaning and optimization tools by navigating to its main Console.

To open the utility’s full potential, select the System Optimizer tab.

The Smart Scan screen will load automatically. If you suspect a problem with your storage, you can scan it by clicking the Scan button, or you can navigate to the appropriate area by using the menu on the left.
To take control of the programs that launch with your operating system, go to the Startup Manager and do a scan. Once the program provides a list of applications, deselect the ones you do not wish to launch automatically.
Select Duplicate Files or Similar Photos and run a scan to find and remove duplicates from your computer. When the scan is finished, Cleaner One Pro will show you all the similar or duplicate images it found. You can then choose to remove these files.
App Manager allows you to quickly and easily remove unneeded applications and all of their associated data from your Mac. While it is possible to accomplish this manually, utilizing Cleaner One Pro guarantees that all of an app’s data is removed, preventing any lingering files from taking up valuable storage space.
File Shredder is a useful tool for securely erasing all data from your Mac before selling or handing it off to a new owner.

Cleaner One Pro: A Powerful Tool for PC Optimisation

The system optimization and cleanup functions in Cleaner One Pro make it a useful tool for maintaining a clutter-free PC and maximizing its potential. Whether you’re running a Mac or PC, you may utilize system maintenance tools to keep things running smoothly.

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