A useless image is one that is fuzzy. It’s usually useless and ruins an otherwise excellent shot. Fortunately, there are a number of photo editing programs that claim to be able to restore sharpness to fuzzy images.

One example of such a tool is the HitPaw Photo Enhancer. It uses AI to unblur and clean up blurry photos with a single click. The software may improve the clarity of photos by eliminating noise and blur, whether they were taken with a phone or downloaded from the internet, or even if they were taken years ago.

What follows is a comprehensive guide to using the HitPaw Image Optimizer.

Is It Necessary to Use a Photo-Improving AI?

Using photo editing software to correct blurriness is a laborious task. In order to get the most out of the software, you need to have a basic familiarity with it. While this method does allow for greater manipulation of a picture’s other features, it is still not a good fit for the vast majority of users.

Here’s when a photo enhancer with artificial intelligence, like HitPaw Photo Enhancer, comes in handy. It streamlines the editing procedure, letting you improve fuzzy photographs with only a few clicks based on your needs.

This means that your old, fuzzy images can be improved with minimal effort. Additionally, you may process multiple photographs in a batch at once, which is both time-saving and convenient.

To improve photos, what is HitPaw?

The goal of the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered HitPaw Photo Enhancer is to help you improve and correct blurry photos. It can be used to restore useful clarity to photos that have become blurry or noisy. It also allows you to upscale and expand photos, which is useful if you want to improve the quality of a low-resolution photo.

You may use HitPaw on both Mac and Windows. The simplicity of using Photo Enhancer is one of its main selling points; all you have to do is upload a fuzzy image and choose a suitable artificial intelligence model, and the app will handle the rest.

HitPaw’s Photo Editing Capabilities

Simple, one-button photo editing
Modular AI with a Variety of Effort Modes
Multi-resolution image upscaling that maintains image quality.
Processing in batches
Quicker operations thanks to the accelerated mode
Several Resulting Formats

How does the HitPaw photo editor function?

HitPaw Photo Enhancer uses AI to automate the process of improving your photos. It offers up four different examples to follow.

Ideal for improving photographs of landscapes, buildings, and the like. Perfect for most applications.
To clean up an image, try out the Denoise Model. Sharpening cartoonish images is another benefit.
The Face Model is a great tool for fixing blurry or damaged portraits.
The Colorize Model is designed to add color to monochrome images.

Select a model from this set that best fits the needs of the image you’re working with and the effects you’re hoping to achieve. This step is crucial since it instructs Photo Enhancer on how to effectively apply the effects to your image.

You can examine the results of the effects on your image in a preview window after the processing is complete. And then you may choose to either export the image at its original resolution or at an increased resolution.

The processing time and efficiency of HitPaw’s Photo Enhancer can be optimized with the accelerated mode. It improves the quality of the final product and works best with photographs with a greater resolution.

HitPaw Photo Enhancer: A Step-by-Step Guide

HitPaw Photo Enhancer’s intuitive interface is made possible by AI. Follow these instructions to improve and unblur a shaky photo:

Get HitPaw Photo Enhancer from their website, and then install it on your computer.
To edit your photos, open the program on your Mac or Windows computer.
Select the image you’d like to edit by clicking the corresponding button. The image can also be dropped onto the HitPaw Photo Enhancer window via drag and drop.

Select a higher resolution from the drop-down menu labeled “Resolution” to make the image larger.
Using the Preview option, you can watch as the application applies the AI model to your image.
Simply export the image to your computer by clicking the Export button and selecting the desired output format.

Plans and Cost for HitPaw’s Picture Editor

The HitPaw Image Enhancer is a commercial product. There are three tiers of membership available:

For Mac:

Monthly: $19.99
Annual: $79.99
Lifetime: $129.99

For Windows:

Monthly: $17.99
Annual: $79.99
Lifetime: $99.99

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