YouTube is without a doubt one of the best places to watch videos on the Internet. 30,000 minutes of material are uploaded every hour, according to some sources. With more than 800 million videos in its library, YouTube needs a well-tuned recommendation algorithm to keep people interested.

YouTube looks at the number of Likes, the number of comments, the ratio of Likes to Dislikes, and how long people watch a video. The number of likes to dislikes is very important because it shows what most people think about a video. This ratio is based on how many people like a YouTube movie and how many people don’t like it.

Everyone on the site could see how many dislikes there were. This was an important feature because it made it easy for people to decide quickly if a video was helpful or not. Users didn’t have to read through the comments to figure out how good the movie was, which saved a lot of time. But as of November 2021, YouTube hid how many people didn’t like a video. The community has made a tool that lets you see how many people don’t like your YouTube video. Here are steps on how to find out how many dislikes each video has.

Why can’t I see the number of dislikes on YouTube?

YouTube says that a dislike count that is obvious to everyone leads to “hate brigades,” which are groups of people who focus on a specific creator or video and vote down their videos on purpose. This group of people who don’t like things has hurt YouTube’s Recap videos. The platform says that hiding the number of dislikes should stop these kinds of things from happening and make people more positive. The company did this to look out for the mental health of creators and make the site a healthier place.

Even though the dislike count is hidden from the public, artists can still see the exact number of likes and dislikes for their videos. This should help them figure out what people like and what they don’t, so they can make changes to their content. In short, YouTube will hide the number of dislikes to make the site safer, more upbeat, and more supportive. The company says that this change will make it easier for creators, viewers, and marketers to work together.

What is YouTube Dislike Count Return?

With the Return YouTube hate browser extension, the community has come together to bring back the hate count. When this app is turned on, it shows how many people don’t like each video.

But the number isn’t correct because YouTube no longer shows the public the number of dislikes. So, the extension’s creators made an algorithm that tries to guess the number of hates based on data from the past and how people use the extension. When the app is in place, it keeps track of which videos you don’t like. This information is then extrapolated to all of the users, and a rough ratio of likes to dislikes is projected.

The Return Youtube Dislike extension is available for Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Brave, among other browsers. The team has also added the Dislike counter to Android by integrating the extension with YouTube app options like NewPipe.

How to see the YouTube Dislike Count on Chrome

Using the app, bringing back the YouTube Dislike count on Chrome is a simple process. You can do the same for other browsers by following these steps:

When you turn on the extension, you’ll see that the dislike number is back. As we’ve already said, this counter works by keeping track of what people like and don’t like. But if you don’t want to send this information, you can turn it off. To do this, do the following:

This is how to install, set up, and use the Return YouTube Dislike app to get the Dislike counter back in your browser. But a lot of people watch YouTube mostly on their phones. These people can get a different YouTube app, like NewPipe, to see how many dislikes they have on YouTube on their Android phones.

How to See YouTube Dislike Count on Android Phones

NewPipe is a free YouTube client for Android that offers a lot of features. It unlocks several premium benefits like high-resolution downloads, ad-free viewing, and PiP. Since the app is open source, the team behind the Return YouTube Dislike extension has developed their own version of NewPipe with support for counting dislikes. It works in the same way as the browser extension. Follow these steps to install the app and check the number of YouTube dislikes on Android.

Under each video, you can now see the Dislike counter next to the Like counter. This branch of NewPipe has tools like SponsorBlock and more.

Easy Dislike Count on YouTube

In the end, there is no legal way to see or count how many dislikes a YouTube video has. But extensions like Return YouTube Dislike try to fill in the gap by making a forecast based on user and historical data. Users can still use the comments to figure out if a video is real and useful, even without the dislike number.

Let us know in the comments if the article was helpful and if you were able to check the dislike count on YouTube using your computer or Android phone.

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