People who want to start a small business are told to set up data for their website or app. Most of the time, either Google tracking, a popular web tracking tool, or heat mapping tools like Hotjar are suggested. What if we told you that most people would be happier with something else? This is HockeyStack. It is an analytics tool that doesn’t require you to write any code. It keeps track of everything your visitors do, lets you set your own actions, and puts all the information in an easy-to-read dashboard.

Before we go any further, let’s talk about how hard data and optimizations are.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking and improving the performance of your website, but you have to set up a lot of features and know how to use them before you can use it. This is a huge problem for small business owners, who often don’t have time to handle their own data. Also, it’s often hard to set up these analytics packages, so website owners have to pay for third-party services that will do the setting up and watching for them. As a result, many business owners pay more for their data than they should and get less information than they need.

Tools for heatmapping, like Hotjar, claim to help you make websites that look better and are easier to use. But what they usually give you is a bunch of data that is hard to understand and not much help on what to do with it. Worst of all, they make you feel like your site isn’t as good as the competition, even if people think it’s fine. They only tell you where people click on your site. Of course, you need to know that, but you also need to know why they’re clicking there!

HockeyStack is a new analytics tool that doesn’t require you to write any code. It claims to fix both problems and give you key information about how your site’s visitors use it. The tool lets you build custom events that feed into any number of metrics, such as conversions, time on site, and bounce rates, without having to write a single line of code.

The main reason anyone should think about using HockeyStack is that it is easy to use without limiting what you can do. Unlike Mixpanel and Hotjar, which are both great tools in their own right, all it takes to connect it is a single line of script. The story is short and moves quickly. With the future Google Web Vitals update, you won’t have to worry about your analytics code slowing down your website.

The tool works with any website, no matter what the page is about or where it is located. You can use it on your personal portfolio site, a company site, a blog, or even a business site. You don’t have to be a seasoned programmer to use it. The only requirement is that you know how to create an account on HockeyStack’s website and set your goals.

Every scroll, click, video view, and search is collected and analyzed by HockeyStack. Then, you can sort your users by and/or session properties, countries, starting pages, devices, and much more. You can see the type, date, and selection of an action by clicking on it. As soon as you connect, tracking will begin.

Goals for Conversion

One of the best things about HockeyStack is that you can do this. Goals help you figure out if a site user is interested and turn him into a customer. But setting up a plan on Google Analytics is not easy. Even with some easier tools, you have to code each action one at a time. But HockeyStack is not like that. You can set specific conversion goals in seconds without having to write any code, and you can start tracking them in minutes. You can even sort your website visitors by their goals to find out what else they did on your site. This can help you come up with other ways to make money.

Graphical Funnels

Make beautiful visual funnels with your marketing campaigns, landing pages, and conversions to see where your visitors leave and how long they spend on each step of your funnel. HockeyStack makes it easy to figure out what’s wrong with your website’s conversions, fix them, and win.

Better privacy with tracking that doesn’t use cookies

HockeyStack just recently added the ability to track without cookies. By default, new HockeyStack users will use the version that doesn’t use cookies to track visitors. HockeyStack is different from other “free” analytics tools because it doesn’t track visitors who aren’t on your website or app. So it makes sense that it works with GDPR, unlike Google Analytics and other popular tools.

Sharing the dashboard

HockeyStack is the best tool for you if you run an agency with clients who pay you. You can make a dashboard for your clients and share it with them with just one click so they can track the analytics of their website. You can add as many users as you want to your dashboard, and each dashboard can be changed to fit the needs of each client. You can, of course, give each dashboard a password to keep it safe from people who don’t need to see it.

The most precise

HockeyStack doesn’t track bots and regularly checks your data with other tools to make sure it’s as accurate as possible. You can clean up your data even more by using an IP blocklist. In recent times, some web browsers have started to block Google Analytics, Hotjar, and other heavy analytics tools, thereby skewing your analytics data. The data from HockeyStack (now with cookieless tracking) will be much more correct.

Fast and dependable information

Some tracking tools provide session replays. If you use them, you need to watch these ten movies to understand why the other 990 didn’t convert. You’re spending a lot of time just making a guess. Most heatmaps can only show you where the mouse happened to fall (even if the visitor is scrolling). Some people argue that these tools are only insightful in theory, but in fact, they only waste your time. HockeyStack claims to get fast and reliable insights from all the 1000 visitors with no-code in an easy-to-understand way. No more guesses.

The same holds good for marketing efforts. Say you are running an e-commerce store and you see that most of your converting customers are from the United States, use their phones to shop from your website, and come from Twitter, you would want to focus on this customer group. That’s what reliable ideas look like.


HockeyStack offers a free 7-day sample without the need for a credit card. If you are pleased and decide to subscribe to one of the plans (more on them later), you still have 30 days to test and ask for a refund.

There are four plans to choose from, each with a name that fits: Start, Accelerate, Boost, and Dominate. The starting plan costs $24 per month and includes two domains and 50k pageviews. The next one is the Accelerate plan, which costs $49 a month for ten names and 500k pageviews. The Boost plan will cost $79 a month and include 1.5M pageviews and an unlimited number of names. If you run a business and want unlimited domains and pageviews, you can contact them to get a price quote that fits your needs. All plans have all of the same features, so the only difference is the amount of domains and page views.

Even though HockeyStack is new to web data, they have big plans. We know that because we looked at their plan. This includes tools for WordPress and Shopify, weekly email reports, PDF export, and more. They are already good enough to compete with the big ones, and in the future, they will be a name to remember.

HockeyStack is worth a look.

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