All popular desktop OSes include some basic clipboard management tools. If you’re using macOS, for instance, you can only copy one piece of text at a time because the system’s default clipboard manager only has one buffer.

If your workflow involves often copying and pasting information between applications, you may find the Mac’s restricted clipboard functionality frustrating.

For this purpose, you can use an external clipboard manager. The ability to copy several text samples (in different formats) and save them in separate buffers is a key feature of any decent third-party clipboard manager.

We’ve compiled a list of the top Mac clipboard managers to help you streamline your workflow and save time.

Clipboard Manager – Paste

One of the most widely used clipboard managers on Mac is Paste. Everything you copy can be saved to your Mac, iPhone, or iPad and retrieved at any time. The Paste clipboard manager allows you to copy a wide variety of content, including text, links, photos, and files.

When you copy something into Paste, it stays in the app and may be located quickly with a search. In addition, you can use pins in Paste to arrange the material you’ve copied. In addition, you may paste plain text, paste numerous objects at once, and create paste rules to standardize your pasting practices.

The ability to sync all of your data to your iCloud account is one of the nicest advantages of Paste. If you have multiple devices, you can make one of them into a universal clipboard by having its contents synced across all of them.

Price: Free (14-day trial) or $1.99/month

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Paste History using CopyClip

CopyClip is the easiest Mac clipboard program available. This clipboard manager for macOS is ideal for users that require only the most fundamental capabilities, as it can be accessed directly from the menu bar and has a relatively straightforward interface.

CopyClip displays the items you have copied and cut on the menu bar, making them easily accessible from anywhere on your Mac.

When it comes to optional extras, CopyClip gives you the option to set the number of clippings it stores. To further protect private information like passwords, the app lets you blacklist specific apps whose content you don’t want to be captured.


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Clipboard Manager (Copy ‘Em)

Copy ‘Em is a robust Mac clipboard manager that includes many useful extras. You may use it to copy and paste just about anything, including HTML, code snippets, PDFs, and a few other proprietary file types, as well as text, photos, and files.

In addition to the standard features, Copy ‘Em also allows you to paste frequently used snippets with shortcut keys, take screenshots and collect data, and save your favorite clipboard entries permanently.

You can create lists, categorize and name your duplicated things, and then easily find what you need. You can also sync your information across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac to make copying and pasting across devices a breeze. Finally, like some other clipboard managers, you can put apps to an ignore list if you don’t want their content copied.

Paid ($14.99)

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Flycut is a developer-focused, free Mac clipboard manager. It borrows its foundation from Jumpcut, an open-source clipboard manager, but adds a few handy extras of its own.

Flycut is a clipboard manager that, like CopyClip, may be found in the menu bar. The number of clippings it can store, what happens to them when you close the program, a custom exit message, a shortcut key, and other options are all customizable.


Clipboard Manager — Download Flycut

An Advanced Clipboard Manager for Windows

The CopyLess 2 clipboard manager is an updated and reimagined version of its predecessor. It can save up to a thousand clips that you’ve cut and pasted from various apps, giving you the flexibility to use them whenever you need to.

Your files are persistent across reboots since they are stored on disk. CopyLess 2 includes a labeling and favorite features that make it more simpler to organize and retrieve your collected clippings. It’s also convenient that you can sort clippings by app, content, or a name of your own creation.

In addition, you can choose to save your clippings to iCloud so that you can access them from any of your devices, set up shortcuts to paste multiple items at once, and have CopyLess 2 automatically strip away any formatting from text clippings before you paste them.

Costing nothing to $6.99

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PasteBox is yet another Mac snipper and clipboard manager, and it’s surprisingly lightweight for all the features it packs. You can easily copy and organize a wide variety of data, from text and images to entire web pages, which greatly simplifies your copy-and-paste workflow.

PasteBox makes it simple to access your copied items; simply hit a keyboard shortcut to open the clipboard manager, and then choose the item(s) you want to paste. You can do the same with the built-in snippet manager to keep track of all your snippets in one convenient location.

In addition to all of these features, PasteBox also lets you import and export snippets, paste clipboard content with shortcut keys, and keep a history of your past pastes.

Paid ($5.99)

Get PasteBox here.


Anybuffer is more than just a clipboard manager; it’s a full-fledged stuff organizer that keeps all of your media, from text and links to documents and images, in one place so you never lose it.

If you have an iCloud account, whatever you copy will appear on all of your other Apple devices. It’s now simple to copy and paste text between devices.

You can keep everything organized and reach it from any device thanks to Anybuffer’s smart shelves and its search function, which makes it easy to find the clips you’ve saved.

Open-source, commercial (up to $9.99/month)

Get Anybuffer here.


Maccy is a small, free, and open-source Mac clipboard organizer. It remembers what you’ve copied in the past, so you may pick and choose which version to paste into other programs or online sites.

You may quickly and simply choose the clippings you want to use because Maccy relies on keyboard shortcuts for most of its activities. In addition, you may use shortcut keys to paste clippings (with or without formatting), pin stuff you’ll use often, and clean your history all at once.

Maccy, like some other clipboard managers, lets you choose which programs aren’t logged, so you don’t have to worry about it snooping on your passwords or other private data.

Purchase and download Maccy for $9.99.

Use Mac Clipboard Managers to Easily Copy and Paste Content

It’s quite helpful to be able to copy and paste text between applications. You can save time by not having to retype the same information every time you use it and instead just copy and paste it.

These Mac clipboard managers will allow you to cut, copy, and paste various pieces of information simultaneously across different applications on your Mac without losing any of the information you’ve already copied. As a result, you’ll be able to streamline your processes and increase your output.

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