Android provides one of the most adaptable mobile environments available today. It allows you to alter the appearance of the operating system in countless ways by installing several small programs.

One of the most readily modifiable aspects of an Android smartphone is the app icon, which can be used to greatly improve the visual appeal of the home screen.

Every manufacturer has their own unique icon style (size, color, shape) to complement their skin; Pixel users have the simplest icons available. We have compiled a list of the finest Android icon packs you can use in 2023 to change the look of your Android device if you don’t like the default icons.


Need some images to use in your Android app design? More than 8 million icons and stickers, including UIcons — User Interface Icons tailored for UI designs and pixel-perfect resolution, are available for free on Flaticon, a dedicated icon site.

You can utilize UIcons with Figma after downloading them in PNG, SVG, iOS, or Android format.

Flaticon’s premium users get access to limitless downloads and a wide variety of file formats, including Android. The whole style guide is available for instant download. All of this means you can use whichever tools and techniques you like to modify the icons to your liking for your various projects.

Icon Outlining

Outline Icons is a pack of icons for your favorite apps that just use the outline. This icon set isn’t strictly minimal, but it does look great when paired with a dark theme or wallpaper. The icons’ distinct appearance and high visibility are contributed to, in part, by the bold color scheme.

The roughly 7900 icon sets included in Outline Icons should ensure compatibility with the vast majority of programs you install on your device. But if there’s an app whose icon doesn’t fit the theme style, it offers icon masking to make everything look consistent. The icons are also big enough and bright enough to be usable on Android tablets.

In addition, the icon pack comes with a number of high-resolution wallpapers that may be used as either home screen or lock screen backgrounds to further improve the aesthetic appeal of your device.


Users of Android will recognize Minma as a well-liked icon set. It has basic, spherical icons set against black backgrounds and flat, brushed icons in neon hues in the center. Minma is great if you prefer simple, minimalistic designs for your icons.

When it comes to available icons, Minma has more than 1150 and is constantly getting more. App masking is also supported so that your Android device’s home screen doesn’t look cluttered with icons for apps that haven’t been given a specific theme.

If you don’t like the default icons for your favorite programs, Minima comes with roughly 180 alternatives. The dashboard makes it simple to manage app icons, and you can even request new icons from within the app using the convenient in-built mechanism.

Pack of LineX Icons

LineX Icon Pack is a simple icon set that takes its cues from the neon aesthetic. Sharp and visually distinct, the app icons pair wonderfully with modern abstract backgrounds.

Over 5,000 app icons (including alternate icons) are available to use with LineX, and more are added with each new version. Like previous Android icon packs, it has a masking method to make plain icons look like they belong on your theme.

LineX isn’t just a source for app icons; it also provides a wide variety of backgrounds, some of which pair beautifully with the existing icon designs. While third-party launcher support is good, we recommend sticking with Nova for the smoothest experience. In addition, it has a Material Dashboard and allows users to set their own icons for the app drawer and file folders.

Set of Crayon Icons

Another unique icon set is Crayon Icon Pack. It has a cartoony motif for app icons and employs gorgeous pastel hues, giving your home screen a sense of fun that isn’t present in other icon packs and improving the look of the app drawer in the process. The crayon-style app icons in this bundle are accompanied with a selection of high-quality wallpapers.

Crayon Icon Pack features around 5300 icons. In addition, you have access to a large library of other icons and an icon masking system that adapts generic icons to the aesthetic of your home screen. You can also request new icons from within the program, and you can adjust existing icons to suit your needs. Furthermore, if you don’t like the icon set, you have 24 hours to request a refund.

The Crayon Icon Pack is compatible with a wide range of Android launchers. However, for a more streamlined experience, the creator suggests utilizing Nova Launcher with a few tweaks.


Charcoal is a high-quality flatcon Android icon set. It’s a set of flat-designed icon sets, as the name suggests, which were commonplace in the past but are enjoying a renaissance today.

Charcoal provides a smaller subset of Android’s available icon packs, with only about 1900 high-quality icons. Likewise, there isn’t a lot of help for the launcher. If you want minimalist, flat app icons for your home screen, though, you should accept both of these trade-offs.

In addition, if you enjoy the style of these app icons but would want icons in a different hue to better suit a particular home screen theme, you can always look into other flatcon icon packs like Blackout, Leaf, Clear Sky, etc.


White, minimalist app icons are what you’ll find in the Whicons icon pack. This icon set may appeal to you if you want white icons. The icons are big and colorful, making them easy to read and recognize.

Whicons, in terms of its icon set, provides roughly 7333 unique icons for a wide variety of Android software. It also offers a decent wallpaper library, with many of high-quality options that pair nicely with the white icons for your apps. The finest white Android icon set available.

Studio for Making Icons (IPS)

You may create your own unique icons with Icon Pack Studio (IPS), which is more than just another Android icon pack. If you’re looking for a specific style of icons for your device but can’t seem to find anything similar in the available icon packs, this is the perfect tool for you.

With IPS, you can either make your own icon pack from scratch or use one of the many available from the IPS community. As a result, you can tailor your path to suit your preferences and requirements. When it comes to personalization, the sophisticated editor allows you to resize icons, alter their forms, and apply filters and effects.

Icon Pack Studio has been updated so that you may now import and modify existing icon packs already installed on your Android smartphone. You can now use IPS to alter an icon pack’s look if you like most of it but dislike one or two details.

Every major launcher may be used with Icon Pack Studio. However, the Smart Launcher is required for the optimal experience.

Commended Works

Moonshine, No.

There are more than 920 icons in Moonshine, all of which adhere to Google’s Material Design. These icons are distinguished by their distinctive form and lively color palette. This icon set has the perfect icons for your Android device if you want to use a flat design theme everywhere, including on your home screen.

  1. Lines

The Lines icon set is among the most stripped-down available for Android. In the same vein as the Outline Icons set, it provides neat and uncluttered icons for use in software. The transparent symbols can be shown off against any of the included backgrounds, which is a nice bonus.

Pixel Icon Set, Version 3

Pixel Icon Pack is a recreation of the stock icons found on Google’s Pixel devices running Android. These generic images are circular in shape, flat, and have a linear design. With over 10,000 available, you can find an icon for just about every program you could want to put on your iPhone.

  1. Almug

If you’re looking for a dark icon set for Android, go no further than Almug. It provides bright app icons with dark inner glyphs that illuminate at the borders, making them quite aesthetically pleasing. There are also about a thousand QHD wallpapers to go along with the app icon style and over five thousand HD icons. Also included is the ability to conceal non-themed icons, and hundreds of different icons.

Making App Icons Look How You Want Them To

One of Android’s greatest strengths is the user’s ability to alter the look of individual components of the operating system, beginning with the home screen. As such, you should be able to easily update the design of the home screen of your smartphone with the help of the aforementioned apps.

While there are many more icon packs for Android available in the Google Play Store, we think the ones we’ve highlighted here do a good job and cover most tastes.

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