The accessibility of media has increased thanks to streaming and on-demand video services. Other than the broad use of these services, the democratization of the internet, which makes information available on-demand, is also a significant aspect to how we view videos today.

However, there are situations in which downloading a video is necessary. Despite the fact that you may now download videos from a number of online services, the vast majority of videos can only be viewed within the app or service itself, or with a paid membership.

Downloading videos and storing them locally is another option for watching them when you don’t have internet access. This is typically accomplished through the use of platform-specific third-party video downloading apps and services. If you use Google Chrome, however, you may speed up and simplify the process without leaving the browser by installing one of the excellent video downloaders we have compiled here.

Chrome’s Finest Video Downloader

As we’ve already discussed, there are numerous programs (or websites) and browser extensions available for downloading videos on browsers. For the sake of this essay, however, we will focus on Google Chrome extensions due to their convenience and speed.

You should realize that most apps and browser extensions obtained directly from the Google Chrome web store cannot download YouTube videos before you get too enthusiastic and start planning on the videos you want to download. That’s because Google has taken precautions to stop users from saving films to their computers. Therefore, in order to be sold in their shop, an extension must adhere to their guidelines.

First, StartPage24’s Video Downloader Pro.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many add-ons that can help you get around YouTube’s download limits if you’re set on doing so. On the list, we have one such add-on. We have no idea how long these delays will last.

One of the most well-liked add-ons for Chrome is Video Downloader professional. You may get it for nothing and install it as an add-on. This add-on allows you to save videos from many different sites to your PC. If the website you’re using actually supports it, this extension’s biggest feature is that it lets you choose the video download resolution.

This Chrome extension makes it easy to save videos from any website by just playing the video and clicking the extension. The video will be captured automatically by the extension, and you’ll be given a few download options from which to choose. It’s also possible to add downloaded videos to your video library or play them using Google Chromecast.

Invest in a reliable video downloader.

Downloading Videos with Flash

Lightweight video downloading for Chrome: that’s the Flash Video Downloader. It’s useful for downloading videos from many different sites. The add-on is straightforward and may be downloaded for nothing. Once it’s installed, you’ll have access to a variety of customization options. That way, you won’t have to enter your credentials every time you want to download something.

Using the Flash Video Downloader is as easy as going to the site with the video you want to download and clicking the extension’s icon. After locating the clip, it will let you play it, copy its URL, or save it to your computer. This CHrome video downloader, unfortunately, chooses the highest resolution available for a video without giving you the option to choose the resolution yourself.

Install the Flash Video Catcher

Professional Video Downloader (by VideoLoadPro)

It’s important to note that startpage24’s Video Downloader professional is different from the other Video Downloader professional Chrome addon. This one comes from videoloadpro and improves upon its predecessor in a few key respects. This add-on functions, for the most part, like any other video downloader, with a few minor tweaks.

The ability to download multiple films at once is only one of the many improvements made possible by VDP. Other new features include support for a wider variety of video file types, such as MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, ASF, MPG, and WEBM. Videos can be downloaded in standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD) quality using Video Downloader professional.

Invest in a reliable video downloader.

Fourthly, Addoncrop

Addoncrop is a video-downloading website that works with the Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi browser extensions. Using it with YouTube is its intended use. If you want to download videos from YouTube, then you need a service like Addoncrop. You will need to install the Crosspilot add-on from the Chrome Webstore before you can begin using Addoncrop. Following that, select Install via Crosspilot on Addoncrop. Doing so should trigger the download to start. The extension requires access to your video downloads folder upon installation.

Start by opening the video you wish to download on YouTube. Below the video, a download option will appear if the extension is enabled. To change the video’s quality and save it to your computer, just click the button. Addoncrop’s settings are similar to those of other extensions in that they let you to establish your preferred defaults.

Install Addoncrop

Added Bonus Video Downloader

Another simple and speedy video downloader, Video Downloader Plus is a Chrome addon. You may use it to download videos in several formats, including MP4, MOV, FLV, WEBM, 3GP, and so on, and it offers both free and premium programs. With a premium plan, the plugin also lets you download videos in stunning 2K and 4K quality.

Another simple and speedy video downloader for Chrome is Video Downloader Plus. You can use either the free or paid version to download videos in a wide variety of codecs, including MP4, MOV, FLV, WEBM, 3GP, and many more. In addition, if you subscribe to one of their subscription plans, the extension will also let you download videos in 2K and 4K resolution.

When you open a video in Video Downloader Plus, the extension will immediately begin retrieving download links for you, regardless of the video’s resolution. The video can be downloaded by selecting the desired resolution and clicking the corresponding download button. With a premium membership, you may also download the video to watch offline or stream it on Chromecast. In addition, a paid membership to Video Downloader Plus grants access to the program’s video-downloading features on a handful of additional video-sharing websites.

Install the Extraordinary Video Downloader

Aid for Video Downloading

The Video DownloaderHelper extension for Chrome is a powerful video downloader with many useful extras. First, both HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) are supported. Video in these formats, as well as many more, can be downloaded with this add-on. Dailymotion, Vk, Twitter, Facebook, Udemy, Lynda, etc. are just some of the sites that video DownloaderHelper is compatible with.

The download extension only requires a few clicks to use. To use the Video DownloaderHelper extension, open the video you wish to download and then click the extension’s icon. Then, based on your needs, you can select from a number of available solutions. The options range from simply downloading to downloading and converting and even blocking websites. In addition, the extension’s settings allow you to make personal adjustments so that the next time you download a video, Video DownloaderHelper will automatically use the preferences you’ve established.

Video DownloadHelper is a must-have.

Free video converter CoCoCut 7

Again, CoCoCut is a straightforward and uncomplicated Chrome video downloader. In reality, the extension supports more than simply video downloads; you can also use it to store and listen to music offline. CoCoCut is a free video downloader that supports a wide variety of sites.

Simply visit the site from which you wish to download video or audio, and then activate the CoCoCut add-on. Once you do that, a number of different download options at various resolutions will become available to you. Click the download button after selecting the desired resolution from the drop-down menu. In addition, you may specify some preferences for CoCoCut to prevent having to choose the settings every time you download an audio or video file through Chrome, just like a few other Chrome video downloaders.

Download CoCoCut, a video-editing program

Chrome Add-on Video Downloaders

All of the top Chrome video downloaders are right here. These video downloader addons for Google Chrome make it easy to save videos from YouTube and other sites to your PC. These Chrome add-ons make it possible to download videos regardless of whether you’re using Linux, Mac, or Windows.

Caution: in many countries, including the United States, downloading videos from websites (particularly YouTube videos) without the site owner’s permission is considered to be a criminal offense. It is also against the law to redistribute or resell content that has been obtained without permission, and anyone caught doing so may face legal consequences.

As long as the videos you’re downloading are licensed under Creative Commons, Copyleft, or are in the public domain, you’re good to go using video downloaders. To be clear, you shouldn’t download any videos unless they fall into one of these categories.

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