Many people’s daily routines depend on knowing the weather before leaving for work. In addition to that, it aids in the formation of certain crucial judgments. Let’s say you and your coworkers had planned an outside meeting, but you just got a notification that it’s going to rain that evening. The meeting can be readily rescheduled in this case.

If my smartphone comes with a suitable app, what’s the use in downloading yet another? True, Android’s main selling point is its adaptability.

However, the Play Store is stocked with a plethora of weather apps to choose from. The weather app that came with our Android phone is adequate, but the ones we found in the Google Play store were far better. You can modify the program’s look and feel, add your own widgets, and more using a third-party weather app. Let’s take a look at the top weather applications that can be downloaded right now.

Best Android Weather Apps

In terms of weather apps for Android, Dark Sky was easily the best. Then Apple did what they’re famous for. They bought Dark Sky and yanked it entirely from the Google Play and other app stores. That was a pivotal moment for forecasting software on Android.

Maybe we won’t see Dark Sky again. However, we have selected several excellent competitors to Dark Sky that are deserving of the title of “Best Android weather app.”

The AccuWeather Company

Among these weather apps, AccuWeather is among the most well-known. The app’s interface and functionality have both been recently updated. The app has earned a reputation for its reliable weather predictions. The app also provides a comprehensive weather report, including wind speed, humidity, and UV indices. AccuWeather goes above and above by additionally providing hourly predictions and weather maps. Additionally, it features a top-tier WearOS app. The innovative MinuteCast feature forecasts precipitation down to the minute, allowing for more precise scheduling. The Android app also comes with four different weather widgets to choose from. AccuWeather Pro removes advertisements for a one-time payment of Rs.800 (about $9).

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Do you want extra features in your weather app? Formerly known as Windyty, Windy has your back. The app, like many others, displays the current weather, but it goes beyond that. Ocean winds can be seen on Windy. The software will attempt to indicate the location of a cyclone and notify users if it is headed in the direction of their city. Users also have the option of switching between radar and satellite views. When it comes to warning you about dangerous weather, this is a top app. From pilots and paragliders to kiters, surfers, boaters, anglers, hurricane chasers, and even government officials and rescue teams, Windy is used by a wide variety of people. The app also has over 35,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars. Windy is not only the most popular weather app, but also the most profitable.

stormy home screen

Windy Download

Drop-In: Weather Monitor & Appendix

Overdrop will be the following app to be discussed. The ability to use skins makes this software stand out from the others. The app’s several skins allow users to pick the one that best represents their tastes. Do you recall my earlier discussion of weather widgets? Widgets of varying shapes and sizes can be easily added to your home screen with Overdrop. In addition, the program provides graphics that illustrate the weather cycle. Basic information such as current conditions, a prediction for the next 24 hours, a forecast for the next 7 days, and warnings of impending severe weather are also provided. The free version of the program’s user interface displays advertisements, which is the main drawback of the software. Ad-free access is available for a one-time price of Rs. 950 (about $8.99).

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Weather Central

The weather is presented in a straightforward, conventional TV-channel style, as the name would imply. True news about hurricanes, earthquakes, and the like is also displayed within the program. Wow, that’s quite neat. Users can obtain a live widget on their home screen in addition to the standard hourly forecast, daily forecast, and weekly forecast. The software also allows users to view the weather via radar. Rainfall, weather events, and severe weather alerts may all be shown using the Doppler radar data on interactive maps. The premium subscription, which is Ad-free, features 24-hour future radar, and more, and costs Rs. 2650 per year. The free version is sufficient for most users’ needs.

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Space-Time Meteorology

Simple, straightforward, and ad-free, Geometric Weather is the app for you if that’s what you’re looking for in a weather app. The weather report and a preview of the upcoming week’s forecast are the first things you see when you launch the app. The app also provides information on the local air quality and allergy levels. If you keep reading, you’ll find a comprehensive description of the present weather. It receives its weather data from Accuweather, notifies you of impending storms, and has a night mode. It lacks fancy extras but serves its purpose well. Over one hundred thousand users have downloaded Geometric Weather, giving it a 4.6-star rating on Google Play. The fact that it is free and open source is a huge benefit, however it does not have radar. This is the greatest weather app available if you don’t want to spend any money.

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 Underground Weather Reports

Another well-known weather app, Weather Underground is recognized for its precise predictions. I think you’ll enjoy this software if you’re a fan of graphical user interfaces. Weather Underground provides a wealth of data, such as the current climate, a weather radar, a prediction, and more. This simplifies the process of picking a weekend activity. The app displays the Air Quality Index for your location, the timings of sunrise and sunset, hurricane tracking, and weather reports, and it also provides hourly forecasts like AccuWeather. The “smart forecast” function of this app is great for planning outdoor activities like running and hiking. The free version has advertisements, but if you’re willing to pay Rs.1700 a year (about $19.99), you can get rid of the ads and unlock more features.

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Tossed Carrots

While it still relies on Data Sky for its weather data (and will till the end of 2021), Carrot Weather stands out thanks to its unique aesthetic and approach. Carrot Weather made this statement after Apple bought Dark Sky: “Apple was too scared to acquire me!” It is consistent with the language used throughout the program. During the installation process, it will address you as “meat bag” and provide a weather forecast for the current day and the next seven days, complete with details about the temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, visibility, barometric pressure, humidity, and dew point. It’s easy to navigate by swiping through days or tapping on a specific time for more details, and the design is aesthetically pleasing. It’s free to download, however there are advertisements that can be removed for a little fee.

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Recognized with Honor

Our top picks for Android weather apps are those we’ve highlighted above, but there are a few others worth mentioning as well.

Appy Weather allows for individualized alerts.
There is no better-looking or more highly-rated weather app than 1Weather, which can be found at the Play Store.
Excellent for speedy verifications with Google Home or the Google Assistant.
Accurate radar maps and a hurricane tracker are available on MyRadar Weather Radar.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather: Uses US National Weather Service Data.
Today Weather is a sleek and uncluttered weather app.
Among Android weather apps, WeatherBug has been around the longest.
What The Forecast? is a humorous way to express the day’s forecast.
Beautiful photos from Flickr are displayed on Yahoo Weather.
Predicted weather patterns are displayed in Flowx.

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