Many iPhone owners cheered when they heard that iOS 14 would include widget functionality. However, Android widgets have been accessible for quite some time. With an Android widget, you may use an app’s features without ever opening it.

There are a wide variety of widget apps available for Android devices. From real-time news tickers and calculators to personalized photo frames, these applications have it all. Widgets can be used to customize your phone with information about things that you find interesting in addition to adding functionality.

Widgets on Android—what exactly are they?

Widgets are a type of app designed specifically for Android devices that may be used to customize the home screen. Their primary function is to provide users with immediate access to crucial data without requiring them to switch to a different program. Widgets are little programs that can be added to a website or mobile app to provide additional functionality.

Widgets are a great way to enhance a program’s overall usefulness and save time by eliminating the need to launch the app whenever you want to perform a little operation, such as checking the weather forecast.

Additionally, one may improve the home screen experience by tailoring their configurations with various widgets. They are one of Android’s main benefits over the iPhone since they enhance the user experience.

What are the best widget apps for Android?

First, let’s talk about why you would want an Android widget app before diving into a list of the top ones.

You can get some great widget apps from the Google Play Store, and we’ll list some of our favorites down below.

To do this, go to your home screen and long press an empty area. (On a select few Android gadgets, you can also enter the widgets menu by simply pinching on the home screen.)
You’ll get a list of possibilities; pick widgets.
When you’ve finished installing an app on your Android phone, you may access its widget by scrolling down to it.
Just drag it on your home screen, and you’ll have instant access to your preferred widget.

Top Android Apps for Widgets

Now that we’ve covered what widgets are and how to use them, let’s take a look at the top Android widgets and see how they may improve your smartphone’s functionality.

1Weather: The Premier Weather Extension

Need to know the forecast for the day, but don’t want to pull up your weather app? We’ve got you covered here at 1Weather. Without ever launching the app, you can access in-depth weather data in the form of widgets.

You can pick the widget that best suits your needs from a selection of several. To remove the advertisements, however, you will need to purchase 1Weather Pro. The app has been downloaded more than 50 million times and has an average rating of 4.5 stars in the Google Play Store.

Google Keep is the Premier Note-Taking Widget.

Google Keep is the following widget for Android apps. This widely used note-taking tool now lets you put a widget for it right on your home screen. The Google Keep widget brings your most essential notes right to the home screen, where you can view them quickly and easily.

In addition, you may easily access past notes by scrolling back in the widget itself. Shortcuts are also provided for creating new notes and altering existing ones, albeit doing so will require opening the app.

Battery widget reborn is a top option for those in search of such a tool. A battery % widget can be added to the home screen in a matter of seconds, and once there, numerous settings can be adjusted to better suit the user’s needs.

Color information can be presented in a circular style, and the charge indication can be toggled on or off. The app is available for no cost, but it is riddled with advertisements. However, you may remove all advertisements from the app by paying $3.49.

TickTick: The Ultimate Time Management Tool

Do you feel that productivity and efficiency can coexist? If so, you should definitely give TickTick a try. We included it among the top android apps of the year.

In case you were wondering, “That’s an efficiency app, since you brought it up. How?” TickTick widgets, that’s the easy answer.

With the widgets you place on your app’s home screen, you can see at a glance what has to be done and what appointments have come up. In addition, this prevents you from wasting time accessing the program again to double-check minor details.

Five. If This Then That – Top-Rated Automation Tool

Among these widget programs, IFTTT is among the most widely used. The app’s ability to store and recall automation settings simplifies future email communications. Toggles for these sorts of routine tasks can be added to the home screen with IFTT widgets.

Turn on the widget on your home screen the next time you wish to make an automated activity. There are two sizes available for widgets on the home screen: large and tiny. Your personal tastes can guide your decision.

Sixth, The Ultimate Quotes Widget

An wonderful program, Quotes Widgets aims to keep you inspired at all times. The software includes a large database of inspirational sayings. This lovely widget can be put to the home screen, and once there, it will display a different inspirational phrase every day of the week.

In addition, the widget’s appearance can be altered in a number of ways. However, are you aware of the best part? The app costs nothing to download or use, and there are no in-app advertisements

A calendar widget and app countdown

Do you have a big event coming up in the next few days? Do you want to send your best friend birthday wishes? Then at least once, you need to have a look at the countdown widget.

The program may be used to create events, and then the widget can be placed on the home screen. In addition, it shows the event alongside a countdown of the remaining days, which adds an exciting element.

The Top Twitter Widget is Owly for Twitter.

Can you imagine if tweets appeared right on your home screen? That’s really neat, huh? That’s essentially what Owly is used for. The app’s user interface is quite intuitive. You can start using the app’s widget right now by signing in with your Twitter account. Create new tweet, search for tweets, and more with customizable shortcuts.

However, the Tweets widget is my favorite of all the widgets. Without even launching the app, you may see the most recent tweets on your home screen. In addition to scrolling, you may also refresh to see the most recent tweets. Light, dark, bluish, and a ton of more themes are at your disposal.

The Best One-Stop Shop Information Widget Is Chronus.

The Chronus widget almost fulfills the role of a universal widget. Need a weather widget? Now you understand. Do you want it to show the weather, along with some other crucial data? Your bases are covered.

Chronus is cleverly made to show the most important data and the weather in a single widget. In addition, you have access to a wide variety of widgets from which to select the best fit for your needs.

In addition, the program has a “dark mode” that makes the widgets seem black rather than translucent. However, you can avoid the bundled advertising by purchasing a premium membership.

Ten. The Ultimate To-Do List Widget

The following widget app is designed to assist you in your regular activities. You can incorporate a widget for to-do lists into the program once you’ve already made one. Do you really need to include that every time you switch duties though?

Absolutely not; there’s no requirement for that at all. The widget is clever enough to keep up with any changes you make to the app, so any modifications you make in the future will be reflected in the widget on the home screen.

The 11 Best Music Widgets, Including Musicolet

Widgets are available for use with music streaming services like Spotify, Google Play Music, and others. Musicolet is perfect for those who love to listen to music on their phones and want a widget that allows them to control it.

Musicolet provides a number of widgets for use with various media players. The album image and playback controls for music are both typical fare in this widget. There’s also a more substantial menu choice for perusing your selected playlist.

The Best Stocks Widget from’s Stock Market

You can use this software to keep tabs on stock values with ease. If you have an Android device, you may use the Stock Exchange app to view the stock widgets. This widget, one of 10, allows you to perform searches across 70 various exchanges throughout the world. You can see the stocks you’re following on the widget simply by adding them to the app.

The nicest aspect about this stock widget is that you may monitor as many stocks as you like.

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker, the Best Widget App Ever

Look no further if you want a killer widget app to customize your home screen. Among the many widget apps available on the Google Play Store, KWGT is a top pick. However, you’ll need to install a widget on your home screen before you can begin setting up KWGT.

There are a plethora of widgets to choose from after you click on it. Simply said, it’s a place where you can buy widgets. From customizable clock faces to up-to-date news feeds, this app has it all. The software is packed with features, as you can probably see. Let’s examine some of these capabilities in more detail.

Make Your Own Widgets

You may make your own unique widgets in the KWGT app. You can alter the widget’s appearance in a number of ways, including by changing its background color, adding layers, and creating shortcuts. After finishing it, you may save the widget and then add it to your home screen.

Packs for the KWGT

The packs feature of the app is like an icon pack for widgets. When you launch KWGT, a menu with available packs will appear. The Google Play Store makes it simple to browse the available packs with a slider and acquire them with a single click. After KWGT is set up, you can easily add the widget to your home screen.

Android Apps: Recognized Exemplars

Our top picks for Android widgets apps are shown above, but there are only a few of others that are deserving of attention.

My Stocks Portfolio and Widget: Real-time monitoring of your stock portfolio and market data.

Stuff is a great replacement for your to-do list.
Event Flow Widget is a comprehensive event calender.
Rough Drafting – Jot down some initial thoughts using the handy widget right on the home screen.

Apps and Google Widgets preinstalled

There is a standard collection of Google apps that are pre-installed on all Android-certified devices. Let’s check at some of the programs that offer Widget support.

The Google Maps widget allows you to quickly and easily access instructions to your next trip from the main screen.

With the Google Calendar Widget, you can integrate a calendar into your home screen without downloading an additional program.
One of the most helpful widgets for speedy web searching is the Google Search Widget.
There are many more widgets available, such as a Chrome widget, a Contact widget, a Gmail widget, and an analog and digital clock widget.

These top Android widgets will take your mobile experience to the next level.

This concludes our look at the top Android widget apps of 2021. You may still find a large selection of widgets to experiment with on the Google Play Store. If you find the following widgets useful and plan to start utilizing any of them, please let us know in the comments.

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