Using ideas from behavioral science, Fabulous is a habit tracking software for self-care and everyday routines that will help you become your best self. In order to achieve success in competition with others who share your interests, your Fabulous coach teaches you how to create effective routines.

Do you ever find yourself wondering why it’s so crucial to keep a close eye on your routine? Here’s the short and easy answer: bad behaviors can seriously damage your health. Keeping a habit journal might help you recognize patterns and understand the causes of your undesirable routines. That way, you can make adjustments to your routine before they become an issue.

Using a habit tracker software is a practical method to keep tabs on your routine and divide it up into more manageable parts. A habit monitoring software can help someone who wants to avoid procrastinating by sending scheduled notifications and inspirational quotes to keep them on track. They keep you on top of your game by alerting you when you’ve been slacking off or deviating from your plan.

Let’s go through the fundamentals of habit monitoring before we get into the top habit tracking applications.

Why Does It Pay to Keep a Habit Journal?

Keeping track of your habits can help you in many different ways. There are many advantages to keeping a habit log, including:

Facilitates sustained attention and enthusiasm for achieving objectives.
Facilitates better work ethic
Facilitates a better standard of living by assisting with organization and keeping tabs on development
Aids in maintaining a connection to one’s aspirations
Which Habit Tracking App Is Right for Me?
There are a few factors to think about before deciding on a habit tracking app:

The software is supposed to remind you of your routines through push alerts.
The app needs to be lightweight and simple to use.
You can tailor the app to your specific requirements.
The program needs several functionality to monitor your development.
The app needs to work on a wide range of platforms.
The software has to work in tandem with others.

Top (Free & Premium) Habit Tracking Software

Are you sick of using a paper calendar or spreadsheet to record your daily schedule? Then you should have a look at the applications we recommend on our list of the best habit trackers.

Superb Time Management Tool

Using ideas from behavioral science, Fabulous is a habit tracking software for self-care and everyday routines that will help you become your best self. In order to achieve success in competition with others who share your interests, your Fabulous coach teaches you how to create effective routines.

Keeping calm and focused throughout the day is easier with the help of the app’s daily affirmations, breathing exercises, and meditations. Access topic-based coaching series, receive limitless daily and nightly routine ideas, and embark on brand-new adventures to improve your mental health, self-care, and fitness with the app’s premium version.

Essential Characteristics:

Helps you keep tabs on your objectives and tasks.
Training plans, meditation classes, and daily motivational coaching.
A diary in which you can record your feelings of thankfulness.
Track your emotional health and take on real-time community challenges.

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android


If you’re having trouble keeping track of your excellent habits and maintaining organization, try using Habitbull. A person’s ability to maintain a habit is central to the premise of Habit Bull. The software is effective because it creates a “chain” of routines. Building a streak requires beginning with a single behavior and gradually adding more.

HabitBull will keep track of how often you execute each habit after you’ve set up your streak and let you know if you’re on track. More than five habits can be added and data can be synced between devices with a premium membership (free for the first week).

Essential Characteristics:

Create separate calendars for each habit, routine, or set of metrics you want to monitor.
Success rate and streak meter for each routine.
Modifiable objectives and reminders on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or on a schedule of your choosing.
Integration with Google Fit, online storage, widgets, and synchronization with numerous devices.

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android


Timecap is a free and effective habit tracking program that may be used to establish and strengthen positive routines while reducing the negative ones. The intuitive user interface makes it simple to tailor your routine to meet your objectives.

In addition to keeping tabs on your routines, you may also make notes on each habit and evaluate your progress. This free habit monitoring tool does not contain any annoying advertisements, allowing you to concentrate on forming good routines. The full functionality of the software is available in the paid edition.

Essential Characteristics:

Select from a variety of available personalization features, such as night mode, color schemes, emojis, and font sizes.

Examine your development with the use of interactive graphs and a calendar.
Using a synced iOS and Android device, you may keep tabs on your success rate and streaks.

iPhone/iPad Operating System (iOS), Google Android


Create new habits or strengthen current ones with Habit, a free app available exclusively for iOS. It serves as a personal assistant by sending timely reminders, monitoring your progress, and compiling insightful data about your routines.

By keeping one other accountable and sharing your successes, you and your pals can form healthy routines more quickly. Habit uses Apple’s HealthKit API to retrieve information about the user’s activity (steps, distance, speed, etc.) and transmits it to the app.

Essential Characteristics:

Competition and comparison amongst close friends as a social norm
Statistics that pack a punch with granular data and a novel annual perspective that aggregates daily results
Focus timer, repeated reminders, and multiple sound options for reminders help you stay on task.
Using the cloud, you can back up and sync your iOS device’s Protect your solitude with a secure lock.

iOS (iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch) devices.


habitify is the finest habit tracking app.

Habitify is an easy-to-use app for keeping track of your good habits and creating new ones. Automatic reminders, habit tracking, and social sharing all come standard.

You may divide large projects into manageable chunks and keep tabs on your progress. The software notifies you when it’s time to get things done and gives you streaks if you stay on track. There is no limit on the number of reminders, habits, check-ins, timings, skips, reflection notes, or privacy settings available with the Habitify Pro version.

Essential Characteristics:

Maintain routines, skip days, and analyze your skip rate.
Habits and habit regions can be displayed in a manner of your choosing, and a daily scheduler is also available.
Comprehensive progress monitor including graphs, rates of progress, a schedule, etc.
Use a habit journal to reflect on your positive routines and plot your path to new ones.

iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch on iOS; Android on other devices.

The Habit Loop

The Loop app is a free resource for creating and maintaining healthy routines. You can monitor your development and observe the cumulative effect of your better routines. Loop is a goal tracking and habit breaking app. It allows you to set reminders, track your progress, and celebrate your successes.

Loop is free of advertisements, available to everybody, and designed with simplicity in mind. There’s no need to pay for a premium account if the free app already has everything you need.

Essential Characteristics:

Accumulate a habit score while you go on winning streaks, and don’t worry about setting back your progress if you slip up.
Set your own timetable, check out comprehensive charts and reports, and customize your experience using widgets.
Right there in the alert, you can review, ignore, or snooze any routine.
Uses no network, doesn’t ask you to sign up, and doesn’t sell your information.

Android-based systems

Finder of Habits

Having problems keeping track of your routine with a standard app? With Habit Hunter, you can make any routine or objective into an exciting role-playing experience. Its innovative gamification approach keeps you interested in maintaining your routines all day long.

The ad support in the free version of the app is limited. In-app purchases can be used to get rid of them and gain additional cash.

Essential Characteristics:

Make smaller, more manageable lists as you break down larger objectives.
Check the agenda and list of things to accomplish for the day, and set up intelligent reminders for each item.
Create routines with loved ones by taking on monsters and earning prizes together.
Gain experience and raise your hero’s level to unlock rewards.

iPhone/iPad Operating System (iOS), Google Android


Quitzilla is a straightforward habit-breaking and tracking tool that facilitates the abandonment of undesirable routines in favor of more desirable ones. Whether you’re trying to kick the habit of smoking, drinking, or something else entirely, Quitzilla can help.

A premium subscription to Quitzilla grants access to additional settings for tracking habits and personalization possibilities.

Essential Characteristics:

Use our addiction log to keep track of your challenges and learn some fascinating trends.
A days-sober counter to help you keep track of your sobriety.
Use the daily quotations and habit tracker page to keep yourself motivated and on task.
Money-saving incentives, such as a weekly prize of $100 if you normally spend $100 on gambling but refrain from gambling for a week.

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android


Avocation is an offline program that keeps track of your routines without requiring you to sign up for anything. Planning your day, forming routines, and controlling your routine are all possible because to avocation. You can check your progress by tapping the habit circle after completing a task or habit.

The free edition of the app includes features like personalised reminders, up to five habit tracks, and access to limitless courses. You can choose your own colors for habits, set as many habits and reminders as you like, and earn more karma points with a premium membership.

Essential Characteristics:

Carry out routines and enjoy seeing your plant child develop.
Get notified at your discretion whenever you accomplish a goal or finish a habit.

Change the look and feel of the app by assigning your own colors, icons, and habits.
Goals may be assessed, the science of habit building explored, and more with the help of Avocoach.

Platforms: Android, and Apple’s iOS


In order to stay motivated and accountable, you can use the support of your friends and the HabitShare social habit monitoring app. All or part of your routine might be discussed with close friends and family.

You can use HabitShare by yourself or with others. They can keep tabs on your development and give you moral support as you go. They can send you humorous GIFs and inspirational texts to keep you laughing while you work.

The basic version of HabitShare is available without paying anything extra.

Essential Characteristics:

Set short-term and long-term objectives
Make graphs, make notes, and show your loved ones how you’ve been keeping track of your progress.
Schedule follow-ups and monitor your development over time.
Monitor your routines on all of your electronic gadgets.
Platforms: mobile operating systems iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android


As its name suggests, momentum focuses on keeping things moving forward. The “Don’t Break the Chain” habit tracker is a straightforward tool for maintaining positive routines. If you’re able to form a positive routine every day, your “chain” will become longer. The more links in your chain, the more difficult it will be to stop the habit.

Momentum is an iOS-exclusive app. There are three free habits available with the basic version. A paid subscription is necessary to unlock limitless access to new routines and features.

Essential Characteristics:

Create alerts and movable timetables.
The app’s badge displays the current day’s remaining habits.
The widget for today’s date allows quick access.
With iCloud, you can synchronize your data on all of your iOS devices.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch) devices.


Rabit is a straightforward habit tracker that can assist in the formation of positive routines. Both your progress and your accomplishments can be monitored and reminded of.

The paid edition has an alarm clock, routines for categorizing habits, and a goals section for cataloging aspirations.

Essential Characteristics:

Keep tabs on your routine with a Streak map and a to-do list.
As time goes by, your little plant will grow into a bigger one.

Includes both a light and dark theme for the interface.

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android


An intuitive tool, Productive Habit Tracker facilitates the development of regular, beneficial routines. To-do lists and reminders can be organized and managed with the help of a task manager.

Among the subscription features available are an unlimited number of habits, improved task reminders and habit lists, and encouraging habit-specific data.

Essential Characteristics:

Habits can be made, finished, paused, or stopped, and notes can be added to each one.
Participate in guided tasks and user competition.
Create automated reminders, behavior advice, and inspiration prompts.
Find tailored advice and support from ADHD specialists.

Apple’s iOS (iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch) and Google’s Android


Habitica is a freemium open source habit tracking program that employs classic role-playing game mechanics to add some fun to keeping to a routine and getting things done. Your personal habits and desired activities can be added to the character you choose. Cross them off when you accomplish tasks in real life and collect virtual prizes for your efforts.

Full functionality is available in the free edition, however a premium subscription is available if you’d like to show your support for the developers.

Essential Characteristics:

Streak counters, automated task scheduling, and color-coded to-do lists.
Personalization options for your avatar and a plethora of valuables.
Join a guild and collaborate on missions with your pals.
Dark themes, automatic updates, and widgets.

iPhone/iPad Operating System (iOS), Google Android


To help you create a routine that you will stick to, Proddy is a habit tracking tool that employs both positive habits and cognitive methods. It’s best to ease into it and develop a series of incrementally more beneficial routines.

The software provides curated suggestions for habit tracking as well as audio tutorials to assist users. The premium upgrade unlocks all of the app’s capabilities.

Essential Characteristics:

Use advanced statistics and eye-catching visuals to monitor your development.
Add some fun to your improvement by creating streaks and climbing the levels.
Easy-to-use little habits, a mood journal, and a focus timer.
A minimalist design with a nighttime mode.

iPhone/Mac OS X and Android

When keeping a habit journal, what are some frequent pitfalls that people often fall into?

A lot of people make these blunders when keeping a habit journal:

Having trouble locating the ideal mobile application
Lack of insight into what drives them
Dependence on external controls
Accidentally leaving the apps installed

There isn’t a single “best” app for keeping track of good habits. It’s crucial to locate an app that fits your specific requirements and character.

Some people, for instance, require more inspiration than others in order to maintain their resolve. Author of “The Four Tendencies,” Gretchen Rubin suggests keeping a journal in which you record three positive and one bad habit each day. Insight into your growth and personal accountability are both enhanced by this method.

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