Worms is one of the earliest examples of the turn-based artillery strategy genre, thus it’s likely that fans of the genre will be familiar with it. If you found this article when searching for “games like Worms,” it’s safe to assume that you are, or were, a huge fan of Worms.

In Worms, the player commands an army of worms to take on an equally large army controlled by the computer or another player, with the goal of eliminating all of the latter’s worms with heavy weaponry such cannons and bazookas.

However, if you’re looking for an alternative to Worms but still want to play an artillery strategy game, there are a number of games that are very similar to Worms and offer similar features that you’ll also find great.

This post will offer the six best games like Worms that you can always play on your devices, either in multiplayer or with the computer, if you love Worms and want to have the same experience as other games.

How does the Worms game work?

If you’ve never played Worms before—perhaps because it wasn’t suggested to you—this description of how the game is played is for you.

In “Worms,” a tactical turn-based game, eight worms split into four teams and battle it out on randomly created landscapes. The hit points of each worm are set at 100 and they will perish when they reach zero.

If a worm dies in this game, it will explode, killing all nearby players. Therefore, one objective is to control your team’s worms so that their hit points aren’t depleted too quickly.

The player takes turns controlling a single worm on his team, and that worm can only make one attack per round due to the turn-based nature of the game.

The standard arsenal of bazookas, grenades, Fire Punch, dynamite, air strikes, and many other weaponry is at your disposal in this game.

In this piece, we’ll introduce you to some games that are analogous to Worms, a fascinating and likely invigorating experience.

Best Alternatives to Worms?

Is your search for a game similar to Worms still ongoing? Here are a few excellent video games to play:

Worms 3D
Annelids: Online Battle
Pocket Tanks
Angry Birds
ShellShock Live

Worms 3D

Worms 3D is a great choice if you liked the 2D Worms game and want something similar.

The 3D setting of this game makes it much more exciting to play than Worms.

In Worms 3D, just like in the original Worms, you control a group of worms and have to use different tools and tactics to beat the other group.

Also, Worms 3D has a lot of new tools that don’t work the same way as the old ones. There are many different kinds of these weapons, such as grenades, bazookas, tracking rockets, and sheep that explode.

Worms 3D has a mode where you can play against other people online, and it also has a mode where you play through different levels in a game. You should give the 3D version of Worms a try and see how much fun it is to play.


Hedgewars is a strategy game with turns that is similar to Worms in many ways. In this game, you control a group of hedgehogs and use weapons like air strikes, banana bombs, grenades, and much more to fight and kill the other hedgehogs.

As with Worms, the game takes place in a 2D world, and players use one of their hedgehogs to fight and beat their opponent. Each move in the game takes a certain amount of time, so you have to make your moves in this time.

In the game, the hedgehogs move around in different ways, mostly by running and jumping. The game has a cartoon look. The game also has several different game modes, such as deathmatch, take the flag, and race.

If you like turn-based strategy games like Worms, you will like this game because it lets you change a lot of things.

Annelids: Online Battle

Annelids: Online Battle is one of the best games like Worms because you also control a team of worms and play against other people.

The 2D scene, the different weapons, and the game mode all make the game very exciting. In this game, the worms act and move like they would in real life.

In this game, you can use both common tools like guns and bombs and strange ones like flamethrowers and laser guns.

Each of the game types is a lot of fun and has its own goal. You can play the game online with up to 6 other people at the same time in the “multiplayer” mode.

Even though the game is only made for smartphones right now, you can play it on your PC with an emulator like BlueStacks.

Pocket Tanks

If you like to use guns in Worms, Pocket Tanks could be a great game for you. Two people take turns directing tanks and shooting weapons at each other in this game.

Like Worms, the main goal of the game is to keep your own health while lowering your opponent’s to zero by attacking them with weapons.

You’ll be able to hit your opponent with different weapons, and you’ll be able to change the angle and power of your shots while taking into account the map’s terrain and any obstacles.

Pocket Tanks has a lot of different ways to play, and it has more than 200 different guns, each of which has its own special features. Also, you’ll be able to change many things about the game, including your tank.

Angry Birds

In the famous smartphone game Angry Birds, players take control of a flock of birds who are trying to get their eggs back from a group of pigs who have stolen them.

The player shoots the birds at the pigs and their holes with a slingshot. Each of these birds has its own special skills, and the goal is to use these birds to destroy the pigs and their buildings.

As you play, you’ll meet different kinds of pigs and barriers, which makes the game more difficult and interesting. If you like Worms and want to play more games like it, you should try Angry Birds.

ShellShock Live

ShellShock Live is an online artillery game similar to Worms. It came out in 2015 and can be played on all of the most popular operating systems. So, if you want a Worms-like game that you can play on any of your devices, this is the best game on this list for you.

In this game, the player takes control of tanks and fights other players or computer-made enemies by taking turns. In this game, your goal is to destroy your opponent’s tanks by directing your weapons like bombs and lasers at them in a smart way.

ShellShock Live is even more interesting because it has more than 250 weapons and different game types. Also, each tank in the game has a limited number of hit points that go down when you fight an enemy or get hit by one.

In this game, players can win game currency by beating other players, and most of the game features can also be changed. The plot is the same as Worms, but there aren’t any worms in the game.

Final Words

Worms is a great turn-based strategy game that is hard to put down. In the meantime, there are a lot of games like Worms that are just as fun and have almost the same rules. Because of this, we’ve picked and reviewed the six best games like Worms in this post so you can try them out and have fun. Write a comment below to let us know if you like the games.

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