Both free and premium versions of Flutin Live are available.
It has never been simple to disseminate information. Distribution of your content can be challenging for any creator or artist just starting out.

To address this issue, Flutin facilitates communication between artists and the people who might enjoy their work. To that purpose, Flutin provides a platform where authors may produce, disseminate, and sell content for specific audiences.

The ecosystem includes the product Flutin Live, which allows you to broadcast and monetise live events across numerous social media channels at once.

So, if you’re a creative person, read on for a rundown of Flutin Live and how you may use its most useful features to reach a wider audience online.

Flutin Live: what is it?

Flutin Live is a web app that lets you broadcast live video to many social networking sites at once, as well as schedule and monetize your broadcasts in advance. You can conduct streams on many sites at once, from YouTube to Twitch to Facebook and Instagram, and interact with your viewers from a single interface.

This can be a useful way to hold events, make money off of them, and reach a much wider audience as large events move in the direction of virtualization.

The various subscription tiers of Flutin Live each come with their own set of benefits. These packages allow you to broadcast content to your audience in a way that best suits your needs.

Flutin Live: What’s It Good For?

The three pillars of Flutin Live that will support your streaming efforts are as follows:

Multi-Streaming of Events

Flutin Live’s main selling point is its capacity to simultaneously broadcast to multiple social media platforms. Simply linking your various social network accounts would suffice. After that, you may talk to your audience across all platforms as they’re watching your live stream.

Planning Occasions

Flutin Live allows you to simultaneously broadcast to multiple social media platforms, as well as plan ahead for future events. You can promote your event on many channels in advance and avoid the last-minute rush of going live.

Create Profits

Using the many tools available on Flutin Live, you can easily turn your online events into profitable endeavors. You can make money in a few different ways: by selling tickets, by taking paid requests at your events, or by giving and receiving virtual presents. You can boost interaction and connection with your viewers by charging for requests during your streams.

Flute Live Manifestations

Now that you know the fundamentals of Flutin Live, you should learn about its advanced capabilities, which include:


The ability to simultaneously stream your online event across numerous platforms is exactly what the term implies. This saves you the trouble of posting updates about the event on every platform you use. This includes sending content simultaneously to RTMP-enabled platforms including YouTube, Facebook (profiles, pages, groups), Twitch, Instagram, and more.

Streaming with no limits

When streaming an event with Flutin Live, you won’t have to worry about running out of time. To put it simply, there is no time limit on how long you can keep your content streaming or broadcasting online.

Streaming in HD and via RTMP

Flutin Live also allows you to create a landing page for all your upcoming and past events to share with the masses. All you have to do is set up a URL for your public page and provide other details such as links to your social media profiles, and a page will be created for you.

Streaming in High Definition

As users’ access to internet becomes more affordable, they are increasingly tuning in to high-definition streams. To avoid annoying viewers with excessive buffering, your stream’s quality should be adjusted accordingly.

With high-definition streaming and support for the RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol), Flutin Live is an excellent tool for this purpose. You can stream in high definition without any hiccups thanks to the RTMP protocol, which allows for high-performance transfer of audio, video, and data between the encoder and the server.

Streaming Media Customization

Among the millions of streamers available, standing out can be difficult. Flutin Live’s unique logo, overlay, and caption features make it easy to put your own stamp on your broadcasts and reach your audience.

Unified Conversational Flow

Since you’ll be streaming your event over many social media profiles, Flutin Live gives you one central location to monitor conversations across all of them.

Launch a Shared Profile

With Flutin Live, you can build a hub for promoting your current and past events to a wide audience. Creating a public page is as simple as specifying a URL and adding information, such as links to your social network sites.

Look after Your Members

As you host more live events and attract more subscribers, their names will accumulate in the Subscribers page. You can create subsets of your subscribers and manage the guest lists for your events from this page.

The most logical choice for individuals who want to use Flutin Live for online events is probably one of the premium plans that includes several of these features.

Assembling the Live Setup for Flutin

In addition to the free tier, Flutin Live has two more paid tiers. Among these are:

A year of Premium Basic costs $99, or $9 per month.
The monthly fee for Premium Pro is $17 ($199 annually).
Monthly Premium in Advance: $21 (Total Annual Cost: $299)

In addition, at the time of writing, you can get Flutin Live for a one-time payment plus lifelong access to the service via a lifetime deal on AppSumo. There, you can select the subscription plan that best suits your needs.

Optimize Your Live Broadcasts Using Flutin Live

Flutin Live could be the appropriate platform for you if you are just starting out with live streaming to garner attention, or if you are a seasoned live streamer trying to expand your audience and improve your streaming efficiency.

To get started, pick a package that works for you. You won’t have to sweat the small stuff since Flutin Live will take care of it automatically.

Unlike competing services, Flutin Live only takes 10% (or less, depending on your subscription) of your earnings from streams, allowing you to keep more of your money.

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